Trump abandons U.S. security with Russia’s Putin at G-20

Donald Trump scrapped environmental and trade relations with the world at the recent G-20, but he went even further and basically implied, ‘The hell with American security,’ when he said he wanted to work with Putin to fight election hacking. He wants to work with the leader of the country that did the 2016 hacking of the U.S. elections. Now that is a strategy to behold; Let’s get together and share secrets about how we protect our secret data in each country. Except anyone could see that the sharing would go only one way with T-rump on the short end of the stick again. However, let’s keep in mind what the Trump presidency is all about: advancing the Trump brand.

  • The Oval Office lunatic wants to build luxury hotels in Russia.

It is a known fact based on the verification by multiple national security agencies that the Soviets did in fact hack the 2016 elections, most likely with the idea in mind of helping Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. These guys knew they couldn’t work with Hillary Clinton, but, no doubt, also knew Trump wanted to build hotels in their country. And they are still at it. The Washington Post says...

  • “Russian government hackers were behind recent cyber-intrusions into the business systems of U.S. nuclear power and other energy companies in what appears to be an effort to assess their networks, according to U.S. government officials.”

Apparently there was no danger to the public as they did not go after the, “…core systems controlling operations at the plants.” The WP again…

  • “The campaign marks the first time Russian government hackers are known to have wormed their way into the networks of American nuclear power companies, several U.S. and industry officials said. And the penetration could be a sign that Russia is seeking to lay the groundwork for more damaging hacks.”

So we next see Trump cozying up to Putin at G-20 where they, “…acknowledged ‘the challenges of cyberthreats’ and ‘agreed to explore creating a framework’ to better deal with them, including those that harm critical infrastructure such as nuclear energy.” Translated, that means T-rump could give up the “company security store” to pacify old Vlad to the extent that Putin decides, ‘By God, having a Trump Tower right in the middle of Moscow isn’t such a bad idea. Keep your eyes open after the reigning maniac begins to fulfill on his side of the agreement, and my guess is you will see the two feckless sons make another trip to Russia.

Vox says the Russians attempted to “… hack the computers of voting officials across the country…” before the 2016 presidential elections as confirmed by a top secret National Security Agency. Here’s more…

  • “The attacks focused on voter registration systems rather than voting machines themselves, so there’s no evidence that the Russian government directly changed anyone’s vote. But there’s also a lot we can’t tell from the report about what the Russians might have accomplished — and whether they could have altered the election result, directly or indirectly.”

This recognition prompted Vox to speculate what could have happened…

  • “They could have deleted records for voters registered with one party to help candidates of the other party.”
  • “Could have simply caused registration systems to crash in precincts that were likely to vote heavily for one candidate over the other.”
  • “Hackers could use access to these officials’ computers as a ‘stepping stone’ to attack voting machines themselves.”

There is absolutely no evidence any of the three happened, but the fact that it could have, based on the ability of a foreign power to break in to American computers so easily and navigate their data, is reason for Donald Trump to think twice before entering into any agreement on hacking with Putin.

In another article, Vox commented

  • “The announcement [re. working together on hacking] stunned lawmakers from both parties, with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham describing it as ‘pretty close’ to the ‘dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.’ Graham also blasted Trump for his continued refusal to acknowledge the Russian hacking campaign.”
  • “He is literally the only person I know of who doesn’t believe Russia attacked our election in 2016,” Graham said on NBC News’s Meet the Press.

And that’s just from Trump’s own party.

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