ALEC rears its ugly head again

ALEC makes plans to destroy America

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), is one of the scummiest right-wing organizations in the country, and they have brought their claptrap to Denver, for a convention to plan just how the GOP can fuck up the U.S. even more than it is now, if that is possible. This group pours money into state legislatures with the intent of getting their conservative legislation passed, and for years it has worked because many of the states are stocked with Republicans stemming from the regime of George W. Bush with Karl Rove being one of the architects. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has been working in state grassroots recently and it’s beginning to pay off.

Christians? Don’t think so

ALEC bills itself as “conservative Christians,” which is so laughable it isn’t even funny. The last definition of a Christian that I remember reading said something about wanting to help others. Republicans only want to help themselves along with the wealthy and large corporations. A good example of this is a comment made by one of the members in Denver who said there was a “restlessness” after the U.S. Senate couldn’t pass the repeal of Obamacare. That would have taken away the healthcare for up to 32 million Americans, but would have poured money into the coffers of businesses in the healthcare industry.

But ALEC is not without its opponents and many of them are very visible at the convention, making it clear how they feel about the organization…

  • “ALEC’s secretive corporate lobbying flies in the face of how democracy is supposed to work,” Elena Nunez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause, said in a statement. “Voters may not know who ALEC is, but they have been very influential in Colorado.”

Here is what ALEC is all about…

There is also another protest going on against Betsy DeVoss with this comment from one of the delegates…

  • “All of the legislators in this room know this — there will be someone who will try to silence you at some point in time,” said Republican state Sen. Leah Vukmir of Wisconsin. “So while they’re out there exercising their free speech, we’re in here protecting their rights to that free speech.”

Most American teachers detest DeVoss

Yeah, right, this time downright ludicrous. The “free speech” these bottom feeders are fighting for is the right for the GOP to spread its poisonous venom throughout the USA. One teacher drove up to Denver from Pueblo for the purpose of letting everyone know what she thought of the Secretary of Education. “My biggest fear is (DeVos) is going to destroy the public education system completely,” she said. And here is yet another outrageous comment direct from the mouth of one of the ALEC members…

  • “ALEC doesn’t tell conservative legislators what to do, contrary to what we’ve seen in the media,” Coffman said, calling the assertion “laughable.”

No ALEC vote – No ALEC money

No, let’s look at that absurd statement. ALEC may not always come right out with ‘you do this or that,’ but you can bet if the legislator in question doesn’t vote within ALEC’s guidelines, said legislator will find his or her supply of contributions from the organization cut off immediately. A Democratic state Senator from Colorado “…chastised DeVos and the Trump administration.” And in the demonstration…

  • “Signs portrayed DeVos as a bizarro Robin Hood, comparing her support for charter school voucher programs to taking from poor public schools to give the rich.”

ALEC as covered in the past

Let me leave you with two articles I have done in past posts on ALEC. The first, “Corporate stampede to dump ALEC – Do your part today.” And number two, “The ALEC conspiracy broadens.” In both cases you can easily see what a bogus organization it is, especially since it is connected to the Koch Bros.


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