Is military White House consolidation of power pre-coup?

Is military coup possible, even likely?

A Washington Post headline might make one think that a military coup could be in the making in Donald Trump’s administration: “Military leaders consolidate power in Trump administration.” The term used by the WP for their presence was “ubiquitous,” which, of course, means found everywhere, especially at the same time. T-rump has surrounded himself with billionaires and current and retired generals, and it would appear that he is at least listening to the latter, considering General John Kelly has tamed his Twitter use. Five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are also credited with taking a more forceful condemnation of hate on Charlottesville that Trump.

Battlefield commanders in control at White House

Military¬†battlefield commanders include White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster. So far, the trio has T-rump’s ear establishing a relationship where he, at least, has confidence in their judgment. Critics consider them the first calming effect of the Oval Office. The question is whether the generals will be able to control Donald Trump to at least follow reasonable advice. Or will it be necessary for these generals to take control of a deteriorating administration, taking over a failing government, and institute military control? It’s happened all over the world and with less crazy leaders than Donald Trump.

Generals have pact to closely supervise Trump…


2 thoughts on “Is military White House consolidation of power pre-coup?”

  1. If you haven’t read Ian Kershaw’s series about Adolph Hitler, you should at least buy the first of the set and read it. it’s a bit of a slow read, but the similarities, circumstances and most importantly, behavior of Trump is nothing short of heart-stopping startling.

    Kershaw doesn’t write like most other writers do about Hitler do. Instead, he points to the nation’s economic and political atmosphere at the time that gave rise to Hitler, not Hitler’s ability to seek out his position.

    If you recall, the Versailles Treaty had Germany in a serious economic bind and there was a massive nationalist movement in Germany to tell the world what they could do with the treaty.

    Hitler, in a completely unplanned effort was propelled to his position by the nation’s atmosphere. They thought they were placing their faith in a populist, only to have him turn out to be a fascist dictator with a huge ultra right-wing support that became the Nazi Party.

    Some eerily, and very uncomfortable similarities between 1930s Germany and 2017 U.S.


  2. I think, the moment Trump decides to use nukes on N. Korea will be the moment his generals take over the WH.

    Trump is utterly oblivious to the impact his behavior has upon the world and that would still be an issue when it comes to war, be it N. Korea, China, or Russia.

    Trump has been so extremely sheltered by his elitist lifestyle, he’s clueless of the geopolitical situation. He sees the world as some remote place that has no impact on him personally. I seriously doubt he even understands how vital global economics effects the nation or him personally, so he wouldn’t hesitate for a second to “try” to issue commands to nuke N. Korea.

    And, that’ll be precisely the moment we become a military state.


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