I also have no sympathy for Steve Scalise

Manny Schewitz, who lives near Steve Scalise’s congressional district in Louisiana, was first to say it. “Sorry, I Don’t Feel An Ounce Of Sympathy For Steve Scalise.” He had reasons which I fully concur with. Scalise supports white supremacists, and describes himself as “David Duke without the baggage. Schewitz says…

“He even represents the district which elected Duke to the Louisiana legislature, and addressed a Neo-Nazi convention in 2002.”

The man is pure sleaze, and the reason he was shot was his own fault. He is a member of the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), the organization that emphasizes more guns on the street, particularly the legalizing of assault rifles. Here’s another Manny Schewitz quote…

“The man who shot him had no business owning a gun of any kind, much less the assault rifle he was armed with that day. Yet Scalise has opposed any sort of gun regulations, because he cares more about the wishes of the NRA and the fanatics he represents, instead of the thousands of Americans who are killed every year by gun violence.”

Okay, let’s review the numbers on gun violence. There are 28,467 gun violence incidents each year in the United States. 7,064 of those end in death, and 13,875 people are injured by guns. These figures include 1,379 children up to the age of 17. To cap it off, there are 162 mass shootings every year; at least four people per shooting. This is what Steve Scalise stands for with the NRA and all of his other gun nuts. I, like Schewitz, do not condone the shooting of anyone, even a scumbag like Scalise, who can thank himself and others like him for the shooting. Republicans, in general, are to blame for gun huggers like Scalise and the rabid perpetuation of the NRA.

New Jersey Democratic operative James Devine also has no sympathy for Steve Scalise…

“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?”

“I have little sympathy for the Republican Congressman who got shot today because he viciously opposed President Obama’s effort to reduce gun violence and instead, he accepted more gun lobby money than all but 15 other members of the House of Representatives.”

Rep. Chris Collins from New York, one of Donald Trump’s most prominent congressional supporters, blames it all on democratic hyperbole. He, “insisted that the shooting was directly tied to anti-Trump rhetoric from the left.” This is so out in “right” field it is laughable. Donald Trump, himself, has provoked violence among his supporters, and referring, again, to the above where I document a GOP movement that strongly supports the NRA, thus, supporting gun violence in general. It”s the old blame game and it just won’t work when there is so much evidence to the contrary where the left has left their fingerprints all over the causes of gun violence.


And let me close with a quote, actually a long oration, from Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican who witnessed the shooting and was asked soon after the incident if he had changed his mind on gun control. I use this even in its extended length, because it illustrates the absurdity of the Republican position on gun rights…

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people. And what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly. But we’re not going to get rid of freedom of speech just because some people say some really ugly things that hurt other people’s feelings. We’re not going to get rid of Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights because it allows some criminals to go free who should be behind bars. These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans.”

Someone “…not exercising those rights properly?” He almost killed someone, you idiot. and the freedom of speech is a far cry from allowing anyone to own a gun, without training, and take it anywhere they want to. Don’t these morons know what they are saying. Oh, I forgot, he was told to say it by the NRA. That makes it right.


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