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53% of American public want to keep Obamacare

The DESTROYER of healthcare

That number should be shattering to anyone thinking of repealing the Affordable Care Act, but not to a callous, self-centered, reckless politician like Mitch McConnell. This lowlife that leads the Republican Senate has made it his mission in life, a hateful and racially motivated one, to oppose Barack Obama on any issue, whether it benefits the country or not. He has been trying to repeal Obamacare since its inception. And the deplorable part of this is, eight out of ten Republicans support him. McConnell is clearly thinking only of his Republican base when 53% of Americans want to either keep the ACA as it is, or work to improve it.

This despicable moron is first hell-bent on getting rid of Obamacare simply because of its attachment to the former President. Second, to appease a bunch of misguided Republicans who care only about themselves with absolutely no regard for the millions of Americans out there who will lose their health insurance. The latter is a trend since the GOP took over the Congress with, by the way, the lowest ratings by its constituents ever recorded in history. The survey reveals that 45% of the public opposes the Senate bill, but there are 40% who say they don’t know enough about the bill. That is because the deceitful McConnell did everything behind closed doors.

But this is all changing according to a recent article in The Nation by Luisa Bertman, titled, “Resistance is Rising in the Heartland. It features the new mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, black, who was elected by 93% of the vote in the general election. As a matter of comparison, Jackson has a 79% black population, but is located in a deep South red state. This is only one of a string of victories by Progressives at every level in races all around the U.S. This is all the product of Bernie Sanders run for President in 2016 and has become widespread due to the grass-roots movement of The Revolution. More on this later.

The hope is that by 2018, there will be enough momentum that the left, with the substantial help of Progressives, will take back the Senate, and, yes, the House. With a liberal Congress, autocrats like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and particularly Donald Trump, will have their hands tied and their mouths shut. Here’s what an Obamacare supporter from Illinois had to say…

“Donald Jones, 61, a sheriff from West Frankfort, Ill., who was among those called in the survey, has seen both the benefits and costs of Obamacare. “I had one relative who probably was uninsurable and was able to get insurance that they wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise,” he said in a follow-up interview. ‘I had another family member who was forced to get insurance that they really can’t afford to pay.'”

One of the major concerns with the Senate healthcare bill is pre-existing conditions. McConnell says insurance companies can’t disallow any pre-existing conditions, that is, through the front door. But, of course these sneaky bastards have created a back door. The Affordable Care Act had provisions in the bill that considered pre-existing conditions with some leniency in certain cases, but with “guardrails” that assured the health care needed. The GOP bill takes away these guardrails leaving the insured person vulnerable. Here’s an illustration…

“Consider, for example, a family with a spouse or parent with cancer whose drug treatment costs thousands of dollars for their drugs. They think they have a victory in that under the Senate plan, their insurance company can’t explicitly charge them more because of their family member with a pre-existing condition. But, unfortunately for them, they find that they live in a state that allows insurers to offer plans that don’t cover prescription-drug costs. This family will face nothing but bad choices.”

All in all, most knowledgeable people agree that the Senate healthcare bill is a piece of shit. Pure and simple. If McConnell gets the votes he needs to pass this abominable legislation, there could be a revolt of the real kind by the people who will be ruined financially. The revolt will hopefully take out both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Donald Trump brings United States down worldwide

Don’t tell me I’ve been impeached

The world’s confidence in Donald Trump is 22% compared to President Obama, 64%, when he left office. When it comes to how we are favored by foreign nations, 49% under Trump, 64% for Obama. It is hard to realize what these countries must be thinking now when the U.S. has generally had responsible presidents, some with faults, but most of the time they were balanced by a sane Congress that put the USA before politics. Now, unfortunately, we have a pathological liar, a confirmed lunatic for a president and a Congress with ratings by its constituents that are the lowest ever recorded in the history of our nation. Incompetent, self-centered, and need to be dumped.

They asked several countries, Who do you trust more to handle world affairs? Here are some of the results…

Germany – Trump 11% – Obama 86%
Canada – Trump 22% – Obama 83%
Australia – Trump 29% – Obama 84%

There are more but these are some of the major countries with which T-rump has had altercations. The Washington Post had some interesting facts re. T-rump and his issues…

76% disapprove of building U.S./Mexico border wall
73% disapprove of withdrawing support of climate agreements
75% think he is arrogant
62% think he is dangerous
26% think he is qualified to be President of U.S.

Frank G. Wisner, a former diplomat who served under Democrats and Republicans, is surprised at Donald Trump’s disdain for the way the U.S. has conducted itself in foreign affairs for years that include, “…democratic governance, free markets, collective security, human rights and the rule of law.” Continuing…

“America’s image has taken hits in recent years, from the decision to invade Iraq to the events of 2007 and 2008, when the American financial model took a huge hit,” he said. “But the most consequential is the ascent of Mr. Trump to the Oval Office.”

WP reports that it took George W. Bush plus Iraq eight years for our ratings to dive overseas, Barack Obama eight years to restore them, and Trump only six months to take them back to the bottom again. But on top of all the foreign problems he has created, there are more at home where it has become obvious that his inability to sway even his own party on the Senate healthcare act has made him look “impotent.” WP reports…

“History suggests that presidents who have governed successfully have been both revered and feared. But Republican fixtures in Washington are beginning to conclude that Trump may be neither, despite his mix of bravado, threats and efforts to schmooze with GOP lawmakers,” Philip Rucker, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker report. As GOP consultant John Weaver puts it, “When you have a 35 percent approval rating and you’re under FBI investigation, you don’t have a hammer.”

Donald Trump has become pathetic at home and pathetic abroad. The time has come to consider impeachment. And it is clear that public polls have found that “…majorities of Americans disapprove of Trump’s overall job performance and his handling of foreign policy.” Nicholas Guyatt, an American historian at the University of Cambridge…

“…attributed Trump’s low favorability abroad not just to the spectacle of bedlam in Washington but to a deeper disconnect between the American president and the rest of the world.”

Abroad, Guyatt said, people see that Trump’s vision of American greatness is a relic.

“We’re in an uncertain place, because if the U.S. is no longer playing this role in a particular vision of world order, what’s the substitute? A different vision? Chaos?” he said.

But to cap it all off, here is the epitome of the egotistical behavior of a lunatic that has been elected to President of the United States by a gang of double-digit morons. Donald Trump placed in the halls of his golf courses in the U.S. and other countries a picture of him on a Time magazine cover. It is a fake. The headline is, “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash.” Time magazine has asked Trump to remove the “fake” magazine covers from all his golf clubs.

This is what you double-digits elected and now the rest of our country, and the world, has to suffer for it. Here’s my solution. Once T-rump is impeached, he will certainly return to Trump Tower. I say we should vacate the rest of TT of everyone but Trump, round up all those who voted for him, and force them into the Tower with Trump. Put an electric fence around it, keep them supplied with food and water, and try to return our country, and the world, to normalcy. Peace.



Gun nuts losing ground to sensible gun control

All you gun huggers take notice, the Supreme Court is now beginning to address the problem of too many guns on the street. And I don’t mean the illegal ones in those Chicago neighborhoods with the country’s highest violence. I mean those of you who just must carry that weapon with you to make you feel like a real man. Into bars. Into schools. Into public places. Into just about anywhere the National Rifle, Assn. (NRA) can talk the stupid Congress into. Even the last Supreme’s decision was cagey on just how it felt on this open/concealed carry concept. There is no doubt the question has to be answered and the time may be very soon.

The high court has denied hearing a number of 2nd Amendment cases in the past, both for and against gun rights. However, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a 2nd Amendment challenge to a California law, placing strict limits on carrying guns in public. Two justices dissented, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch and typical right-wing radical, Clarence Thomas. The challenge was from a…

“…California resident Edward Peruta, who challenged a state law limiting gun-carrying permits to those showing “good cause” and a San Diego County policy that says concern about personal safety is All you gun huggers take notice, the Supreme Court is now beginning to address the problem of too many guns on the street. And I don’t mean the illegal ones in those Chicago neighborhoods with the country’s highest violence. I mean those of you who just must carry that weapon with you to make you feel like a real man. Into bars. Into schools. Into public places. Into just about anywhere the National Rifle, Assn. (NRA) can talk the stupid Congress into. Even the last Supreme’s decision was cagey on just how it felt on this open/concealed carry concept. There is no doubt the question has to be answered and the time may be very soon.

The high court has denied hearing a number of 2nd Amendment cases in the past, both for and against gun rights. However, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a 2nd Amendment challenge to a California law, placing strict limits on carrying guns in public. Two justices dissented, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch and typical right-wing radical, Clarence Thomas. The challenge was from a…

“…California resident Edward Peruta, who challenged a state law limiting gun-carrying permits t not sufficient to fulfill the requirement.”

The gun nuts claim the California law violates their right to bear arms, and that was the subject of that earlier Supreme decision that was hazy on the right to possess a firearm anywhere outside the owner’s home. Something they indicated would be taken up at a later time. In chastising the Court for its decision, Clarence Thomas said the following, joined, again, by Neil Gorsuch…

“The Second Amendment’s core purpose further supports the conclusion that the right to bear arms extends to public carry,” Thomas wrote. “Even if other Members of the Court do not agree that the Second Amendment likely protects a right to public carry, the time has come for the Court to answer this important question definitively. ”

“For those of us who work in marbled halls, guarded constantly by a vigilant and dedicated police force, the guarantees of the Second Amendment might seem antiquated and superfluous. But the Framers made a clear choice: They reserved to all Americans the right to bear arms for self-defense. I do not think we should stand by idly while a State denies its citizens that right, particularly when their very lives may depend on it,” Thomas added.

This all sounds like so much bullshit, which Thomas has spewed before. Where in the hell in the 2nd Amendment does it say anything about self-defense. Here are more words from Thomas coming from CBS News

“But the Framers made a clear choice: They reserved to all Americans the right to bear arms for self-defense.”

I’ll say it again, bullshit. This is the same crap NRA head, Wayne LaPierre, has been belching for years, and the public has quite likely grown tired of it. A new study from Pew shows that, “… a sharp drop in overall support for gun control despite common ground on some key issues.” When asked the question whether…

“…it was more important to protect gun rights or control gun ownership, 51 percent favored gun control and 47 percent favored gun rights. Compare that with responses in 2000, when two-thirds of those surveyed said they supported gun control measures.”

There’s more…

Some 89 percent supported preventing the mentally ill from buying guns and 84 percent of all adults supported background checks for private sales and at gun shows.”

“Barring gun purchases for people on no-fly lists won support from 83 percent, while 71 percent of adults, including a small majority of gun owners, supported a federal database tracking gun sales.”

The CBS article is full of more information on gun trends on the left and right and there’s much more on Pew’s site.




Trump threatens Dean Heller on GOP healthcare vote

T-rump continues to sink below the level of the bottom of the barrel with his most recent move against Dean Heller re. his opposition to the Republican’s healthcare bill. “America First Policies, a White House-backed outside group led by the president’s top campaign advisers, has launched a $1 million attack against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.).” A Twitter ad accused Heller of “standing with” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and there was more….

“Unacceptable,” the video says. “If you’re opposed to this bill, we’re opposed to you.” [the latter meaning Heller.]

There is even talk of America First Policies expanding its advertising campaign, which is focused on both “…punishing Heller and at swaying his vote, and it is a stunning act of political retaliation against a member of the president’s own party.” T-rump has been concentrating on his Russian problem so much, he has neglected the GOP healthcare plan, leaving his dirty work to the Trump PAC. By zeroing in on Dean Heller, Trump and America First Policies is telling all Republican Senators how they had “better” vote on the bill. Republican National Committee chief of staff Katie Walsh said…

“For the greater part of a decade the GOP has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, taken dozens of votes to do so, now, with the ability to keep that promise on the horizon, legislators are wavering,” Walsh said. “Sen. Heller’s decision to walk away is unacceptable and sends the wrong message to the rest of the senators who are still working to get to ‘yes.”

On the other hand, America First Policies has pissed off Mitch McConnell with its threat against Dean Heller, a Republican, because his is a vulnerable seat and the Democrats will do everything in their power to elect their candidate. Apparently neither Trump nor the PAC gave McConnell nor anyone in the GOP any idea of what their plans were, so it came as a complete surprise, particularly to Senator Heller. With his reelection obviously on the line now, it remains to be seen if he will cave to pressure, but he did say he felt it would be very hard for him to come up with a “yes” vote.

The Trump/Heller divisiveness goes back before the 2016 election. In trying to win over Capitol Hill Republicans, including the Nevada Senator, Dean Heller made it perfectly clear, “…that he was no fan of the GOP nominee.” As a matter of fact…

“Heller was quoted as saying he had no intention of voting for Trump. Trump has since made clear to top advisers he doesn’t view the Nevadan as an ally, said two people close to the president.”

In addition to the five Republican Senators who have voiced their opposition to the healthcare bill, there is Susan Collins who said on ABC’s This Week, that…

“…she has “serious concerns” about the legislation as written and wants to see the Congressional Budget Office’s official score.”

The report is out and the Senate Republican healthcare bill will result in 22 million people losing their health insurance.

And it’s not good for older Americans, age 50 to 64; those fourteen years before being eligible for Medicare could result in increased insurance costs, all of which has been negotiated secretly behind closed doors. Here’s what the bill does to that age group…

“AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond says the Senate bill imposes an “Age Tax” on older adults, which would allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else and cuts the tax credits that help make insurance more affordable.”

AARP is also concerned about millions of low income Americans, and also children and adults that have disabilities. LeaMond said…

“The proposed Medicaid cuts would leave millions, including our most vulnerable seniors, at risk of losing the care they need and erode seniors’ ability to live in their homes and communities.”

What all this distinctly means is that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have absolutely no compassion for anyone but rich Americans and corporate America. The Senate healthcare bill is a fraud and Congress knows it. But what matters most to Mitch McConnell is his hate for Barack Obama, therefore Obamacare. That is what this is all about.

Senate healthcare bill quietly adds tax cuts for rich

Senator Dean Heller

That’s correct the “new [Senate GOP] health bill cuts taxes by nearly $1 trillion over the next decade, mostly for corporations and the richest families in America,” as reported by the Washington Post. As usual, the Republicans use a gimmick to slip in breaks for the wealthy that, naturally, puts more money in their pockets. Here’s what former President Obama said on Facebook…

The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill. It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America. It hands enormous tax cuts to the rich and to the drug and insurance industries, paid for by cutting health care for everybody else.”

When will the average family realize that Republicans work only on behalf of the rich and corporate America and we are getting screwed royally out of rights and benefits that they control? It is beyond me that when we go to the polls, there isn’t a landslide for the left. Bernie Sanders could probably have pulled off something at least close to this reaction, but now we probably will never know. And here are more damning facts that illustrate the arrogance of the GOP when they are in control…

“— Repeal a tax on wealthy investors, saving them about $172 billion over the next decade.

Obama’s health law enacted an additional 3.8 percent tax on investment income for married couples making more than $250,000 a year and individuals making more than $125,000. The Senate bill would repeal the tax this year.

About 90 percent of the benefit from repealing the tax would go to the top 1 percent of earners, who make $700,000 or more,” according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

“—Repeal a new Medicare payroll tax on high-income families, saving them about $59 billion over the next decade. Obama’s health law enacted an additional 0.9 percent payroll tax on wages above $250,000 for married couples and above $125,000 for individuals. The Senate bill would repeal the tax in 2023.”

“—Repeal a tax penalty on larger employers not providing health insurance to workers, saving them $171 billion over the next decade.”

There’s more and I urge you to go to the Washington Post site and see for yourself.

In the meantime, Senator Dean Heller, a Republican from Nevada, has decided he cannot support the bill, and is joined by four others from his party, GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, saying they were not ready to vote on the bill, but are willing to negotiate. In Heller’s case, the pro-Trump group, America First Policies launched a major attack against the Senator. Heller also said he would be willing to negotiate on the bill but felt it would be very hard for him to come up with a “yes” vote. It has been reported that Mitch McConnell can afford to lose only two votes for the bill to pass.

Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, says she hasn’t read the bill’s text, and would make her decision based on the details. Many GOP Senators were locked out of Mitch McConnell’s secret negotiations which, in my mind, should anger the normal human being and make them skeptical of anything that has to be hidden until the last minute, as McConnell did. If I was a locked-out Senator, being of the same party with the right to know what’s going on because of that connection, I would be furious. But Republicans know they have to stick together if they are to remain successful in deceiving the American public.

In another WP article, the moderate GOP Senators are worried the bill, “…could damage the nation’s social safety net.” With the number of people thrown off health insurance (at least 23 million) and the compelling damage it would do to Medicare, these moderates are worried about their constituents and what it would do to them. What this all comes down to is the obvious contempt Mitch McConnell and his followers have for the people of this country. They can be damned as long as he takes care of the wealthy and corporations. With any luck, the Senate health care bill, along with Mitch McConnell, will go down in flames.


California passes health bill U.S. Congress should follow

Yes…That’s Mitch McConnell

The California Senate has sent to the House Assembly a Universal Health Care bill that will cover every Californian. Shades of Bernie Sanders who ran for President on the same issue, a health care plan that would have covered all Americans. He lost in the Democratic primary, and Hillary Clinton failed miserably in her attempt to beat Donald Trump. It was Trump’s intent from the beginning to dump the Affordable Care Act with the help of Senate head, Mitch McConnell who provokes the following comments on the Internet…

Why does everyone hate Mitch McConnell?
It’s hard not to hate Mitch McConnell.
People like Bernie Sanders, hate Mitch McConnell.
Obama Obstruction Has Made Mitch McConnell America’s Most Hated Politician.
Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator.

These comments come from a number of news sources reflecting the opinions of voters throughout the United States, many in McConnell’s district. And the list goes on and on, but with one constant denominator, Mitch McConnell is despicable. I wouldn’t dwell on this issue except that it is this contemptible man that is trying to destroy Obamacare and replace it with a health care system that favors the wealthy, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and the average insured individual be damned. And this is because Mitch McConnell, a known racist, hated Barack Obama. It’s the little man’s way of getting back at the former President who won his second term in spite of McConnell’s hate campaign.

California’s new health care system will be a government run program replacing the Affordable Healthcare Act, or whatever a Republican Congress comes up with. “Senate Bill 562 will finally enable California to cover all of its residents, creating a healthier and stronger state,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, in the Sacramento Bee. Here’s further description…

“Under the plan, government would negotiate prices with doctors, hospitals and other providers, acting as the ‘single payer’ for everyone’s health care in the place of insurance companies. All Californians would receive coverage regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.”

There is considerable concern over how to pay for the California plan and, “Cost has been an insurmountable road block for similar attempts to create a universal health care system in California in the past.” It has been estimated by Amherst researchers, commissioned by The California Nurses Association, that the cost could be $331 billion, but less than the $400 billion the Senate forecast in May. The nurses also came up with…

“…$225 billion in existing federal and state funding used for health coverage for low-income Californians, as well as other tax subsides, to help pay the tab.”

Lawmakers themselves suggest creating…

“…two new taxes in the state: a 2.3 percent gross tax on businesses revenue above $2 million and a 2.3 percent general sales tax on everything except housing, utilities, groceries and other necessities.”

So far, all the moves seem the very least that can be done to insure that all the citizens of California are covered for health care. But, this all runs counter to the move by the GOP to dump Obamacare and thrust their own version of health care on the American public. However, even fellow Republicans have put a hitch in Mitch McConnell’s plans in a report by The Hill

“The Senate healthcare bill had a rocky rollout on Thursday as Republican senators complained it doesn’t do enough to repeal ObamaCare or lower healthcare costs.”

Some on the radical right of the Senate think the new bill does not go far enough in anti-Obamacare changes. Moderates, on the other hand are “…concerned about the bill’s impact on constituents enrolled in Medicaid.” Susan Collins, another moderate, and perhaps the most sensible republican in Congress, criticized the fact that the bill will “…rein in Medicare costs starting in 2025 by imposing indexing it to a lower inflation measure than what House Republicans used in their bill…”

“It is lower than the cost of medical inflation and would translate into literally billions of dollars of cuts and that would mean states would be faced with very unpalatable cases of restricting eligibility or allowing rural hospitals to go under,” she said in a statement.

It is obvious that Republicans will never even consider a California-style bill; it’s much too sophisticated for GOP minds. But all of this points to one thing: U.S. voters are fast tiring of the same old Republican tactics favoring the wealthy and corporate America and will rush to put the record straight in 2018.





Trump Super-Pac ad forges Obama book in GOP Georgia race

I’ll be back!

In the Jon Ossoff/Karen Handel Georgia congressional race, Great America Alliance, billed as the “largest and most effective pro-Trump Super PAC,” ran radio ads targeting black voters falsifying words from Barack Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father. It is where “he describes a barbershop haircut he got in Chicago in the 1980s, just days after he moved to the city for his new job as a community organizer.” The Washington Post describes it this way…

“Obama’s barber, named Smitty, speaks in the passage of the racial and political tension in Chicago before the city elected Harold Washington as its first black mayor in 1983, and the neglect African Americans felt from the Democratic Party at the time.

In the paperback version of the book, Obama directly quotes Smitty’s words. In the audio version, Obama reads them aloud.”

The ad begins with the commentary of a black Trump supporter who rakes the Democrats over the coals once again for failing to come to the aid of black Americans. The ad goes on…

“A plantation. Black people in the worst jobs. The worst housing. Police brutality rampant,” Obama says. “But when the so-called black committeemen came around election time, we’d all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket. Sell our souls for a Christmas turkey.”

Autry Pruitt, the speaker, then says don’t “sell out for another Christmas turkey,” which is the implication that, Smitty, the barber is referring to Jon Ossoff as the sell-out. In other words, Smitty is recommending a vote for the Republican, Karen Handel, or perhaps no vote at all. Purely and simply a forging of the words of former President Barack Obama by the Trump Super-Pac. Here’s what PolitiFact had to say…

“PolitiFact, a fact-checking publication run by the Tampa Bay Times, assigned the Great America Alliance ad its ‘Pants on Fire’ rating for being misleading.”

We’re used to Donald Trump spewing a ceaseless string of lies and now we have his Pac, no doubt with unlimited Republican funding, to pick up the deception and run with it. The battleground where this is all going on, Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, is firmly in GOP control but with a 13% black population, there is enough hope to bring civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) to campaign for Ossoff. The results were extremely close, Ossoff losing by only 5 points. In the last election, Tom Price, who left to join Trump’s cabinet, won by 23 points. Meaning everything is moving closer to a potential Democratic win in 2018.

Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to Obama, said the use of former President Obama’s voice was fraudulent. He continued…

“Deceptively using President Obama’s voice to suggest people sit out of the democratic process is a form of voter suppression and it not only signals weakness, it runs counter to our American values.”

Ossoff’s defeat is yet another in a long line for the Dems this year, and that, considering Donald Trump has a favorability rating of only 38.4 after 153 days, his unfavorabilty at 55.8, according to Nate Silver”s FiveThirtyEight. Ossoff was clearly against Trump in the race, Karen Handel for but barely referring to him, after Trump had tweeted support for her on Monday. Although this was an important race, its outcome did not spell disaster for Democrats. What it told us is that this district, which mirrors several conservative strongholds across the country, has closed the gap between the ratio of Republican strength compared to Democrats, emphasizing the latter on the move.

Ossoff had the following to say to his supporters…

“You showed the world that in places where no one even thought it was possible to fight, we could fight.”

Jon Ossoff is only 30, is a former congressional staffer, who raised more than $23 million, and he was able to build a devoted grass-roots following for the future. “His defeat is also likely to lead to more criticism from the wing of liberal activists who want a more confrontational style embodied by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.),” commented WP. But here is perhaps the Dems biggest problem now…

“Ossoff’s loss raises real concerns about the continued potency of Republican attacks against Democrats by tying them to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The anti-Ossoff campaign seemed to veer from issue to issue given the week, but the one constant thread over the last four months has been linking him to Pelosi.”

In this Georgia district, Nancy Pelosi’s disapproval ratings were 35 percentage points higher than her approval numbers. She needs to go the way of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.





More proof: Too many guns on the street

WOW! Look what I found

There is a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); that’s the organization which has had access to statistics on gun violence for years, but were prevented from compiling or releasing it because of legislation supported by the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) because it would prove that the number of guns on the street is the cause for gun violence. In an ABC announcement, it was the Dickey Amendment in 1997 which cut off all the funding for any statistics that promoted gun control. But this all changed with the Orlando massacre, and the CDC has now come up with a startling study that reveals the “staggering” toll of guns on children in the United States.

The CDC reports there are 1,300 kids who die from guns every year, another 5,790 are wounded from handguns, rifles and shotguns. The CBS article reports

“The tally makes gunshot wounds the third leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 17 years.”

The study includes children from 0 to 17 and…

“About 19 children a day die or are medically treated in an emergency department for a gunshot wound in the U.S.,” study author Katherine Fowler, a behavioral scientist at the CDC, told CBS News.

And this is even worse, 53% of these gun deaths among children were homicides. Equally tragic, 38% were suicides. In some cases, the latter due to the fact that stupid adults leave a firearm unattended where they are easily accessible to children. Fowler added…

“The majority of these children are boys, 13 to 17 years old, and African-American in the case of firearm homicide, and non-Hispanic white and American Indian/Alaska Native in the case of firearm suicide.”

Suicide rates among young people have jumped significantly since 2007…60%, at least 25% suffering from mental health problems. And I cannot emphasize this enough, in many cases these youngsters turn to a gun to take their life…simply because it is there. Available. Right in front of them, unattended. Take a look at this collection: Death by Gun: Top 20 States with Highest Rates. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doctors ask parents whether they keep a gun in the home; Dr. David Wesson, a pediatric surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital said, “The more guns there are, the more people die of gunshot injuries.” Yes, more guns on the street mean more gun deaths.

ABC also mentioned an earlier released fact that with more research, “…automobile-related deaths have steadily decreased in recent decades thanks to safety measures like airbags, seat belts and anti-lock brakes.” Yet, with all the statistics we have on gun violence, we continue to have 28,807 gun caused incidents a year, resulting in 7,160 deaths, according to the 2017 Gun Violence Archive. Here’s a quote from a top research expert on what that field can accomplish in an issue like gun violence…

“Mary Woolley, the president of Research!America, a nonprofit organization that advocates for making medical and health research a higher national priority, pointed out how public health research has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, from diminished tobacco use to increased use of bike helmets and additional safeguards to reduce child drownings in pools.”

Yet Congress, primarily Republicans, has helped Wayne LaPierre and his National Rifle Assn. (NRA) block this helpful tool from being used, when the CDC has all the means able to capture these statistics except the budget that the congressional gun-lovers refuse to provide. Therefore, 7,160 innocent people were killed in 2016, 1,330 of them young children. How a rational human being cannot understand this–I’m speaking of those fighting gun control laws–is more than I can understand. And I am sure I speak for all those families of the 1,300 kids who were killed and another almost 5,000 wounded by gun violence. it’s downright pathetic.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, “I Also Have No Sympathy for Steve Scalise,” I agree with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who was burned at the stake like Manny Schewitz, that Scalise is basically a scumbag. Here’s the take of Reid’s guest, Rev. Dr. William Barber after a gay Capitol police officer named Crystal Griner came to Scalise’s rescue in the shooting…

“If a lesbian person saved your life, you should not go forward being homophobic. If you almost died, but your life was saved because you got health care, then you should apply that ethic and want everybody else to get that same health care that you have.”

That’s about as simple as it gets, but way too complicated for Republican minds, especially Mitch McConnell’s.



I also have no sympathy for Steve Scalise

Manny Schewitz, who lives near Steve Scalise’s congressional district in Louisiana, was first to say it. “Sorry, I Don’t Feel An Ounce Of Sympathy For Steve Scalise.” He had reasons which I fully concur with. Scalise supports white supremacists, and describes himself as “David Duke without the baggage. Schewitz says…

“He even represents the district which elected Duke to the Louisiana legislature, and addressed a Neo-Nazi convention in 2002.”

The man is pure sleaze, and the reason he was shot was his own fault. He is a member of the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), the organization that emphasizes more guns on the street, particularly the legalizing of assault rifles. Here’s another Manny Schewitz quote…

“The man who shot him had no business owning a gun of any kind, much less the assault rifle he was armed with that day. Yet Scalise has opposed any sort of gun regulations, because he cares more about the wishes of the NRA and the fanatics he represents, instead of the thousands of Americans who are killed every year by gun violence.”

Okay, let’s review the numbers on gun violence. There are 28,467 gun violence incidents each year in the United States. 7,064 of those end in death, and 13,875 people are injured by guns. These figures include 1,379 children up to the age of 17. To cap it off, there are 162 mass shootings every year; at least four people per shooting. This is what Steve Scalise stands for with the NRA and all of his other gun nuts. I, like Schewitz, do not condone the shooting of anyone, even a scumbag like Scalise, who can thank himself and others like him for the shooting. Republicans, in general, are to blame for gun huggers like Scalise and the rabid perpetuation of the NRA.

New Jersey Democratic operative James Devine also has no sympathy for Steve Scalise…

“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?”

“I have little sympathy for the Republican Congressman who got shot today because he viciously opposed President Obama’s effort to reduce gun violence and instead, he accepted more gun lobby money than all but 15 other members of the House of Representatives.”

Rep. Chris Collins from New York, one of Donald Trump’s most prominent congressional supporters, blames it all on democratic hyperbole. He, “insisted that the shooting was directly tied to anti-Trump rhetoric from the left.” This is so out in “right” field it is laughable. Donald Trump, himself, has provoked violence among his supporters, and referring, again, to the above where I document a GOP movement that strongly supports the NRA, thus, supporting gun violence in general. It”s the old blame game and it just won’t work when there is so much evidence to the contrary where the left has left their fingerprints all over the causes of gun violence.


And let me close with a quote, actually a long oration, from Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican who witnessed the shooting and was asked soon after the incident if he had changed his mind on gun control. I use this even in its extended length, because it illustrates the absurdity of the Republican position on gun rights…

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people. And what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly. But we’re not going to get rid of freedom of speech just because some people say some really ugly things that hurt other people’s feelings. We’re not going to get rid of Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights because it allows some criminals to go free who should be behind bars. These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans.”

Someone “…not exercising those rights properly?” He almost killed someone, you idiot. and the freedom of speech is a far cry from allowing anyone to own a gun, without training, and take it anywhere they want to. Don’t these morons know what they are saying. Oh, I forgot, he was told to say it by the NRA. That makes it right.


PARODY: The Witches of Trump Tower

You’ve heard of the Witches of Salem, well, this story is about the “Witches of Trump Tower.” You may have heard of the tweets emerging from the cell phone of the maniac from the Oval Office…

“You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people!” 4:57 AM-15 Jun 2017.

Now you probably think the witch hunt Trump is talking about is the allegation that he obstructed justice by interfering in the investigation against him that he was in collusion with the Russians to slant the 2016 election in his favor. Fired James Comey for just that reason. Well, you would be wrong. Donald Trump has a real witch problem that he would rather not talk about because he has lost control and for once in his life, he is scared of something he no longer has domination over and it threatens to destroy him. The Trump Tower witches are more powerful than he is and by usurping his power, have labeled him the fraud that he is.

What T-rump is not telling you in these tweets, nor has he ever mentioned this to anyone in his organization or family…Trump Tower is bewitched. Back in the early 1800s, this property at 56th street and Fifth Avenue was a three-story walk-up with three peculiar old spinsters who read Tarot cards living on the top floor. They were known all over New York city and were patronized regularly by the rich and famous. Many of their fans believed whole-heartedly that their success was derived entirely from these sorcerers of Fifth Avenue. Thus, they were protected by law enforcement and all the powers that be. But, little did they know the fate of their geography.

New York city was growing at a rapid rate, especially Manhattan where the sorcery sisters lived, when the wealthy folk decided that part of Fifth Avenue was where they wanted to live. All of a sudden, the old gals’ protection evaporated and was replaced by a rich New York family that decided to build their mansion right where the trio was living. The three-story walk-up was demolished, but unknown to the wrecking crew, the sisters had hidden away in a secret compartment they had devised and were killed in the destruction. As the building crumbled away below them, they put a magic spell on the property that condemned anyone building anything there to eternal chaos and failure.

The mansion stood for several years as an extravagant example of the prosperous Manhattan upper-class that was a precursor to what Fifth Avenue was to become. But then one night in a major thunderstorm, lightning struck the edifice and it burned to the ground with all the family in it. The ruins were allowed to remain for at least a decade until an exclusive department store decided to build on the property, which was the beginning of commercial construction on the avenue. Then the store fell on hard times and was forced to close its doors in the mid-1970s. It was then that a real estate tycoon by the name of Donald Trump bought the building for his temple of excess.

In 1979 work began on Trump Tower with a series of work stoppages that could only be attributed to mysterious sightings, most of which were seen by workers many stories up on the scaffolding. Some were startled, lost their balance and fell to the ground. Other incidents included steel girders that bent like rubber when stepped on resulting in the laborers slipping and careening through the network of iron. The main concern was completion on time so the work continued until the tower was done and ready for occupancy. During construction, Trump even decided to destroy historically important sculptures from the torn down building wanted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 1983 tenants began to move in with Donald Trump, of course, in the penthouse. The evidence of witchcraft was immediate. Pentagrams on the floor, voodoo dolls showing up on the furniture, and a witch’s cauldron placed in the pantry of the head chef. People associated with these happenings promptly resigned requiring regular rehiring of staff. The personnel tending to Trump’s every need were scared; some claiming they had seen witches lurking in hallways and in closets. Trump Tower was in chaos and there didn’t seem to be anything anyone could do about it. The reigning emperor decided he must launch a witch hunt, and hired private eye, Anthony Pellicano.

Pellicano was a former high-profile Los Angeles private investigator who served a term of thirty months in a federal prison for illegal possession of explosives, firearms and homemade grenades. He also served time for racketeering and wiretapping. One of the guys, just what Donald Trump needed. But then the witching sisters went into hiding, meaning Pellicano had nothing to find. After a couple of years, Trump gave up and fired the private eye. A few years went by with no problems, then, bam! there they were again, the symbols of black magic, this time with a message to T-rump: ‘You will become the most powerful man in the world but your experience will end in disaster.’

That ended the bewitching and Trump decided he would go with just half of the message, the power part, which made him more arrogant and sure of himself, if that was possible. He ran for President of the United States in 2016 and…won? Now, he thought, I’ll get away from those damn witches when I move into the White House, so off to Washington he went and immediately started playing president. But it didn’t work. This wasn’t like running an empire where the underlings lived in fear of their master. The people of the U.S. Capital weren’t afraid of Donald Trump, but he could handle this if being here would help elevate the Trump brand.And then one morning he walked into the Oval Office, ready to start a day of tweets, when he was terrified by what he saw. There were the three witches, sitting on his couch, as if they belonged there. They were busy providing Kellyanne Conway with some alternative facts.. T-rump knew it was over.