Sunday Political Roundup

Humans have generated one billion elephants worth of plastic

Plastic waste

How many elephants does it take to make a trash dump? In a recent global analysis of plastic production and use in the world, it was found that “Humans have generated one billion elephants worth of plastic.” What this amounts to in tonnage is 8.3 billion metric tons, also equal to 80 million blue whales, 822,000 Eiffel Towers, or 25-thousand Empire State buildings. This is as frightening as it is bizarre, because the question arises, what the hell do we do with it? Here’s another alarming fact, “…fish eat plastic in the ocean, we eat the fish and it creeps into every corner of the ecosystem – we end up slowly consuming more plastic both literally and figuratively.” Are we doomed?

LGBT activist Tim Gill: Punish Christians for persecution

It’s time to punish the wicked, but not the kind you think. Tim Gill, 63-year-old Colorado resident, made the statement in the course of his $400 million pro-LGBT social reform causes expressing his displeasure at the “religious right” who have made an issue out of same-sex marriage. Gill doesn’t think the 2015 Supreme Court ruling got the job done. In 2016, Gill set up a foundation known as the Gill Foundation and vows to “spend every last dollar in the foundation’s coffers in pursuit of full equality.” If this can be considered on a level with racism, well, how far have we come from the Civil Rights Law of 1964? Not very far.

Betsy DeVos adds ideologue nickname to idiot

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten really leveled on Trump’s education head, Betsy DeVos saying she was an “…“ideologue who wants to destabilize and privatize the public schools that millions of Americans value and rely upon.” DeVos, a billionaire, jumped right into her new job and began to talk the conservative talk, privatization. Trump and DeVos are pushing school choice but Weingarten said the term “choice” decades ago was “used to cloak overt racism by segregationist politicians like Harry Byrd, who launched the massive opposition to the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. It’s all about big business.

Liberals don’t like Trump or his supporters

I agree wholeheartedly with Aaron Blake of the Washington Post that, “Liberals don’t just hate President Trump; lots of them don’t even like the idea of being in the company of his supporters.” I’ve been there and they can be nice people until…the subject of T-rump comes up. Then, they turn into some kind of…thingamajig, yeah, that’s it thingamajig, or simply…baffling. I know educated people who believe in this man, some friends for years, yet, with the Trump label they have turned into something inexplainable. The WP documents a new Pew Research survey on the subject calling it the “…latest indicator of our remarkably tribal and partisan politics.”

If he dumps Mueller, impeach him

Donald Trump dumped FBI Dir. James Comey just when he was getting close to breaking the Russian investigation. Now he’s after Robert Mueller, the special investigator for T-rump’s Russian connections. If the Republican Congress allows this without initiating impeachment proceedings, partisan politics has finally replaced our democracy. On Saturday we find out Trump is launching “…an all-out assault on the federal investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. Mark Corallo, spokesman for Trump’s outside legal team resigned “…because of his discomfort with the president’s strategy of attacking Mueller’s integrity. Strange, the word integrity should come up.

Slimeball Senate head lies about his healthcare bill again

This is almost unbelievable but the Congressional Budget Office reports that under Mitch McConnell’s Senate healthcare bill, deductibles “…could get so high they’re actually more than the poorest Americans earn.” Once again, bottom-feeder McConnell has lied to the American public because “Obamacare guards against this by setting a limit on how much people can spend on healthcare on out-of-pocket expenses.” The higher deductibles my make sense for those in middle income and higher brackets, but for those at or below the poverty level, it can be a back breaker. This is just one more in a string of lies spun by Mitch McConnell to sell his  Better Care Reconciliation Act. Pathetic!

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