Alterman asks, “Why do such smart guys say such stupid things?” He traces the answer back to the source of power in this country. The Koch Bros. who plan to spend $900 million on the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson who gave $150 million to the GOP in 2012. Rupert Murdoch with his networks and newspapers spreads malicious rumors like Barack Obama is a secret Muslim and undocumented alien who hates white people. Eric Alterman says in his The Nation article that conservatives don’t even bother to offer ideas rather, “…they’re making calculated attempts to undermine our democracy, exploiting and manipulating a public that has decreasing resources for the kind of reliable information that would lead to a pragmatic ‘liberal’ response.”

If this doesn’t piss you Progressives off, nothing will, and if not we will go through 2016 just like past elections skipping the vote. 

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