EMERGENCY: Look at recent gun violence

Wayne LaPierre-Nat’l Rifle Assn.

This Saturday posting is due to the recent amount of gun violence that is completely out of hand and no longer acceptable. Here is the appalling documentation…

June 29 – 2 police officers are critically wounded in San Antonio, Texas. One shooter killed, the other arrested.
June 30 – 18-year-old female killed in West Chester, PA over road rage. Killer still loose.
July 1 – 25 people are shot, 3 injured,. in Little Rock, AR nightclub. Suspects identified but not apprehended.

Is there any doubt that this must be stopped and now? What will it take to make these idiot gun nuts in Congress understand that their constituency is being maimed and killed every day by GUNS? It’s time to tell the NRA to go screw themselves.

UPDATE: July 1 – NY Bronx doctor kills one doctor, himself, injures 6 others, 5 seriously in NY hospital.

NOTE: Please see my Monday post which features the new Dana Loesch NRA video, which even the organization’s life members are aghast over and condemning it.


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