Phoenix woman mercilessly murders 10-year-old cousin

State of Arizona children die violent deaths

Regular summer Arizona event
Regular summer Arizona event

Arizona is known for killing its children; by drowning them, shooting them, and through violent abuse in the home. A Republican Governor and legislature doesn’t give a shit about the children of this state as evidenced in how they treat their education. Arizona is ranked 43rd in education in the U.S. and as a resident I know the conservative government focuses on two factions: One, protecting the wealthy, and there is plenty of this; Two, passing out tax breaks to large corporations. When all is said and done, the legislature along with Gov. Doug Ducey get that idiotic grin on their faces and say, looks like we’re going to have to cut education.

Arizona parents are also at fault

I am not placing all the blame on lawmakers; believe me, we have some of the stupidist parents in this state, it is no doubt we have so many child deaths. Twenty-four kids drowned in Arizona swimming pools in 2016, and the 2017 season is already well on its way with at least five I have heard of already. The state of Arizona is famous for the fact that its child drowning rate is twice the rest of the nation. Here are the lame excuses: thought someone else was watching them; only out of my sight for two minutes; drinking and lost track; big party and no one paying any attention. This is your child, you dumb ass, what the hell were you thinking?

Punished because they are minority or disabled

The above includes all children, no matter their race. A new report out proves “…some Phoenix-area parents have suspected for years: Certain schools punish minority students and students with disabilities at disproportionately high rates. Latino students are six times more likely to be suspended than white students in charter high schools. In district schools, K-12 students with disabilities are twice as likely to be suspended than their peers without disabilities,” the report says. There are even more startling facts…

  • “Certain schools punish minority students and students with disabilities at disproportionately high rates.
    Black students are eight times more likely to be suspended from charter high schools than their white counterparts, according to the report.

One black mother’s experience

We get rid of Russell Pearce, who ramrodded the SB-1070 Immigration bill and who is known as Arizona’s top bigot, then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who singled out Hispanics to arrest because…they were Hispanic. The ACLU is investigating the circumstances, but in one case a black, middle-income mother from Peoria found that the Great Hearts charter school was an environment where some wealthy, white students didn’t think a black, middle-income kid belonged. The head master followed the same scenario that the above report cited in disciplining minorities. And the state agency charged with looking after children has been a dismal failure…for years.

Samantha Allen sentenced to death

Amy deal lived and died a horrible violent life and death

Ame Deal
Ame Deal

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that 10-year-old Ame Deal met such a violent death at the hands of members of her family when she was locked in a small plastic storage bin as punishment for taking a Popsicle without permission. Amy was simply trying to cool off from…

  • “…frequently getting locked in the footlocker, being forced to eat dog feces, getting beaten with a wooden paddle her family referred to as a “butt buster,” being forced to sleep in a shower stall with no pillow or blankets, getting forced to do “back bends” for hours, and having hot sauce shoved in her mouth.”

Samantha Allen gets death penalty-Husband next

Samantha Allen
Samantha Allen

Ame Deal was living in a filthy house in Phoenix under the guardianship of her grandmother, 62-year-old Judith Deal, her aunt, Cynthia Stolzmann, and her cousin and her husband, John and Samantha Allen, each 23. The Allens have been charged with first-degree murder because they admittedly locked Deal in the footlocker the night she died; Samantha Allen was convicted and is facing the death sentence, her husband will be tried next. In the Phoenix New Times, when Phoenix Sergeant Trent Crump was asked if he had ever seen anything more “horrific.” His reply, “simply put, no. It makes you sick to your stomach.”

Read the article if you have the stomach.


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