Guns keep killing while NRA promotes violence with new TV ad

American public wants more gun control

As a discombobulated Republican Congress tries to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a piece of shit–that’s with 53% of the American public wanting to keep the ACA–a large group in their party is clamoring to cancel the August recess because, in addition to the mess they have made of healthcare, they have made no progress on tax reform, spending bills, the debt ceiling and a budget resolution. In other words, a do-nothing Congress has done…nothing. This has become so pathetic that the original framers of this country must be looking down with deep disgust. I feel sure that they would have Mitch McConnell drawn and quartered. Not a bad idea even today.

The above illustrates how reckless this Republican Congress is with American democracy in refusing to do the job these idiots were sent to Washington to do. It’s beyond pathetic, and my point is with this level of incompetence, how could we expect these wingnuts to address gun control. Even when there is gun violence every day that is killing innocent Americans, something that has been as regular as taxes since Sandy Hook. I put 99% of the blame on Wayne LaPierre, who heads the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) and the minions of this abhorrent organization. And simpleton amateurs like Dana Loesch, a misguided talk radio and TV show host.

I urge you to watch the disgusting and sickening NRA video by Dana Loesch before reading further:

Just when you thought the NRA couldn’t sink any lower…this. Dana Loesch, with the video in the background, is, of course, actually inciting violence, but, once again, Wayne LaPierre is also appealing to his membership of gun nuts to go out and buy more guns. This keeps the gun manufacturers happy, and puts more money in LaPierre’s pocket. Loesch, on the other hand, is just a clueless mouthpiece for an organization that promotes an environment of gun violence, including against children. Even if she isn’t getting paid for this, she is still as contemptible as LaPierre, being just a despicable unpaid shill. And by the way, she’s done this before.

While this pathetic woman is spewing the usual NRA garbage, 27 people were injured by guns, an 18-year-old female killed over road rage in a 3-day period, 6/29-7/1. And there is no way the NRA can blame this on the points made in their ludicrous video. The reason for these shootings, and most shootings in the U.S. is too many guns on the street. And the reason for too many guns on the street is videos like the above by Loesch and other false and misguided propaganda by LaPerre and his gang of flunkys. Here are two comments from NRA long-time members

“I’m an old white guy and a life member, but this BS is disgusting,” Facebook user Eric Eugene Rush commented under the post. “When you spew crap like this, you don’t speak for me anymore. I try to avoid doing things on the spur of the moment, but I’ll be thinking about canceling my membership.”

“Jeeeeesus … it almost looks like you’re encouraging violence against demonstrators,” Steve van der Lacy wrote. “Just let the police do their jobs when or if protests get out of hand.”

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson called the video, “an open call to violence to protect white supremacy.” Sounds like White House adviser Steve Bannon might have written the script for the video. A Facebook petition, referring to the video as inflammatory says…

“All we have to do is look at the increase in violence since the election to see how unchecked violent rhetoric has real life consequences,” the petition states. “Letting this disturbing video stay on Facebook would be extremely irresponsible and could very well lead to disastrous repercussions.”

I wrote a recent post, “Gun nuts losing ground to sensible gun control,” that points out the changing views of the U.S. population re. whether it is more important to support gun control or gun rights. The new trend is for more gun control. The American public voted for more control over guns by 4 percentage points recently. In 2000, it was two-thirds for rights, a substantial change…and about time.

UPDATE: Since completing this post there has been another shooting/killing. On July 1, a NY Bronx doctor killed one doctor, himself, injured 6 others 5 seriously in NY hospital. New count…31 injured, 3 dead in just three days.


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