Saturday Political Roundup

Alcoholism is back

The overindulgence in booze has risen an appalling amount of 49% in adults 18 plus. The Washington Post reports that “12.7 percent of the U.S. population now meets diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder.” Excessive drinking can cause, “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, liver cirrhosis, several types of cancer and infections, pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes, and various injuries.” I quit 35 years ago and have never looked back, and my liver, thankfully, is still in good shape. There are eleven characteristics to help you to determine if you have an alcohol dependence if that concerns you. I urge you to read the article.

No landslide for the left in 2018 and 2020

Bernie Sanders has been going non-stop lately and Elizabeth Warren just did a speech with the progressive Netroots Nation group, just one of her 2017 drives against Donald Trump. She’s out there because 80% of the Democratic Party puts corporations ahead of American citizens, only 10% lower than Republicans, with the message that if the Progressives are allowed more control, that will change. They can’t count on Trump’s low approval rating of 38% nor the fact that the GOP has “…concluded one of the least productive first six months of a new presidency.” The question is will Progressive voters step up and do their job? So far, the jury is out.

Another shooting-Just another day

A man fatally shoots three people at the Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin and is still on the loose. Probably no one paid any attention but the victims’ families, the police and the shooter. Certainly not a dim-witted Congress that has apparently put gun violence on the back burner and which completely ignores the fact that 93 people die each day from gun violence, 222 are shot but survive, according to the Brady Campaign. The numb-nuts in Congress ignore these facts because Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Assn., tells them to. Otherwise, they will be looking for a job after the next election. What a way to run a country.

More ammunition for Robert Mueller investigation

As late as March one of Trump’s campaign advisers e-mailed associates re. meetings with Russian leadership, including Vladimir Putin. This adviser with Russian contacts said to the Trump team that the Soviets were anxious to “…discuss US-Russia ties under President Trump,” according to e-mails received by the Washington Post. Red flags were apparently raised by T-rump’s buddies, who found that George Papadopoulos, the adviser starting the dialogue and of little experience in foreign affairs, was working completely alone, and without direction. It is all very strange at this low level, but the question is what will Robert Mueller make of it?

Steve Bannon fired-Now wait for the white nationalists backlash

What has become a regular weekly event, Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon, the guy who helped direct his white nationalists supporters to step up to the voting booth and push the Trump button. Not only are they probably gone as supporters, they could very well turn into adversaries. Bannon, himself even admitted to this. New chief of staff John Kelly did this in a move to help establish more cohesion in the White House, and the House Freedom Caucus lamented that “…there was anger and doubt that anyone left in the White House shares their appetite for political confrontation. I’d say that’s a plus in itself.


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