How many times have we heard this crap from wacky Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Assn.? “They are coming to take your guns away!” I have been blogging it from the mouth of WW for over five years and Dean Obeidelah of the Daily Beast put it all in a neat package following the recent NRA convention in Nashville last weekend. The man is crazy, well that’s my comment for WW, who, as the biggest gun nut of them all has made himself rich through keeping gun manufacturers’ sales booming, who, in turn, line the pockets of WW and the NRA. The 70,000 poor souls that attended the Nashville get together on the other hand not only pay their annual dues but kick in extra bucks when the head gun nut scares hell out of them. Pathetic but Obeidelah sees no changes for the near future. Unfortunately I must agree.

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