Pregnant woman shot at party, loses baby to gun violence

It happened about a week ago in a Cincinnati suburb and rated limited news coverage, as usual, due to the idiocy raging in both the White House and the U.S. Senate. A 21-year-old mother-to-be had a few friends and relatives over to her home to announce the coming birth of her new son. However, due to some typical gun violence perpetrated by Wayne LaPierre’s National Rifle Assn. (NRA), she lost her fetus after a gunshot in the thigh. A total of nine people were shot including three children ages 8, 6 and 2, and one woman was killed. It was two guys in hoodies busting in the front door with handguns who sprayed the group will gunfire. No one knows why.

Back in March, Cincinnati had another mass shooting at the Cameo Club where 17 people were shot and two died. In 2016, another mass shooting with eight people shot and killed in a close by area. It goes on and on and on but nothing is ever done about it. And we’re only talking about one city, Cincinnati. I just started a new book, “Confronting Gun Violence in America,” written Thomas Gabor, which is an excellent documentation of the issue of gun violence over the years with several insights into the many problems that surround it. Its publishing date is 2016 so there is no doubt that Gabor is right up to date with the latest facts and statistics.

As an example, the author feels the recent mass shootings in Aurora, Charleston, San Bernardino and Orlando, along with the normal daily exercises in gun violence, have been enough to awaken the general population to what is going on. My problem with that resolve is that the American public’s reaction is way short of the magnitude necessary to rattle the cages of a clueless Congress to the extent they get off their butts and pass meaningful gun control legislation. For this clueless state they’re in, which is entirely bogus since they really do know what is wrong, we can thank the NRA head, Wayne LaPierre, child killer extraordinaire. Congress is scared to death of this demon.

Noticeably, NRA’s Wayne LaPierre has no reply for protesters…

Gabor says most of us no longer hunt for food or need firearms to protect us from wildlife. We have laws to settle disputes, meaning duels are no longer necessary. And contrary to what the gun nuts say, guns are not necessary to protect us from the U.S. government, nor do I feel they are needed for everyday protection on the street. In the home, if you must, but they should remain there. Regardless of how Hollywood portrays it, or how LaPierre and his NRA minions would have you believe, the American frontier and Wild West did enforce prohibitions against carrying guns with disarmament routinely practiced where necessary. In other words, the NRA is full of shit.

Adam Winkler, Professor of constitutional law, who has written his own book, “Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America,” states that the Revolutionary era was marked by strict gun laws where firearms were strictly inspected and recorded by officials. Might we assume at this point that the Founding Fathers had this sort of concept in mind when they concocted the 2nd Amendment? Not Wayne LaPierre’s bizarre perception of putting as many guns on the streets as possible, claiming that will save lives when, in fact, it is proven that more guns in the marketplace results in more gun deaths.

With that, I will leave you with the following facts from Gabor’s book. The USA surpasses other nations by a wide margin both in the total number of guns and the number of guns owned relative to its population. The count in 2009 was 310 million guns, about one per person. With only 31% of U.S. households having a gun, I will let you do the math to determine just how many guns the typical gun nut owns. Way too many! The pregnant woman in Cincinnati just happened to come in contact with one of those millions of guns out there, and as a result her child was prevented from having the life he was meant to have. This is a pathetic situation that needs fixing!


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