Public apathy promotes terroism

That’s right, it’s true. And here is my reasoning for this. There were recent attacks in Paris, and London, in New York and even Iran. But nothing happened in Yourtown, USA, France or the UK. So, why worry until it does; the government is supposed to prevent this. Two things. First, when it happens in your neighborhood it is too late to worry, and if you think this government, under Donald Trump, is prepared, you’ve been hiding out on another planet. I don’t say it’s “time to go to the mattresses,” as the mob used to say when they went to war with a rival family. But, what do we do?

Be aware, report anything suspicious. Let law enforcement decide if you have a valid concern, being somewhat selective in your reporting. None of those nosy neighbor tips, but, on the other hand, there is reason to be apprehensive if one of your children is expressing a completely new behavior just out of the blue. The USA article has an interesting analogy between these terrorist attacks and the London blitz of WWII. According to Alexandra Bradford, a terrorism researcher, in the blitz “…people became accustomed to everyday violence. Life re-calibrated and a new normal was found.”

Of course there is a difference between an all-out war where your city is being all but annihilated and a single terrorist attack. But lives are usually lost in each, and one life is too many.

I coined a word back in 2006, The Apathetics, in my blog on privacy, The Dunning Letter, which describes the typical consumer when it comes to taking responsibility for their rights…

“In this case, the right to privacy, and to be free from identity theft. The word is ‘Apathetic,’ and it refers to the majority of individuals today who seem to care less about the alarming amount of fraud being carried out using their names and personal data. Further, most seem even less concerned over the incompetence of the companies handling this private information. As a former broker of mailing lists for 35 years and database expert, I do and I am.”

I blogged for over five years on how to protect your privacy, receiving hundreds of comments from people who had had their personal data stolen, and many who were screwed by the credit bureaus, most all of them after the fact. But what was really discouraging, eventually convincing me to discontinue the privacy blog, were the comments I received that accused me of overreacting, spreading fear over something that really wasn’t as serious as I was making it. Identity theft soared in 2016, hitting an all-time high according to USA Today…

“An estimated 15.4 million consumers were hit with some kind of ID theft last year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research, up from 13.1 million the year before.”

I rest my case.

But, the apathetics reemerged back in 2012, when I was starting this blog, Nasty Jack, covering a diverse range of politics. For a while I concentrated on gun violence promoting the gun control movement. There are two things I am most passionate about. One is Progressive politics, the other, the need for gun control. I covered this regularly with posts like, “It is apathy by the American people over gun control that caused the Aurora, Colo. movie massacre.” There were others, some big like the Brady Campaign. However, the American public refused to accept the idea of controlling guns.

Are people worldwide running out of the ability or the willingness to become involved. Because that is what it will take to help correct all these issues, including terrorism. Involvement is how the junk mail industry makes billions of dollars a year selling you its products and services. Their secret is simply to first get your interest, which leads to an offer that is hard to refuse, and finish it off with copy that convinces you that you cannot live without what they have to offer. Maybe there is a way to modify this approach for each issue, above.

Okay, it’s far-fetched, but do you have a better answer?

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