Sunday Political Roundup

Lawmakers put Trump in his place

Okay, here’s the summary from The Washington Post: Congress “…passed legislation to stop him from lifting sanctions on Russia. They recoiled at his snap decision to ban transgender Americans from the military. And they warned him in no uncertain terms not to fire the attorney general or the special counsel investigating the president and his aides.” Rep. Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa said he wouldn’t hold hearings to replace Jeff Sessions and would seek legislation to prevent Trump from firing Robert Mueller. Not an all-out mutiny yet but Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comment was provocative saying T-rump has gone, “…way beyond what’s acceptable in a rule-of-law nation.”

Reince Priebus fired because…who the hell knows?

Is it because he’s had run-ins with Donald Trump loyalists, the most recent the new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci? U.S. News says his downfall has been predicted from the beginning; said he had nine lives. He’ll be replaced with Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, according to The Washington Post. Priebus was considered an “establishment Republican” by other T-rump advisers where there has been “friction with some of Trump’s inner-circle loyalists.” Was Priebus fired because of the failure of Trump’s healthcare plans, or is it the fact that Trump’s complete agenda has gone nowhere so far? Kelly says he can fix it but I seriously doubt it.

They’re already asking for Mitch McConnell’s head

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

And I hope they get it, on a silver platter. Mo Brooks, a Republican congressman from Alabama who is running for a Senate seat said, “If I were Mitch McConnell, I would resign,” commenting further blaming the “…party’s internal dysfunction squarely on McConnell.” Precisely what my thoughts have been for years. Anyone who would pursue the repeal of Obamacare just because he admittedly hates Barack Obama is not fit to be a U.S. Senator. And all of this at a time when 53% of the American public want to keep the program. McConnell has conducted his slimy politics for as long as I can remember. Now is the time to rid the Senate of this sleazeball.

Blue Dog Coalition back and planning to win

They are a part of the Democratic Caucus that has been quiet since Republicans swept the House in 2010. Both moderate and conservative, they claim their ideology is the key to success in 2018. As a minority in the Democratic coalition–only 18 members–they are in competition with the centrist New Democrat Coalition which claims 61 members and more liberal. Rep. Keith Ellison, a leading Progressive and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee said, “I just don’t buy the premise that being on the right side of the Democratic Party makes you more advantageous, more attractive to voters, than being on the left side of the Democratic Party.” I agree!

Poor baby Trump didn’t get his way on healthcare bill

In lieu of the repeal of Obamacare, Donald Trump has, “…threatened to end federal subsidies for healthcare insurance for Congress as well as the rest of the country.” This maniac is beginning to sound like Mitch McConnell, who also went down in flames in this ridiculous battle against…Barack Obama. The former President must be looking back now and marveling over how such a conglomeration of morons can make such a mess of the country he had managed to pull out of the depths of Republican chaos. Experts say, “Such a move could cause havoc and much higher premiums in insurance markets.” All to appease the Oval Office lunatic.

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