California passes health bill U.S. Congress should follow

Yes…That’s Mitch McConnell

The California Senate has sent to the House Assembly a Universal Health Care bill that will cover every Californian. Shades of Bernie Sanders who ran for President on the same issue, a health care plan that would have covered all Americans. He lost in the Democratic primary, and Hillary Clinton failed miserably in her attempt to beat Donald Trump. It was Trump’s intent from the beginning to dump the Affordable Care Act with the help of Senate head, Mitch McConnell who provokes the following comments on the Internet…

Why does everyone hate Mitch McConnell?
It’s hard not to hate Mitch McConnell.
People like Bernie Sanders, hate Mitch McConnell.
Obama Obstruction Has Made Mitch McConnell America’s Most Hated Politician.
Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator.

These comments come from a number of news sources reflecting the opinions of voters throughout the United States, many in McConnell’s district. And the list goes on and on, but with one constant denominator, Mitch McConnell is despicable. I wouldn’t dwell on this issue except that it is this contemptible man that is trying to destroy Obamacare and replace it with a health care system that favors the wealthy, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and the average insured individual be damned. And this is because Mitch McConnell, a known racist, hated Barack Obama. It’s the little man’s way of getting back at the former President who won his second term in spite of McConnell’s hate campaign.

California’s new health care system will be a government run program replacing the Affordable Healthcare Act, or whatever a Republican Congress comes up with. “Senate Bill 562 will finally enable California to cover all of its residents, creating a healthier and stronger state,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, in the Sacramento Bee. Here’s further description…

“Under the plan, government would negotiate prices with doctors, hospitals and other providers, acting as the ‘single payer’ for everyone’s health care in the place of insurance companies. All Californians would receive coverage regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.”

There is considerable concern over how to pay for the California plan and, “Cost has been an insurmountable road block for similar attempts to create a universal health care system in California in the past.” It has been estimated by Amherst researchers, commissioned by The California Nurses Association, that the cost could be $331 billion, but less than the $400 billion the Senate forecast in May. The nurses also came up with…

“…$225 billion in existing federal and state funding used for health coverage for low-income Californians, as well as other tax subsides, to help pay the tab.”

Lawmakers themselves suggest creating…

“…two new taxes in the state: a 2.3 percent gross tax on businesses revenue above $2 million and a 2.3 percent general sales tax on everything except housing, utilities, groceries and other necessities.”

So far, all the moves seem the very least that can be done to insure that all the citizens of California are covered for health care. But, this all runs counter to the move by the GOP to dump Obamacare and thrust their own version of health care on the American public. However, even fellow Republicans have put a hitch in Mitch McConnell’s plans in a report by The Hill

“The Senate healthcare bill had a rocky rollout on Thursday as Republican senators complained it doesn’t do enough to repeal ObamaCare or lower healthcare costs.”

Some on the radical right of the Senate think the new bill does not go far enough in anti-Obamacare changes. Moderates, on the other hand are “…concerned about the bill’s impact on constituents enrolled in Medicaid.” Susan Collins, another moderate, and perhaps the most sensible republican in Congress, criticized the fact that the bill will “…rein in Medicare costs starting in 2025 by imposing indexing it to a lower inflation measure than what House Republicans used in their bill…”

“It is lower than the cost of medical inflation and would translate into literally billions of dollars of cuts and that would mean states would be faced with very unpalatable cases of restricting eligibility or allowing rural hospitals to go under,” she said in a statement.

It is obvious that Republicans will never even consider a California-style bill; it’s much too sophisticated for GOP minds. But all of this points to one thing: U.S. voters are fast tiring of the same old Republican tactics favoring the wealthy and corporate America and will rush to put the record straight in 2018.





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