Day: August 2, 2017

Wednesday Political Roundup

Someone just took a big bite out of Apple

The Apple computer system that the company claimed couldn’t be invaded by a virus was…invaded by a virus. According to ARS Technica, Mac computers have been infected for up to ten years. The rational I have heard for ages was that there were just too few Macs in the market for the hackers to bother. Having always been a PC user, I could only snicker at the news. With at least 400 infections, the malware dubbed Fruitfly was able to delve into the Mac OS with little trouble.¬†Patrick Wardle, a researcher with security firm Synack said,¬†“This shows that there are people who are sick in the head who are attacking everyday Mac users for insidious goals.” Welcome to the club.

Trump threatens voter healthcare

Donald T-rump has his feelings hurt when the Republican Congress couldn’t repeal Obamacare, and he plans to take all his healthcare goodies and go back to Trump Tower. Those goodies are bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of Congress. Since the insurance bailouts–about $600 million a month–help moderate and low-income families, he could care less. But screwing with Congress could put the Oval Office lunatic one step closer to impeachment. He keeps talking about The Affordable Care Act imploding–which is far from reality–I have been talking about Donald Trump imploding since he entered the White House.

Donald Trump-The stupid bully

The law enforcement assn. listened to Donald’s Trump’s advice to be rough with people they arrest and reacted with disdain in the form of statements that said diplomatically that their, “…”priority has been and continues to be building relationships and trust with the community we serve. As a police department we are committed to helping people,not harming them.” That a quote from the Boston PD. It all stems from the 2016 election campaign when T-rump used his bully pulpit to incite violence against protesters. A Birmingham, Alabama man was allegedly injured and has filed changes against Trump.

Large insurance companies cry indigence from Obamacare but are making millions

Mitch McConnell went down in flames in the latest Obamacare repeal but there are rumbles over making another attempt. And there will once again be opposition from a greedy iinsurance industry that has unsuccessfully tried to convince the American public that Obamacare is bad. What it has been bad for is their bulging profits as you will see from this article in Consumer Affairs: “Health insurance industry rakes in billions while blaming Obamacare for losses.” Insurance companies are screaming about their losses which “…ignores the record-breaking profits and compensation packages that health insurers continue to collect.” Give em hell Bernie!

Maricopa County, Arizona’s former Joe Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt

I have personally witnessed this man for years defy judges’ rulings that he must refrain from “…racially profiling Latinos during patrols and turning them over to federal immigration authorities.” It was so obvious but Arpaio was so revered in this state that he continued to get away with it. That is until the last the election in November when he lost to Paul Penzone. It was downhill from there with the legal system but Arpaio continues to enjoy support from the public. The one thing I will give the former sheriff is the way he cared about animals. His MASH unit where my wife worked as a volunteer is legend around animal lovers.