Are militia fanatics a real threat to America?

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
That’s the 2nd Amendment, and although it is in grave need of updating, is nevertheless a part of the Constitution.  And the Supreme Court now says that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that weapon for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.  The question arises over just how far private militias can go in enforcement.
About half the states maintain laws regulating private militias.  Wyoming forbids them entirely.  In states that do not outlaw them, private militias are limited only by the criminal laws that apply to all of society.  In other words, many states and the federal government believe that these militias are not necessary for the control of law and order and discourage their formation.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm of these self-proclaimed gun-totin fanatics.

Schaeffer Cox

In Alaska three of these wingnuts are on trial for compiling a huge arsenal of weapons and plotting the murder of government officials.  Isn’t Alaska where another gun freak by the name of Sarah Palin comes from?  The leader is Schaeffer Cox and his two henchmen on trial with him are Coleman Barney and Lonnie Vernon. 
Their organization, Alaska Peacemakers Militia, was preparing to “…take up arms against the government, and ‘be sufficiently armed and equipped to sustain a take-over of the ‘government’ or become a new government in the event of a ‘government collapse.’”
In the process they would kill two government officials for every one militia member killed, or as they expressed it, “241” (2 for 1).  In the trial there’s the typical defense of ensnarement using an informant.  The three were portrayed as devout Christians only trying to defend their family and themselves.  And they have supporters such as Norm Olson, founder of the Michigan Militia, who finds nothing wrong with what the gang of three is doing.
Norm Olson
The next question is just how many of these lunatic groups are currently loose in the U.S.?  According to a special report, there are some 411 with the largest group the Michigan Militia with over 10,000 members spread out over almost all of the state’s 88 counties.  Now that’s scary for local residents when you consider the Michigan Militia agrees with the tactics of Schaeffer Cox and his Alaska Peacemakers Militia.  Cox also has a group called the 2nd Amend. Task Force.          
In 2010 Cox was accused of choking his wife and in the weeks following was arrested during a police interview with the residents of a home where he attempted to force his way in with a knife and a .380-caliber semiautomatic weapon.  During his pretrial hearing Cox “denied the legitimacy of the Alaska state court system.”  His statement was: “I am a sovereign, a man of peace, but capable of war.”  These people are completely off the spool.

Crackpot Schaeffer supporter:

In more twisted antics, Cox tried to serve papers on a Judge for being a criminal by serving the state, then told a state trooper that his (Cox) militia “troopers” being “outmanned, outgunned and we could probably have you all dead in one night.”  He took on the sovereignty position again claiming that according to the Constitution, he was now required to resist all means against him in order not to be a supporter of the government.  This is so far in right field it is chilling.
NRA militia
Last but certainly not least, where does the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) stand on militias like the above.  Brady Campaign V.P. Dennis Henigan says, “The militias’ view that the Second Amendment protects our other rights, by ensuring the potential for armed insurrection against the government, is indistinguishable from the long-held constitutional ideology of the National Rifle Association.”

Henigan quoted an NRA official as saying, “the Second Amendment . . . is literally a loaded gun in the hands of the people held to the heads of government.”  Not to be outdone, the NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre exclaimed to last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference that our rights as Americans mean little unless we are ready to defend them against the government by force of arms.  This is even beyond terrifying.

18 thoughts on “Are militia fanatics a real threat to America?”

  1. Matt, you are already in militia mode and I want to thank you for your service to this country. Especially today. Happy memorial Day. Let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    Be safe and come home soon.

    Jack E. Dunning
    Nasty Jack Blog


  2. Sorry, Jack, I am not an NRA member and did not even mention them. Try not to add things into my statement. Clinton followed the constitution for the most part, and other than him committing purjury, while under oath, and the AWB, he wasn't too bad. Bush wasn't great, but better than B.O. Barack is the worst thing to happen to this country, and things such as his healthcare are unconstitutional (check the 10th amendment for proof of that) and his Operation fast and furious, the attempts at UN Arms regulations, the MASSIVE debt he has incurred (and it wasn't all Bush's fault, as congress was coincidentally democrat controlled then)……you see where I am going. I really just hate liars!
    I'm not drinking your Kool-aid, Jack! Keep in mind I am writing this from Afghanistan. We don't have Kool-aid over here. If it wasn't for Americans like me, you might not have the right to even say such blasphemous thing.
    By the way, I noticed you never addressed my American flag comment. I had a feeling you would hang one outside your home.
    Shameful, Jack….Shameful


  3. Nasty Jack from stupid gun laws AZ…I've researched more on guns than you will ever know, including your twisted NRA drivel. If I was a coward I would walk around with an arsenal of weapons just like you concealed carry misfits. And it still isn't clear to me why all you gun worshippers hate Barack Obama. Did you hate Bill Clinton as much or is there something in your DNA? Now that's what's “shameful” Matt.

    Jack E. Dunning
    Nasty Jack Blog


  4. Jack Dunning, your comments boast ignorance and are completely fact less, just like the liberal media you are entranced by. If only we were a bunch of cowards like you, we'd be France. Its not the militias you should worry about, it is the Barack Obama's that are trying to bypass the constitution and force people to do things against their will.
    Maybe you should add into your little article here that there are a lot more of us whom are not in militias, that hang Gadsden flags just below the American flag outside our homes! We do not want to be identified as militia, we are just armed Americans with a lot to lose. That should 'terrify' your readers, talking about all those scary guns. I doubt you, Jack, have enough pride in your country to hang our flag outside.

    By the way, it was cute how you tried to tie Sarah Palin to the militia guys. But I bet you won't say that Barack is just like Rev. Jeremiah (“not god bless America, god damn America!”) Wright, since Barack listened to him for 20 years, but Sarah was just “coincidentally” from the same state! Shameful journalism, Jack. Shameful.


  5. “The strategic fact is that we practitioners of the “insurrectionist” theory of the Founders are well-armed beyond any ability of the federal government to disarm, even if they were stupid enough to try.”

    Wow, Mike V., that sounds like quite the threat. Plenty of other gun nuts have surely thought the same thing (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Tim McVeigh, J.T. Ready, the Hutaree….).


  6. Well, a real live malitia insurrectionist who is willing to speak him mind, although it is confused and, yes, fanatical. I grew up in the South, Tennessee, and there was never a time even that long ago that I had to depend on some group of crazies to protect me. Most of the time, we just kept them cutting the grass. Sorry, but I think your movement is sheer lunacy and hopefully new gun control laws will flush out all you radicals.

    Jack E. Dunning
    Nasty Jack Blog


  7. Your statement that the right, particularly the NRA, work to uphold laws is laughable. The only laws they are interested in is the ones to own a gun and carry it anywhere they want to. The best example today is Stand your Ground and the Martin/Zimmerman case. These are the only kinds of laws they uphold.

    Jack E. Dunning
    Nasty Jack Blog


  8. “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.” – George Mason

    BZZZZT!!!! Sorry, next contestant.


  9. The founding fathers of this country, who provided us, including you, with the constitution and bill of rights, which recognizes your right to free speech, thought, religion and press, so that you can publish your thoughts such as this, were all the domestic terrorists of their time. The only reason we refer to them as patriots is because THEY WON. Had they lost, they would be lost to the annals of history as the crazed lunatics who thought they could overthrow the British crown. Perhaps you feel we would be better off had they failed. In which case we would most likely still have legal slavery, no voting rights for women, soldiers stationed at the end of each street, of perhaps each home, no right to speak you mind, especially where it concerns the ruling elites, etc., etc.
    I for one want my children to grow up in a society where they can enjoy the freedoms and liberty the founders, and countless others have fought, bled, and died to protect from the likes of you.


  10. “NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre exclaimed to last year's Conservative Political Action Conference that our rights as Americans mean little unless we are ready to defend them against the government by force of arms.”
    You're rights aren't granted to you by the government. That's what the word “inalienable” means. The 2nd Amendment is what makes all the other rights of the Constitution possible.
    Funny how everyone is so afraaaaaaaaaid of all these “right-wing” militias, yet nary a peep of the OWS movement and their actual violence, not just “potential” insurrection.
    Aside from all the rapes and murders, the OWS has had its members arrested while attempting to plant explosives on an Ohio bridge and the three more arrested for molotov cocktails at during the NATO summit in Chicago…
    Considering the government has only brought one “right-wing” case to court since Napolitano's “right-wing extremism” assessment, and that case ended up with nothing more than a meaningless weapons charge (considering they were going for treason/terrorism charges)
    Maybe they'll have better luck with Shaeffer Cox's case, but still little evidence that all this “right-wing” extremism has been anything more than bluster.
    I think the biggest difference though, those on the right work (even the apparently shocking NRA) with law enforcement to uphold our countries laws…while those on the left obfuscate, make excuses for and even try to protect the actual law breakers on the left similar to the OWS.


  11. I'm afraid that I'm a bit too old and worn down to make much of a militiaman though I do own more than a couple of guns and enjoy going to the range when I have the chance. What I've observed regarding most of these panic attacks about militias is that every “plot” that comes up seems to involve “informants” who supply the plot and the imitation explosives or disabled weapons to a group that is completely incapable of carrying it out.

    Really, a “group” of 3 is plotting to kill “241” nameless, faceless somebodies. More nameless, faceless somebodies are going to die in traffic accidents on a typical Saturday night. You ought to be more worried that one of these TLA “informants” might “accidentally” give some nut case real working explosives and really make a case they could win in court.


  12. Which America? The part that views the people as servants of the government? Or the part that views the government as servants of the people? This is, as Bruce Catton once wrote of chattel slavery, the “indigestible lump.” The two views are mutually exclusive. At some point one or the other must win out. The constitutional militias would prefer that the question be answered peacefully by the ballot box. They are, however, prepared to think beyond that if it fails.

    Suggested reading: To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face: Libertarian Political Violence and the Origins of the Militia Movement by Prof. Robert Churchill.

    Another suggestion: calling people “fanatics” and other ad hominems is deleterious to clear-headed analysis at best. The article and comment demonstrate a woeful ignorance of the subject, based mostly upon your collectivist mindset and the conflationary “Narrative of 1995” crafted by the Southern Poverty Law Center for the purposes of fund raising from the credulous.

    The constitutional militia movement is far larger than idiots like Cox. The vast majority are hard-working family folks who live quietly and make the country work and who view their weapons as the last defense line against predatory criminals — petty freelancers who steal your property and life or the real experts in the theft of property and liberty, the Leviathan federal government. The strategic fact is that we practitioners of the “insurrectionist” theory of the Founders are well-armed beyond any ability of the federal government to disarm, even if they were stupid enough to try. Since the numbers of firearms in private hands continues to skyrocket, even in the middle of a semi-depression, you would do well to remember such inconvenient truths when discussing what should be done with “militia fanatics” like me and my friends. At the least, you could be a little more polite who you call a fanatic.

    As my Grandpa Vanderboegh used to say, “Son, you don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off.”

    Mike Vanderboegh
    Pinson, AL


  13. I notice you don't mention the Hutaree; perhaps because “On March 27, 2012, a federal judge acquitted seven Hutaree defendants of the most serious charges related to conspiracy and sedition; they were free to go. David Stone Sr. and Joshua Stone continued to be held on weapons-related charges”?
    As for peoples' willingness to use force to defend our/your rights being “beyond terrifying” I imagine Jews in pre-WWII Germany would have felt the same terror.


  14. Thanks, Jack. This should go well with my next post at New Trajectory (hopefully tonight) which will be a timeline of militia crimes and plots. I'll comment with a link when that's published.

    These “citizen militias” are rampant with anti-government conspiracists, insurrectionists, and racists. They like to pass themselves off as nothing more than gun afficienados who like to hang with their pals in the woods and “play soldier,” and maybe a few are like that. But a disturbing number of them, and maybe most of them, are basically would-be terrorist cells who itch at the thought of some sort of anti-government uprising and stock up on arsenals of high-powered weapons for the purpose. It shouldn't be tolerated. In other countries, such organizations are rightly outlawed as paramilitary militant groups.


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