Amidst Trump’s chaos, Republican Congress has produced nothing

                     2 biggest idiots in Congress

In only a few days it will be six months since Donald Trump assumed the presidency. He has produced plenty…of tweets, controversies, lies, ruined careers, executive orders that are blocked, completely inept advisers, and a host of other things I don’t have room for here. But the Republican Congress has not produced one piece of meaningful legislation. Sure, some of it can be blamed on Trump, but, if that is the primary problem, where does that leave this country in terms of moving ahead. On the other, hand Trump says that…

“…he has accomplished more than any other president aside from Franklin Roosevelt during his first six months in office.”

I have documented some of what the Oval Office idiot has accomplished, but what I didn’t mention is the fact that he has generated more support to impeach a president since Richard Nixon, perhaps even further back. And the tragedy of it all is the fact that the man will stop at nothing in his quest for power, and the enslavement of those around him. As an example, Trump held a recent cabinet meeting for the express purpose of eliciting praise from the members. He received it from each of his minions, saying nothing, but with a big smile. His autocratic style of government makes George W. Bush’s administration look completely proper.

If, in fact, it is all Trump’s fault that there has been no legislation passed by this Congress, then, he should be impeached, and soon, so we can get back to the business of this country. But anyone knows that’s not it, and we also know that it is primarily the fact that the Republican Congress is a gang of incompetent deadbeats. We’ll do something about that in 2018, but in the meantime, we are stuck with a situation that has literally brought the U.S. to a halt. And the world knows it, especially countries like Russia and North Korea that gloat over the fact that America is in complete discord. The question is how long will it take to fix it?

In a pathetic statement by Republican senator, John Cornyn of Texas, he says, “We just need to work harder.” That sounds like my first-grade teacher when I was having trouble with sandbox. The Washington Post sums it up…

“For now, the party’s marquee agenda items remain undone, their fate uncertain. The long-promised effort to overturn former President Barack Obama’s health law hangs in limbo in the Senate after barely passing the House. A tax overhaul that’s a top Trump priority is unwritten and in dispute, despite his recent claim on Twitter that it’s ahead of schedule.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi mocked Donald Trump in his repeated statements that his tax bill is moving through Congress by commenting, “It doesn’t exist.” If this is the reaction of the top Democrat in the House, are we just dealing with a pathological liar, or has Trump left this world for another planet? Either way, the country is in trouble, and the U.S. Congress is not doing the business it was sent to Washington to do. Unfortunately, this has been the case for the last several years, particularly from the Republican side, but anyone would agree the current status in the nation’s capital is complete chaos. All because of one man.

One GOP representative, Tom Cole of Oklahoma, exclaimed how much Congress has accomplished for voting to overturn a series of Obama regulations, most of which had positive effects on the environment, the economy and consumers, to be replaced by legislation that negatively affect the first two and leave the average American gasping for breath just to survive in the future. It is pure bullshit if any person in this country, liberal or conservative, thinks a Republican administration is interested in anything but the rich and corporations. What puzzles me most are those poor souls who are barely making it, and yet they voted for Donald Trump and still support him. Go figure.





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