The Slime (Koch) Bros. avoid Trump

Slime of the Koch Bros. covering country…

New Chief of Staff, John Kelly, may have calmed Donald Trump’s use of Twitter somewhat, but the Koch/Slime Bros. are still distancing themselves from him. These two guys, Charles and David, actually believe that T-rump’s “unorthodox behavior” could damage their reputation. This is the most preposterous thing I have heard coming from a conservative in a long time. They have done more damage to this country in the name of conservatism than anyone…until Donald Trump, of course. The Kochs are deviously shrewd, with the money to back it up whereas Trump is just plain stupid. This nation, perhaps, will never fully recover from the harm done by the Kochs.

The Koch fungus threatens GOP on tax reform…

This collection of conservatives called Americans for Prosperity and headed by the billionaire Kochs is after an overhaul of the tax code that will benefit only the wealthy and large corporations like Koch Industries. They are taking it out on the Republican Congress now for not repealing Obamacare, and they know this failure ‘raises the stakes on tax reform.” They claim they are not threatening GOP lawmakers but just the meetings AFP has held throughout the country is enough to instill fear in any conservative politician up for reelection. And if the ordinary American can’t see what this is doing to their status, well, you’re as stupid as Donald Trump.

Here is Republican Florida Sen. Nancy Detert putting the Americans for Prosperity scumbags in their place…


One thought on “The Slime (Koch) Bros. avoid Trump”

  1. Isn’t it amazing that even the slime ball Koch Brothers don’t want anything whatsoever to do with Trump? (that’s gotta sting a bit for trump)

    That alone should give his followers a clue that, just maybe, their man has lost his hinges and is about to come lose from the door frame.


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