Donald Trump brings United States down worldwide

Don’t tell me I’ve been impeached

The world’s confidence in Donald Trump is 22% compared to President Obama, 64%, when he left office. When it comes to how we are favored by foreign nations, 49% under Trump, 64% for Obama. It is hard to realize what these countries must be thinking now when the U.S. has generally had responsible presidents, some with faults, but most of the time they were balanced by a sane Congress that put the USA before politics. Now, unfortunately, we have a pathological liar, a confirmed lunatic for a president and a Congress with ratings by its constituents that are the lowest ever recorded in the history of our nation. Incompetent, self-centered, and need to be dumped.

They asked several countries, Who do you trust more to handle world affairs? Here are some of the results…

Germany – Trump 11% – Obama 86%
Canada – Trump 22% – Obama 83%
Australia – Trump 29% – Obama 84%

There are more but these are some of the major countries with which T-rump has had altercations. The Washington Post had some interesting facts re. T-rump and his issues…

76% disapprove of building U.S./Mexico border wall
73% disapprove of withdrawing support of climate agreements
75% think he is arrogant
62% think he is dangerous
26% think he is qualified to be President of U.S.

Frank G. Wisner, a former diplomat who served under Democrats and Republicans, is surprised at Donald Trump’s disdain for the way the U.S. has conducted itself in foreign affairs for years that include, “…democratic governance, free markets, collective security, human rights and the rule of law.” Continuing…

“America’s image has taken hits in recent years, from the decision to invade Iraq to the events of 2007 and 2008, when the American financial model took a huge hit,” he said. “But the most consequential is the ascent of Mr. Trump to the Oval Office.”

WP reports that it took George W. Bush plus Iraq eight years for our ratings to dive overseas, Barack Obama eight years to restore them, and Trump only six months to take them back to the bottom again. But on top of all the foreign problems he has created, there are more at home where it has become obvious that his inability to sway even his own party on the Senate healthcare act has made him look “impotent.” WP reports…

“History suggests that presidents who have governed successfully have been both revered and feared. But Republican fixtures in Washington are beginning to conclude that Trump may be neither, despite his mix of bravado, threats and efforts to schmooze with GOP lawmakers,” Philip Rucker, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker report. As GOP consultant John Weaver puts it, “When you have a 35 percent approval rating and you’re under FBI investigation, you don’t have a hammer.”

Donald Trump has become pathetic at home and pathetic abroad. The time has come to consider impeachment. And it is clear that public polls have found that “…majorities of Americans disapprove of Trump’s overall job performance and his handling of foreign policy.” Nicholas Guyatt, an American historian at the University of Cambridge…

“…attributed Trump’s low favorability abroad not just to the spectacle of bedlam in Washington but to a deeper disconnect between the American president and the rest of the world.”

Abroad, Guyatt said, people see that Trump’s vision of American greatness is a relic.

“We’re in an uncertain place, because if the U.S. is no longer playing this role in a particular vision of world order, what’s the substitute? A different vision? Chaos?” he said.

But to cap it all off, here is the epitome of the egotistical behavior of a lunatic that has been elected to President of the United States by a gang of double-digit morons. Donald Trump placed in the halls of his golf courses in the U.S. and other countries a picture of him on a Time magazine cover. It is a fake. The headline is, “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash.” Time magazine has asked Trump to remove the “fake” magazine covers from all his golf clubs.

This is what you double-digits elected and now the rest of our country, and the world, has to suffer for it. Here’s my solution. Once T-rump is impeached, he will certainly return to Trump Tower. I say we should vacate the rest of TT of everyone but Trump, round up all those who voted for him, and force them into the Tower with Trump. Put an electric fence around it, keep them supplied with food and water, and try to return our country, and the world, to normalcy. Peace.



7 thoughts on “Donald Trump brings United States down worldwide”

  1. Donald Trump became President of the USA, not the world so we really do not care what every other country thinks. As for Obama’s apology tour well lets just say he is a muslim ass kisser


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