Cliven Bundy protesters

Jerad and Amanda Miller supported Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher that for years refused to pay federal grazing fees for his cattle and attracted the bowels of the militia-minded misfits to help him protect his ranch. Jered likened Bundy’s situation to another Waco and vowed he would do something on Facebook. The Millers were actually asked to leave the ranch because they were felons. Jered on Facebook said he liked the NRA, the 2nd Amendment, The Patriot Party, Rand and Ron Paul, Freedom Works and many more in the radical conservative movement. His wife on Facebook liked the videos, “Shooting Cops,” “Citizens Can Shoot Police,” and “When Is It Okay To Shoot a Cop.” The kind of family you’d like to move in next door to you. Not sure what the profile of those that came to Bundy’s ranch to protest but the picture attach
ed might give you an idea.

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