Obamacare YES? or Obamacare NO?

Latest Timeline for McConnell’s Senate healthcare bill

The Washington Post came up with a Monday timeline on the progress of Mitch McConnell’s healthcare bill that he has proposed to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act. As everyone knows by now, Senate leader McConnell hates Barack Obama so much he is willing to dismantle or repeal Obamacare, even when 53% of the public indicated they wanted to keep it as late as mid-2017. The man is the worst kind of example of what the Congress of the United States has become. Incompetent do-nothings who use their office primarily to benefit themselves and to push a radical conservative ideology. McConnell’s treatment of Obamacare is a shining example.

Early in the morning on Monday, Arizona Senator John McCain commented for the WP Timeline, “I think my view is it’s probably going to be dead.” Still early, Donald Trump gave Congress something of an ultimatum to get healthcare done. T-rump followed up…

  •  “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”

Republican Sen. Susan Collins wants to work with Democrats

It was around noon that Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, made the statement saying that it was time that the GOP and Democrats worked together to fix healthcare. And then there were Republican protesters outside Republican politicians’ offices across the country venting their anger. Apparently, Mitch McConnell doesn’t know when he has lost and continues to tweak a bill that most agree has no chance to pass. Vice President Mike Pence, in his usual out in left field remarks said that “…Republicans might have to resort to a straightforward repeal of Obama’s law…” Something most know is no longer likely to happen.

Senate bill would lead to 15 million fewer Medicaid enrollees by 2026

One of the major concerns of the public is what the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) will do to Medicaid. The CBO estimates that it would lead to 15 million fewer Medicaid enrollees by 2026, compared to Obamacare. But McConnell, in his usual double-dealing approach, claims the Senate’s health-care proposal won’t lead to cuts in Medicaid. For this misleading statement just to sell his piece of shit, McConnell gets 3 Pinocchios from WP’s Fact Checker. But if the BCRA isn’t going anywhere, what’s next? Still plodding, McConnell says he will have the revised version of the healthcare bill today, while delaying Congress’ recess to third week in August.

Rep. Sen. Ron Johnson says McConnell handling of healthcare bill a political blunder

But Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, said the whole mess was a political blunder by Mitch McConnell due to the fact that he conducted the health care debate as a partisan, all-Republican effort. His actual comment: “It’s just not smart politically.” Indicating to me that Senate head McConnell isn’t the crafty tactician both he and his GOP caucus thought he was. If you want a true characterization of this bigot, he can be described as a hateful racist who used his position of power to try and destroy a piece of legislation that more than half the country favors, just because of a psychopathic contempt for Barack Obama, in part because he is black.

50 votes needed to advance bill not there

Considering the chaos within the ideology of the Republican party, it is pretty certain that they will never get the 50 votes needed to move the bill forward. And now here comes GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah with yet another healthcare bill that has begun to divide the Republican caucus members in their support on Tuesday. There are some connections to Obamacare but the bill is obviously not ready for introduction yet. This was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s depiction of the Senate’s healthcare bill…

  • “The GOP strategy to pass the bill, he said, is ‘the kitchen sink right now — they’re just throwing more money at everything.’”

It should be noted that Paul’s promise to his constituents was to repeal Obamacare. How long have these dullards been trying to do this with absolutely no success?




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