Trump is visiting Phoenix, Arizona…Why?

Phoenix Mayor doesn’t want Trump here

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton doesn't want Trump
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton doesn’t want Trump

Greg Stanton, Phoenix’s Democratic mayor, asked Donald Trump to delay his trip to the city until the reactions from the Charlottesville demonstration violence had subsided. So far T-rump plans to be in Phoenix today. There is another reason for coming, which is the pardoning of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio that could also have the effect of shoring up his faltering base. Pardoning Arpaio, however, could prompt demonstrations by Hispanics, both in Arizona and across the country. I have lived in this state for almost twenty-five years, and know how Arpaio is revered by many, but I also know how he is despised by many more.

At least former Sheriff Joe Arpaio loved animals

A lot of what the former sheriff initiated has been discarded like the dreaded Latino profiling that got him thrown out of office, the pink undershorts, and the infamous tent city, where inmates were confined outside in triple digit heat during the summer months. The one thing he is famous for is his animal MASH unit that took in strays of all kinds and housed them in the closed First Street jail. It was air conditioned, giving you an idea of where Arpaio’s priorities were. This you can’t take from the man; my wife worked there as a volunteer teaching female inmates how to help the animals with Tellington T-Touch to improve their quality of life.

Jeff Flake leaves country during Trump visit to Arizona

During all this there has been one person in Arizona that doesn’t want Trump here. That would be the state’s junior Senator, Jeff Flake, who has been at odds with Trump for some time. I never agree with Flake because I think he is the same do-nothing Senator as the one he replaced, Jon Kyl. But I am in favor of the fact that Flake has resisted Trump from the beginning, not supporting him in his campaign and not voting for him. For that, he has received the fury of Donald Trump from the start, and now the wrath of the Republican Party threatening him that this opposition could lead to him losing his election in 2018.

GOP threatens Flake for opposing Trump

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel reminded Flake of the two Republicans that didn’t support Trump last year that lost. She added, the message from the grass roots is, “Congress needs to support this president.” That will be somewhat hard to do if they eventually decide to impeach him. This all is so ludicrous with these two factions fighting, neither of which has accomplished anything in their political careers, and the American public ends up the loser. Trump’s record is open to the public but Flake…as an example he voted against expanded and improved Medicare and sponsored a bill aimed against consumer Internet privacy. A real gent.

Arizona Representative will lead protest against Trump

Arizona representative Raúl Grijalva has announced that he will lead a counter protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center today, while President Donald Trump talks to supporters inside. Grijalva described T-rump as “unhinged” following the President’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville. The representative commented further on You Tube…

  • “This president is indeed unhinged and his comments yesterday emboldened, (and) gave justification to people who fundamentally go against the values of this nation.”

Jeff Flake has his Arizona Mormon base

If it comes down to a war of words, in which I don’t think either man has the intellect to compete. One thing the Senator has going for him is his Mormon base in Arizona, and Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigrants might remind them of a ban on Mormon immigration in 1879, because they were then openly practicing and defending polygamy. Arizona’s senior Senator, John McCain broke with Trump but still won his election, but his strength far outweighs Flake’s. Deedra Abboud, a Phoenix attorney and community activist, announced she will run in the 2018 election against whoever the Republican opponent is.

Will Donald Trump get solidly behind Kelli Ward in Phoenix, or…

Trump is promoting Kelli Ward who lost to McCain in the 2016 primary. The difference here is that Jeff Flake is a much weaker candidate than was McCain. Ward is a strong Trump supporter and expects Trump to really pump some steam into her campaign today. This all adds up to an interesting day with Donald Trump once again going before his misinformed voting misfits that seem to heavily populate this state. The sane ones of us here on the left don’t want any violence, but I can tell you Arizona has its share of neo-Nazis and white nationalists; our Police Chief says she is ready for anything. I wonder if that includes Donald Trump?



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