TRAGIC: 56% of U.S. says Trump ‘tearing the country apart’

Donald Trump is tearing U.S. apart

And this 56% is a poll of voters from the conservative network Fox news who says that the Oval Office maniac is tearing the nation apart. Now I have my doubts about any figures that come out of Fox, and even whether or not it is a real news network. But taken as they are, these numbers should make any lucid and level-headed person cringe. That would not include the 35% to 40% of the double-digits that still support T-rump. Politico reports that, “…only 33 percent of voters overall said they believe the president is “drawing the country together.” This has to be included in those dull-witted percentages above.

55% disapprove of Donald Trump

Trump’s disapproval rating reached a high of 55 percent this month but, “…90 percent of voters still support the ballot they cast in the November 2016 presidential election. Not too surprising since Trump effectively lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, also the fact that his ardent fans will never give in, a reflection of the narcissist they support. Considering Charlottesville, Scaramucci, Steve Bannon plus other recent White House botched calamities, it is simply shocking that this simpleton is still in office. Congress remains quiet, with Democrats unable to cure the quagmire they are in and do anything about it. Bring on the Progressives.

The latest polls in video…






Leading columnist wants to talk Trump’s mental health

Does Trump have his own psychiatrist?

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post says: “It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health.” He is serious when he asks, “How unstable and divorced from reality is President Trump?” That is a condemning question when you are asking about the President of the United States, and the American public should be concerned. Some are but the Blog FiveThirtyEight reports that up to 40 percent of the country still supports him and “…won’t abandon him any time soon, and they don’t necessarily care about some of the controversies that the ‘mainstream media’ treats as game-changing developments.” Houston, we have a problem.

Even congressional representatives think Trump is unstable

Robinson wonders if his lunatic antics are just a front for the double-digit base [my words] he is constantly playing to, and to keep his enemies off balance. But why is government literally at a standstill when this maniac has the bully pulpit? Congress says: “I certainly think that there’s an issue with the president’s capability,” Rep. Adam Schiff; Trump “is showing signs of erratic behavior and mental instability that place the country in grave danger,” fellow California Rep. Jackie Speier. This is an uncomfortable subject, but with all the evidence that has been presented, justifies action. How do you force a psychotic president to go to a psychiatrist?

This video from renowned psychiatrists and psychologists on Trump’s mental health is frightening…


Is military White House consolidation of power pre-coup?

Is military coup possible, even likely?

A Washington Post headline might make one think that a military coup could be in the making in Donald Trump’s administration: “Military leaders consolidate power in Trump administration.” The term used by the WP for their presence was “ubiquitous,” which, of course, means found everywhere, especially at the same time. T-rump has surrounded himself with billionaires and current and retired generals, and it would appear that he is at least listening to the latter, considering General John Kelly has tamed his Twitter use. Five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are also credited with taking a more forceful condemnation of hate on Charlottesville that Trump.

Battlefield commanders in control at White House

Military battlefield commanders include White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster. So far, the trio has T-rump’s ear establishing a relationship where he, at least, has confidence in their judgment. Critics consider them the first calming effect of the Oval Office. The question is whether the generals will be able to control Donald Trump to at least follow reasonable advice. Or will it be necessary for these generals to take control of a deteriorating administration, taking over a failing government, and institute military control? It’s happened all over the world and with less crazy leaders than Donald Trump.

Generals have pact to closely supervise Trump…


The Slime (Koch) Bros. avoid Trump

Slime of the Koch Bros. covering country…

New Chief of Staff, John Kelly, may have calmed Donald Trump’s use of Twitter somewhat, but the Koch/Slime Bros. are still distancing themselves from him. These two guys, Charles and David, actually believe that T-rump’s “unorthodox behavior” could damage their reputation. This is the most preposterous thing I have heard coming from a conservative in a long time. They have done more damage to this country in the name of conservatism than anyone…until Donald Trump, of course. The Kochs are deviously shrewd, with the money to back it up whereas Trump is just plain stupid. This nation, perhaps, will never fully recover from the harm done by the Kochs.

The Koch fungus threatens GOP on tax reform…

This collection of conservatives called Americans for Prosperity and headed by the billionaire Kochs is after an overhaul of the tax code that will benefit only the wealthy and large corporations like Koch Industries. They are taking it out on the Republican Congress now for not repealing Obamacare, and they know this failure ‘raises the stakes on tax reform.” They claim they are not threatening GOP lawmakers but just the meetings AFP has held throughout the country is enough to instill fear in any conservative politician up for reelection. And if the ordinary American can’t see what this is doing to their status, well, you’re as stupid as Donald Trump.

Here is Republican Florida Sen. Nancy Detert putting the Americans for Prosperity scumbags in their place…


What does Labor day mean…this time around?

Donald Trump has desecrated Labor Day
Donald Trump has desecrated Labor Day

‘This time around’ is a county ruled by a psychopathic lunatic who places himself before everything he says or does in a nation that had just recovered from another Republican incompetent president, George W. Bush. An apathetic public has  allowed a bunch of double-digit morons to elect a man that clearly did not have the skill nor capacity to govern. Look at the track record of Donald Trump and you will see that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate on this Labor Day but the fact that we aren’t yet at war with North Korea or the rest of the world hasn’t turned its back on us. There’s so much more and the downside is it doesn’t look like there is or will be an upside.

Donald Trump listens to no one. John Kelly has proved that when recently, after a Trump tirade against him, he commented that no one had ever talked to him like that in his many years of service. He added, that would never happent again. So what happens when Kelly is gone? Do the wheels come completely off and Trump is banished, giving us Mike Pence, who, in my mind, could be even worse than Trump with his Tea Party upbringing. Labor Day is supposed to be a celebration for the workers of America, the very backbone that keeps this country moving. It would be interesting to know how those workers who supported Trump feel about their day now.

Donald Trump STUPIDS

Going to take a few days off to work on my book, but thought I would leave you with some humor: my daily “Donald Trump Stupids.”

And I’ll end this series with this less than sophisticated piece of vulgarity illustrating once again that Donald Trump has always been a lowlife: “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”
1991, Esquire.

Case closed on Donald Trump!

Donald Trump STUPIDS

Going to take a few days off to work on my book, but thought I would leave you with some humor: my daily “Donald Trump Stupids.”

First take on Mexicans: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.”
June 2015, Presidential Announcement, Trump Tower, New York.

Donald Trump STUPIDS

Going to take a few days off to work on my book, but thought I would leave you with some humor: my daily “Donald Trump Stupids.”

Donald Trump on banning Muslims from U.S.: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”
December 2015, speech at Mount Pleasant rally, South Carolina.

Donald Trump STUPIDS

Donald Trump’s remarks about a breastfeeding mother…

Donald Trump on breastfeeding
Donald Trump on breastfeeding

Going to take a few days off to work on my book, but thought I would leave you with some humor: my daily “Donald Trump Stupids.”

While Trump was in court, during a lawsuit over a failed property project in Florida, lawyer Elizabeth Beck asked for a break.

Trump and his team objected, wanting proceedings to continue, but Beck pointed out she needed to feed her three-month old daughter, pulling out a breast pump to prove it.

Trump said in an outburst: “You’re disgusting.”

He then walked out of the room, ending proceedings for the day.

Donald Trump STUPIDS

Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell at war
Donald Trump-Rosie O’Donnell at war

Going to take a few days off to work on my book, but thought I would leave you with some humor: my daily “Donald Trump Stupids.”

Trump comment about Rosie O’Donnell…

He said that she was “disgusting, both inside and out” and that if he were running her show he’d “look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers and say, ‘Rosie, you’re fired.'”