Saturday Political Roundup

Trump discriminates against women in WH

Donald Trump is not an equal-opportunity-employer, based on White House pay records. U.S. News reports that women staffers make almost 37% less in salary than their male counterparts. This is more than double the national pay gap with females earning around $72,650, compared to that of the median male employee, who makes $115,000. This compared to a pay gap under Obama of only 11%. Females make up only 25% of the WH staff which would tend to confirm T-Rump’s ongoing disdain for women.

Our civil rights in peril

Are you aware that in the first six months of this year, nineteen states have introduced legislation to restrict the right for citizens’ protest? Shades of Orwell’s Big Brother, right? So far, bills have passed in No. Dakota, So. Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The original American protest was, of course, The Boston Tea Party, an honest dissent over the Tea Act, which allowed the East India Company to sell its tea at reduced cost, thus giving the British government-controlled company an effective monopoly. Unfortunately, a gang of double-digit IQs got together and formed a protest organization known today as the Tea Party, which bears no correlation to the original.

Ivanka Trump sent back to the kitchen

Ivanka Trump, snubbed by critics in replacing daddy at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, with the revelation that she was neither elected nor qualified to be there. Where have we heard this before? Most of Donald Trump’s appointed staff, including most cabinet members are unqualified. But they are billionaires so that is why they are there. The best example is Betsy DeVoss, Education Secretary. I did a quick comparison with Barack Obama’s administration and found startling differences; rather than list them, take a look at the following sites that will list them for you: AdvisersCabinet.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort becomes a goldmine

Donald Trump’s Florida resort and winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, although placed in a trust when he entered the White House, has surged in income with its new title to $37.3 million, up from $29.8 million before Trump became President. In keeping with the family’s goal for his presidency of advancing the Trump brand, the initiation fee was doubled to $200,000. Book royalties were also a large source of revenue yielding “…between $1 million and $5 million for Crippled America, published the year he launched his presidential bid. He may have “technically” turned over control of his assets to his sons but daddy will still benefit handsomely when he leaves the Oval Office.

Will California secede from U.S.?

You may need a passport to travel to California in the future if they keep banning travel to certain states over human rights issues. Eight states have currently been boycotted: Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota. California Attorney Gen. Xavier Becerra said, “We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate.” Is this a preliminary move toward secession by him saying, “We want nothing to do with these other states?” Austin Frank in this article makes an interesting comment, “While last year I was certain that the greatest divide of all was income and wealth, now I’m starting to believe politics is the greatest divide of all.”

Day one of the weekend roundup.

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