NRA desperate to sell more guns

NRA blood money
NRA blood money

Gun sales down-NRA terrified

When gun sales go down, gun manufacturers are unhappy and that means they are less likely to pour more money into Wayne LaPierre’s pocket and the coffers of the National Rifle Assn, (NRA). So, to beef up sales, Donald Trump showed up at the NRA convention this last April in Atlanta, the first president to appear in more than thirty years, saying, “You are my friends, believe me.” The gun nuts went crazy and T-rump just solidified another faction of his primary demographic of uninformed voter. But, then, the NRA spent “…over $30 million to get him elected, making it one of the biggest pro-Trump groups.” So naturally, he’s in their back pocket.

Donald Trump to the rescue

It was thought that Hillary Clinton would draw the NRA vote, with Donald Trump having no real commitment to gun rights in the past. But with the selection of Tim Kaine for vice president, another gun-control supporter, the left was elated, but the NRA could see trouble coming, and went all out for Trump. It was the earliest presidential endorsement in the NRA’s history, according to The Nation publication. The gun industry’s dilemma was described as follows…

  • “The gun industry has been experiencing a dramatic decline in sales—which have declined 10 percent in the six months since Trump was elected compared with the same period last year—so this culture of fear is vital to gin up demand for guns as necessary self-defense accessories, thereby creating a new generation of buyers, and to garner support for radical new legislation that will put ‘good guys with guns’ virtually everywhere…”

Dana Loesch’s contemptible NRA video

NRA ramps up threats/fear to sell more guns

Without the threat of a Democrat in the White House, and with full control over both houses of Congress, LaPierre’s NRA had to create new intimidation for the American public and its membership. They’re doing it in two ways. First, a “…wave of permissive new NRA sponsored gun laws is now being written in Congress and statehouses nationwide.” The Nation has documented just how this could affect the U.S…

  • “…a nation already in the midst of a furious internal arms race will become saturated with even more weapons in even more public spaces. This year, there have been more than 7,407 gun deaths—almost 42 per day—and 168 mass shootings, including the recent attack on congressional Republicans practicing softball by a gunman who shot four people, including House majority whip Steve Scalise.”

This all can only perpetuate more gun violence since it would put more firearms on the street, which leads to more deaths by guns. Study after study has proven this, despite LaPierre’s perpetual chant that more guns means less gun violence. His ranting and raving isn’t supported by facts, only hyperbole, where the studies are all based on conclusive facts.

NRA membership buys anything LaPierre is selling

Second, the NRA specializes in fear. The kind it instills in its membership and the dim-witted American public that still believes less gun control is better. The kind of fear that will emerge from a special conference held at the NRA convention last April by Steve Tarani, gun nut extraordinaire, titled, “Current and Emerging Threats: How It Affects You!”—sponsored by the outdoor-supply store Cabela’s. The key word here is “Threats,” the connotation that the government or some other force will come to get their guns and take them away forever. While in most cases, this could be a good idea, however, one that won’t happen…at least not yet.

7.3 guns in every gun-owning household

But this kind of concealing rhetoric plies the minds of the double-digit gun nuts to run right out and buy more guns when there are already some 310 million on the street. Household gun ownership has dropped from 51% in 1978 to 36% in 2016, one of the figures that has panicked the National Rifle Assn., and sent its head Wayne LaPierre to the trenches to rattle the cages of its zombie-following membership. Just as a matter of record, only 42.5 million households out of 118.5 million have guns in the house, meaning these gun nuts own 7.3 guns per household. There are no viable figures available on assault weapon ownership, but based on popularity, we can assume it is high.

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