Typical NRA gun nut

Salon has done an excellent job of documenting the craziness of the National Rifle Assn. maniacs led by wacky Wayne LaPierre. From one Virginia man strapping on his holster and shooting himself in the penis to gun nuts carrying assault rifles into the baby section of a Target store. In my estimation, the latter shows a complete lack of concern for the young lives lost in Sandy Hook gun violence and elsewhere. Salon’s piece, “9 Signs America’s Gun Obsession is Getting Worse,” should be a huge awakening to those apathetics out there who seem to have accepted gun violence as ordinary. It’s not. Examples of Salon’s nine points include “States with the laxest gun laws have the most violence,” “Americans aren’t standing for this,” including large retail chains like Starbucks, Chipotle, Chili’s and finally, The NRA is facing opposition and losing. I recommend you go to the link above and read all nine.

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