53% of American public want to keep Obamacare

The DESTROYER of healthcare

That number should be shattering to anyone thinking of repealing the Affordable Care Act, but not to a callous, self-centered, reckless politician like Mitch McConnell. This lowlife that leads the Republican Senate has made it his mission in life, a hateful and racially motivated one, to oppose Barack Obama on any issue, whether it benefits the country or not. He has been trying to repeal Obamacare since its inception. And the deplorable part of this is, eight out of ten Republicans support him. McConnell is clearly thinking only of his Republican base when 53% of Americans want to either keep the ACA as it is, or work to improve it.

This despicable moron is first hell-bent on getting rid of Obamacare simply because of its attachment to the former President. Second, to appease a bunch of misguided Republicans who care only about themselves with absolutely no regard for the millions of Americans out there who will lose their health insurance. The latter is a trend since the GOP took over the Congress with, by the way, the lowest ratings by its constituents ever recorded in history. The survey reveals that 45% of the public opposes the Senate bill, but there are 40% who say they don’t know enough about the bill. That is because the deceitful McConnell did everything behind closed doors.

But this is all changing according to a recent article in The Nation by Luisa Bertman, titled, “Resistance is Rising in the Heartland. It features the new mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, black, who was elected by 93% of the vote in the general election. As a matter of comparison, Jackson has a 79% black population, but is located in a deep South red state. This is only one of a string of victories by Progressives at every level in races all around the U.S. This is all the product of Bernie Sanders run for President in 2016 and has become widespread due to the grass-roots movement of The Revolution. More on this later.

The hope is that by 2018, there will be enough momentum that the left, with the substantial help of Progressives, will take back the Senate, and, yes, the House. With a liberal Congress, autocrats like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and particularly Donald Trump, will have their hands tied and their mouths shut. Here’s what an Obamacare supporter from Illinois had to say…

“Donald Jones, 61, a sheriff from West Frankfort, Ill., who was among those called in the survey, has seen both the benefits and costs of Obamacare. “I had one relative who probably was uninsurable and was able to get insurance that they wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise,” he said in a follow-up interview. ‘I had another family member who was forced to get insurance that they really can’t afford to pay.'”

One of the major concerns with the Senate healthcare bill is pre-existing conditions. McConnell says insurance companies can’t disallow any pre-existing conditions, that is, through the front door. But, of course these sneaky bastards have created a back door. The Affordable Care Act had provisions in the bill that considered pre-existing conditions with some leniency in certain cases, but with “guardrails” that assured the health care needed. The GOP bill takes away these guardrails leaving the insured person vulnerable. Here’s an illustration…

“Consider, for example, a family with a spouse or parent with cancer whose drug treatment costs thousands of dollars for their drugs. They think they have a victory in that under the Senate plan, their insurance company can’t explicitly charge them more because of their family member with a pre-existing condition. But, unfortunately for them, they find that they live in a state that allows insurers to offer plans that don’t cover prescription-drug costs. This family will face nothing but bad choices.”

All in all, most knowledgeable people agree that the Senate healthcare bill is a piece of shit. Pure and simple. If McConnell gets the votes he needs to pass this abominable legislation, there could be a revolt of the real kind by the people who will be ruined financially. The revolt will hopefully take out both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

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