Saturday Political Roundup

Should you or shouldn’t you? VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS

The vitamin supplement business is around $5 billion a year, and has a powerful lobby. Regulations are limited because “…dietary supplements are not considered drugs, thus they are not required to undergo clinical trials or obtain approval from the FDA prior to sale, unless the product is labeled as intended for therapeutic use.” This, according to the Center of Injury Research and Policy, reported on CBS. 70% of the calls involve children under six swallowing unattended supplements with more than 12,300 cases causing serious medical complications. Personally, I was told by a doctor supplements could interact negatively with certain prescription drugs. So, BUYER BEWARE.

Donald Trump’s 27% chance

A poll by USA Today and iMediaEthics, discovered that only 27% of the American public think Donald Trump “definitely will complete” his four-year term. And this is only six months into his presidency, one that has proven repeatedly that he is not fit for the Oval Office. 13% said he definitely will not complete it, and 10% of those are Republicans. ” Nearly 70 percent of Democrats say Trump should be impeached, as do 36 percent of independents and 15 percent of Republicans.” A bill for impeachment has been introduced by a California Democrat but it isn’t likely to go anywhere in a Republican House. But one can only hope and it’s obvious many Americans are.

Unrest in the State Department

What do you expect when your selection criteria is  limited to “millionaire.” minimum? Billionaires also welcome. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson says he isn’t resigning but there are reports that he is thinking about it. Tillerson insiders have indicated he is losing patience with Donald Trump, and also after he discovered he “violated U.S. sanctions against Russia while he was CEO of Exxon-Mobile.” Additionally, the head of the State Department’s diplomatic security bureau , acting Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Bill Miller, has resigned. It’s time for the Washington Post to do its thing comparing Trump resignations and firings with Pres. Obama’s administration.

Another “”hot mic” goof with a Donald Trump connection

Sen. Jack Reed-Sen. Susan Collins
Sen. Jack Reed-Sen. Susan Collins

First it was a tape with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood.” Donald Trump clearly brags on the tape, about being able “…to ‘grab’ women ‘by the p—y’ because “when you’re a star they let you do it.” This was in the throes of T-rump’s steady parade of offensive comments about women just before the election. So why did 42% of women vote for him? Well, the latest hot mic involves the womanizer but in a different light. It was caught in the Senate where Rep. Sen. Jack Reed says about Trump, “I think he’s crazy.” Rep. Sen. Susan Collins followed with, “I’m worried.” Two top GOP Senators are concerned over the mental stability of the U.S. President. Sounds like a great idea for a novel.

Even the Boy Scouts reject Donald Trump

The President of the United States is asked to speak to the Boy Scouts of America to issue an uplifting speech about the future of our country, but instead Donald Trump spews a political diatribe that prompts the organization to distance itself from him. Is there any organization this man hasn’t offended or outright demeaned? He criticized prominent Democrats, blasted “fake news” and “fake polls,” and characterized Obamacare as “a horrible thing… that’s really hurting us” According to ThinkProgress, he even “conflated his politics with the values and work of the Scouts.” He was condemned by current and former Boy Scouts. It gets more pathetic every day.


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