Sunday Political Roundup

Getting serious on global warming

A new research study has found that global warming has been going on longer than we thought and is more severe than we thought coming to the conclusion that there is only a 5 percent chance that we can avoid “dangerous” global warming. Most people take this lightly where Republicans repudiate it altogether. Donald Trump is an aggressive critic of climate change and EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, “…is an outspoken climate change skeptic, who does not believe carbon dioxide is a major factor in global warming.” That pretty much says it all for government, meaning we must get rid of Trump and a Republican Congress to save this country from burning up.

Barack Obama saves the day for Charlottesville

It is so refreshing when a sane, level-headed mind speaks up in times of violence and bloodshed, especially when it is someone like Barack Obama. His Charlottesville tweet taken from Nelson Mandela should have had a chilling effect on racists and white nationalists. Here it is: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” Twitter said immediately that it was “… now the most liked Tweet ever.” Wow! But I wouldn’t go to Vegas with bets on how many bigots this converted. It’s been going on too long and I am somewhat skeptical that we can ever stop it. Only hope, I guess.

How low can Donald Trump go?

Let’s see, how long did it take Donald Trump to renounce the neo-Nazis and racists? Three days, and only then after a blitzkrieg of criticism from the public and the media. And then when he did talk, the Washington Post described it “downright ugly.” He stood in the Trump Tower of power and greed and exclaimed that the opposition protesters were as bad as the white nationalists, one of which drove his car into a crowd and killed a woman. The nation froze, realizing that T-rump had just uttered the inconceivable, something you would only expect a dictator to say…like Adolph Hitler. If Paul Ryan is the problem get rid of him and dump Trump.

White supremacist deserves whatever happens to him

That may be hard for some to take but someone was killed as a result of their demonstration so, ‘hey slimeball, you’re on your own.’ The lowlife was Chris Cantwell who was filmed during the violence in Charlottesville, then sat down with reporters for interviews. In one of these he bragged about how he would use violence if necessary, stating, “We’re not non-violent. We’ll (expletive) kill people if we have to.” And now the poor baby fears for his life. This is the kind of miscreant that was at Charlottesville, and will be at other white nationalists protests around the country. What is so unnerving is the fact that this group is a supporter of the Oval Office lunatic.

Phoenix Mayor doesn’t want Donald Trump in his city

The mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, Greg Stanton, “…urged President Trump to delay a campaign-style rally set for the city next week…” Surprised we haven’t heard any flak from T-rump, even more so since Stanton is a Democrat. Of course, in this state Stanton is surrounded by Republican radicals, the kind who okay guns in bars and other public places. The mayor also thinks Trump might just use the occasion to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I do believe that Stanton’s concerns are well founded since we have one of the biggest collection of gun nuts in the country, any one of which can buy a gun with one requirement, he has a warm body.

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