John David LaDue

I don’t want to be too judgmental but if a recent account of a Minnesota teen’s plans to bomb a school and shoot students is correctly reported, either his parents are oblivious about what’s going on around them or they are just plain stupid. John David LaDue says he came from a good home and was never bullied. The piece describes LaDue with an “obsessively detailed plot” starting with killing his family. He was arrested in April when a female witness saw the 17-year-old at a storage locker where he kept his bomb making equipment. In his home LaDue had numerous guns and ammunition, but his mother said she had no idea what he was plotting. Her son countered that “he plotted right under her nose. He made no effort to hide anything. He told police they’d find three live bombs in a box on the floor next to his bed.” Duh. These parents are just plain lucky they weren’t co-conspirators in another school massacre.

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