Trump threatens Dean Heller on GOP healthcare vote

T-rump continues to sink below the level of the bottom of the barrel with his most recent move against Dean Heller re. his opposition to the Republican’s healthcare bill. “America First Policies, a White House-backed outside group led by the president’s top campaign advisers, has launched a $1 million attack against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.).” A Twitter ad accused Heller of “standing with” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and there was more….

“Unacceptable,” the video says. “If you’re opposed to this bill, we’re opposed to you.” [the latter meaning Heller.]

There is even talk of America First Policies expanding its advertising campaign, which is focused on both “…punishing Heller and at swaying his vote, and it is a stunning act of political retaliation against a member of the president’s own party.” T-rump has been concentrating on his Russian problem so much, he has neglected the GOP healthcare plan, leaving his dirty work to the Trump PAC. By zeroing in on Dean Heller, Trump and America First Policies is telling all Republican Senators how they had “better” vote on the bill. Republican National Committee chief of staff Katie Walsh said…

“For the greater part of a decade the GOP has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, taken dozens of votes to do so, now, with the ability to keep that promise on the horizon, legislators are wavering,” Walsh said. “Sen. Heller’s decision to walk away is unacceptable and sends the wrong message to the rest of the senators who are still working to get to ‘yes.”

On the other hand, America First Policies has pissed off Mitch McConnell with its threat against Dean Heller, a Republican, because his is a vulnerable seat and the Democrats will do everything in their power to elect their candidate. Apparently neither Trump nor the PAC gave McConnell nor anyone in the GOP any idea of what their plans were, so it came as a complete surprise, particularly to Senator Heller. With his reelection obviously on the line now, it remains to be seen if he will cave to pressure, but he did say he felt it would be very hard for him to come up with a “yes” vote.

The Trump/Heller divisiveness goes back before the 2016 election. In trying to win over Capitol Hill Republicans, including the Nevada Senator, Dean Heller made it perfectly clear, “…that he was no fan of the GOP nominee.” As a matter of fact…

“Heller was quoted as saying he had no intention of voting for Trump. Trump has since made clear to top advisers he doesn’t view the Nevadan as an ally, said two people close to the president.”

In addition to the five Republican Senators who have voiced their opposition to the healthcare bill, there is Susan Collins who said on ABC’s This Week, that…

“…she has “serious concerns” about the legislation as written and wants to see the Congressional Budget Office’s official score.”

The report is out and the Senate Republican healthcare bill will result in 22 million people losing their health insurance.

And it’s not good for older Americans, age 50 to 64; those fourteen years before being eligible for Medicare could result in increased insurance costs, all of which has been negotiated secretly behind closed doors. Here’s what the bill does to that age group…

“AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond says the Senate bill imposes an “Age Tax” on older adults, which would allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else and cuts the tax credits that help make insurance more affordable.”

AARP is also concerned about millions of low income Americans, and also children and adults that have disabilities. LeaMond said…

“The proposed Medicaid cuts would leave millions, including our most vulnerable seniors, at risk of losing the care they need and erode seniors’ ability to live in their homes and communities.”

What all this distinctly means is that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have absolutely no compassion for anyone but rich Americans and corporate America. The Senate healthcare bill is a fraud and Congress knows it. But what matters most to Mitch McConnell is his hate for Barack Obama, therefore Obamacare. That is what this is all about.

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