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Democratic Socialism and the Democratic Party

Democratic Socialists number 25,000

Democratic Socialists have just announced that they have 25,000 members, while the Democratic Party is still lamenting the loss of a ridiculous number of Governors and state legislatures to the Republicans during the tenure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the Democratic National Committee. It was Bernie Sanders’ ideology that brought many of these 25,000 on board. This is all happening at a time when Donald Trump’s favorability is plummeting and the Republican Congress hasn’t produced one piece of meaningful legislation in a seven-month period where they literally have owned the U.S. government.

Some of the Progressive agenda

You have to ask the question: What could Progressives have done in that period of time? Rather than trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they would have worked on ways to improve it. They would have reached across the aisle and come up with immigration reform. Progressives would raise the debt ceiling reasonably without threatening a closure of the government. They would pass a $15.00 minimum wage. They would push republicans in their fight against income inequality and generally improve the middle class. A free college education for all and make the elimination of poverty a priority. And pass reasonable gun control. There are more, of course.

Democrats lose significantly at state and local levels

In the meantime, the West Virginia Governor switched Parties to Republican, once again reminding Democrats of their complete failure at the state and local levels. Here are the overwhelming facts…

  • “Republicans now hold 34 of the 50 governorships, tying the record for the most ever for the GOP. Democrats, who at the beginning of the Obama presidency held 28 governorships, have seen their ranks dwindle to just 15. At some point over the past decade, according to the Republican Governors Association, there has been a Republican governor in 46 of the 50 states.”

Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism…

But here come the mid-terms

It becomes even more unbalanced when you include state legislatures in the mix. “According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Republicans now hold the governor’s office and control of the legislature in 25 states.” The Dems have the total control in only six states. We can expect GOP losses during mid-terms both due to the fact Trump is a new president and also because his popularity has plummeted taking many of his supporters with it. Add to that the fact that the Republican Congress has gone nowhere, the stakes are high in 2018 and the momentum appears to be with the left.

We Progressives aren’t Democrats’ enemy

But the problem still exists where Democrats consider Progressives their enemy, there to tear down, not build up. And Salon’s Keith Spencer even said, “Peter Daou [Clinton adviser] is wrong when he says that Berniecrats are hijacking the party.” I agree and taking that further, what the Bern is really looking for is some cooperation from Democrats in order for the two factions to work out acceptable ideology that can get voter approval. Is that asking too much Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi? But hanging with what used to work seems to be their choice, which is exactly what the party did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and lost miserably to…a Donald Trump.

Berniecrats are shaping their ideology

25,000 may not sound like much but when you consider the odds under which this membership has built, it is a giant step in the Progressive movement. Democratic Socialists are the core group from which the Berniecrats can shape their ideology, and my gut tells me that for every new Democratic Socialist there is one new Progressive. I base this on the fact that currently there is one Progressive for every Democratic voter in the U.S. There is no doubt that Bernie Sanders kicked off a revolution that has gained strong legs and is of concern to both Democrats and Republicans. Now if we can only get the Democrats on our side.



How soon can we dump Mitch McConnell?

How did McConnell win

His current Senate term is up in 2020, and he barely won the last election. A reporter says

  • “I’m continuously baffled by his appeal in Kentucky, because the most dyed-in-the-wool Republican would have trouble identifying anything he’s done for the commonwealth. Mitch’s only interests appear to be money and power, both for himself and the Republican Party.”

Angela Stockton wraps up the Mitch McConnell profile in two words, “money” and “power.” Either the people of Kentucky–my birth state, unfortunately–are completely stupid, don’t read the papers nor watch TV, or the voting system is fixed and also under the control of McConnell. I go with the latter.


Most disliked member of Senate…probably ever

This from my February 2017 post

“There are several terms used for Mitch McConnell, the most disliked member of the U.S. Senate, but “condescending prick” in The Daily Banter is perhaps one of the best. My favorite is asshole, which is described in the dictionary as, a stupid, mean, or contemptable person. That certainly works for me. But get this, in Kentucky, Rand Paul, the state’s other Senator, has an approval rank of 51%, McConnell only 40%.

“Even Breitbart, an alt-right publication, says he is the most unpopular U.S. Senator with a 52% disapproval rating, only 38% approve. The man is a disgrace to this country.”




Line up a firing squad for McConnell

I did a post back in April exclaiming that Mitch McConnell deserves the firing squad. Here’s how the post went…

“Can you imagine the line that would form to take up a gun in the shooting party? There’s Chuck Schumer to start with, then Elizabeth Warren followed by Barack Obama, most recently John McCain, and most notably himself, if he could be two places at once. There are more, many that hide their real feeling for this political mutant, because he is so powerful and has absolutely no qualms about what he does.

Sen. Chuck Schumer berates McConnell

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “No majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the Senate.” He added…

“Breaking the rules to change the rules is un-American. I just hope the majority leader thinks about his legacy, the future of his party, and, most importantly, the future of our country before he acts.”


Mitch McConnell video “Dikipedia”…

Home state newspaper asks McConnell…Why?

Well, the “head obstructionist” didn’t and the last we heard was that there were still rumbles of repeal and replace for Obamacare. One of Kentucky’s own newspapers, the Louisville  Courier-Journal said it best

“Eight years wasted.

Think about how much better off we all would be if during the last eight years the Republicans worked across the aisle to refine Affordable Care Act, crafting improvements that everyone – including Democratic lawmakers – felt were needed. We might have a much better health care system now that would move us forward towards the humane, and very American, goal of affordable and accessible health care for all.

Mitch: I really don’t understand why. You could have been a real hero in all this. What about the people.”

Eileen Arnold

It’s a given. Mitch McConnell must go!

California passes health bill U.S. Congress should follow

Yes…That’s Mitch McConnell

The California Senate has sent to the House Assembly a Universal Health Care bill that will cover every Californian. Shades of Bernie Sanders who ran for President on the same issue, a health care plan that would have covered all Americans. He lost in the Democratic primary, and Hillary Clinton failed miserably in her attempt to beat Donald Trump. It was Trump’s intent from the beginning to dump the Affordable Care Act with the help of Senate head, Mitch McConnell who provokes the following comments on the Internet…

Why does everyone hate Mitch McConnell?
It’s hard not to hate Mitch McConnell.
People like Bernie Sanders, hate Mitch McConnell.
Obama Obstruction Has Made Mitch McConnell America’s Most Hated Politician.
Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator.

These comments come from a number of news sources reflecting the opinions of voters throughout the United States, many in McConnell’s district. And the list goes on and on, but with one constant denominator, Mitch McConnell is despicable. I wouldn’t dwell on this issue except that it is this contemptible man that is trying to destroy Obamacare and replace it with a health care system that favors the wealthy, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and the average insured individual be damned. And this is because Mitch McConnell, a known racist, hated Barack Obama. It’s the little man’s way of getting back at the former President who won his second term in spite of McConnell’s hate campaign.

California’s new health care system will be a government run program replacing the Affordable Healthcare Act, or whatever a Republican Congress comes up with. “Senate Bill 562 will finally enable California to cover all of its residents, creating a healthier and stronger state,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, in the Sacramento Bee. Here’s further description…

“Under the plan, government would negotiate prices with doctors, hospitals and other providers, acting as the ‘single payer’ for everyone’s health care in the place of insurance companies. All Californians would receive coverage regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.”

There is considerable concern over how to pay for the California plan and, “Cost has been an insurmountable road block for similar attempts to create a universal health care system in California in the past.” It has been estimated by Amherst researchers, commissioned by The California Nurses Association, that the cost could be $331 billion, but less than the $400 billion the Senate forecast in May. The nurses also came up with…

“…$225 billion in existing federal and state funding used for health coverage for low-income Californians, as well as other tax subsides, to help pay the tab.”

Lawmakers themselves suggest creating…

“…two new taxes in the state: a 2.3 percent gross tax on businesses revenue above $2 million and a 2.3 percent general sales tax on everything except housing, utilities, groceries and other necessities.”

So far, all the moves seem the very least that can be done to insure that all the citizens of California are covered for health care. But, this all runs counter to the move by the GOP to dump Obamacare and thrust their own version of health care on the American public. However, even fellow Republicans have put a hitch in Mitch McConnell’s plans in a report by The Hill

“The Senate healthcare bill had a rocky rollout on Thursday as Republican senators complained it doesn’t do enough to repeal ObamaCare or lower healthcare costs.”

Some on the radical right of the Senate think the new bill does not go far enough in anti-Obamacare changes. Moderates, on the other hand are “…concerned about the bill’s impact on constituents enrolled in Medicaid.” Susan Collins, another moderate, and perhaps the most sensible republican in Congress, criticized the fact that the bill will “…rein in Medicare costs starting in 2025 by imposing indexing it to a lower inflation measure than what House Republicans used in their bill…”

“It is lower than the cost of medical inflation and would translate into literally billions of dollars of cuts and that would mean states would be faced with very unpalatable cases of restricting eligibility or allowing rural hospitals to go under,” she said in a statement.

It is obvious that Republicans will never even consider a California-style bill; it’s much too sophisticated for GOP minds. But all of this points to one thing: U.S. voters are fast tiring of the same old Republican tactics favoring the wealthy and corporate America and will rush to put the record straight in 2018.





Trump’s "The Art of the Deal" shattered by Paul Ryan

In November of 1987, Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, was published and received well by the public. Today on Amazon it is 2,662 overall in books, #2 in biographies and memoirs, #13 in business and money and #22 in biographies and memoirs. That is good, considering the number of books published these days and the reviews are mostly positive. But in the book, he warns his readers “Never seen desperate.” Well, he blew that theory during the recent blowout of Ryan’s American Health Care Act proposal. It went down in flames in spite of Donald John’s disparaging begging.

The Progressive reports that although Trump pledged not to cut Medicare, Ryan’s bill cut it $880 billion from the program, and the Freedom Caucus members wanted to cut much more. Ryan’s bill which favors the wealthy and large corporations would…

 “…devastate care for the most vulnerable ACA beneficiaries like the poor, disabled, and elderly. The Ryan plan would produce more deaths by swelling the ranks of the uninsured whose untreated conditions prove fatal.”

From as far back as his tax-cutting proposals, to his American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan has been one of the most callous politicians toward the poor and needy of anyone I can remember. I can see why the man gets reelected by looking at the demographics of his 1st District in Wisconsin. Median income over $50,000; 91.1% white; 4.7% black; 5% Hispanic; and 57.7% white collar. Although his last election was close, and the next, well, we’ll just see. Here’s a stark statistic from the health care industry itself, published in the American Journal of Public Health

“The Republican plan to replace the ACA would leave 52 million people uninsured in 2026. We know that will lead to many deaths—at least 41,969 and perhaps many times that number.”

That isn’t just callous. That is cold-blooded greed by Republicans to line the pockets of their constituents. And although the Freedom Caucus had a big hand in defeating the AHCA, Bernie Sanders says “Democrats should take credit for killing a really, really bad piece of legislation.” Commenting further “Poll after poll showed that’s exactly what the American people did not want.” On the other hand, Donald Trump said…

“The best thing we can do, politically speaking, is let Obamacare explode. It is exploding right now,” Trump said, adding that the ‘losers’ in the health care battle were Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.”

And Trump continues to blame the Democrats for the GOP bill’s failure, which, of course, is fully agreeable to the Bern. Trump, who refused to blame Ryan for the failure of the American Health Care Act The Guardian said this

“Speaking afterward in the Oval Office, Trump blamed Democrats for the failure of a bill to repeal the signature achievement of Barack Obama. ‘If [Democrats] got together with us, and got us a real healthcare bill, I’d be totally OK with that. The losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, because they own Obamacare. They 100% own it,” he said.'”

And then, after the melee was over, Paul Ryan proceeded to blame everything on the fact that the Republicans are now the governing Party, and that “…comes with growing pains and, well, we’re feeling those growing pains today. I will not sugarcoat this: this is a disappointing day for us.” What Ryan isn’t saying is what is wrong with the entire U.S. government right at this moment, is the fact that Republicans are the governing Party. It was also what was wrong with the U.S. government in Geo. W. Bush’s tenure from 2001 to 2009. A disaster that almost brought the country down.

So apparently Obamacare is okay for the time being but isn’t it interesting just how volatile this piece of legislation is and the effect it has on a certain percentage of the public. Just a week after the 2016 election, the Kaiser family Poll came up with these findings…

“One-fourth, or 26 percent, of Americans favor a full repeal of the health care law, while 17 percent say scale it back, according to the Kaiser poll. On the other hand, 30 percent favor expanding the law and another 19 percent want lawmakers to move forward with the law as it is.”

The Kaiser report also found that there was a decline in the percentage of Republicans who want the Act repealed, something that must have had an effect on Paul Ryan’s withdrawal of his bill. And here’s another insight from Vox into how some Republicans really view the Affordable Care Act…

“Republican leaders and conservative intellectuals, for the most part, didn’t really believe nonsense about death panels or that Obama was personally responsible for high-deductible insurance plans. What they fundamentally did not like is that the basic framework of the law is to redistribute money by taxing high-income families and giving insurance subsidies to needy ones. The details matter enormously to everyday people, but the broad principle is enough to make conservatives reject it.”

Wasn’t aware there were that many intellectuals in the GOP ranks, but this is a real crowd stopper. Anything republican always comes down to just two factors: 1) How it affects the wealthy; 2) How it affects large corporate business. There is no in between for the average American and until average Americans understand this, voting accordingly, this country will continue to be mired in mediocrity. 

‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’ stinks

While millions risk losing their health insurance, perhaps dying as a result, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), chairman of the powerful Rules Committee, thinks he has the perfect replacement for Obamacare in his POS ‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017.’ Sessions thought he would slip his legislation in as a model for what Speaker Paul Ryan  and the rest of the House plan to do. “Instead, Speaker Paul Ryan and his team modeled their initial bill on legislation authored by former
Rep. Tom Price.” This is what Price had to say…

“…that that bill as currently written is a “work in progress,” and that future legislative and regulatory fixes will be necessary to address all of the health-care policies that Republicans hope to implement.”

But the health care industry doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. Seven groups speaking for hospitals, health systems and medical colleges collectively added their “significant concerns,…”

“…to the growing opposition, focusing on the prospect of sharply lower numbers of insured Americans if the GOP plan becomes law. Separately, the American Medical Association, a powerful lobbying group for physicians, rejected the bill for the same reason.”

Based on health care specialists who have analyzed the Republican House bill, millions will lose coverage with Americans in their 50s and 60s as the most likely to not be able to afford the coverage. By 2020 the premium subsidies based on income would be gone, according to the New York Times. The current system would be replaced by tax credits of $2,000 to $4,000 per year, based on age. But this would leave a significant deficit from current coverage plans under Affordable Care Act requirements. Meaning, many would have to give up their health insurance.

Here’s a statement from a major health care provider…

The central issue is the tax credits are not going to be sufficient, admits Dr. J. Mario Molina, chief executive of Molina Healthcare who offers coverage through Obamacare marketplaces in California, Florida and several other states. 

One unhappy Trump voter says she thought he would make her health insurance more affordable not more expensive. Under the House Plan, she would get $5,188 less each year than she did under the Affordable Care Act. “I’m scared,” she says. Although there are no official figures yet, a report from Standard & Poor’s claims that somewhere from 2 million to 4 million people will leave the insurance because, in their 50s and 60s, aren’t old enough for Medicare but can’t afford the new Republican House Plan. Brookings Institution estimates even higher losses.

With this new round of opposition nationwide, the GOP is finding new resistance at every corner. The health care groups also challenged the proposed changes to Medicaid…

“…warning that they would mean lost coverage and funding cuts for a program charged with caring for vulnerable children, elderly and disabled Americans.”

“AMA chief executive James L. Madara, a doctor, wrote a letter to congressional leaders released Wednesday expressing the same sentiment: ‘We cannot support the AHCA as drafted because of the expected decline in health insurance coverage and the potential harm it would cause to vulnerable patient populations.’”

How many more of you get the feeling, and this dates back for years, that Republicans don’t give a shit about those in need of assistance from others? I’m betting plenty. Yes, there are those who take care of the welfare system but that is limited based on expenditures by welfare recipients. And here are 7 lies about welfare that many people believe are fact. AARP has come out against the GOP bill, and even some conservative advocacy groups like Heritage Action for America, FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth have also rejected it. It’s proving a bummer, hands down.

Let’s talk the Republican Healthcare Plan…

The Republican Plan will have a huge effect on Alan Lipsky of Arden, N.C. Lipsky is 60, his wife in her 50s, and they would lose $13,664 annually under the new plan. He thinks that Obamacare could be improved on, as do most of the Act’s supporters, but at least it’s baseline. And the GOP bill is taking this away from him with what’s left unaffordable, he says. Bu the healthcare wrecking crew are determined to do it their way…

“House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) expressed confidence the bill would eventually pass, even though some conservative House GOP members have railed against it, complaining it does not undo the ACA aggressively enough.”

Also on the chopping block, he financial assistance available to low income people with out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and co-payments. There are some large deductibles under the Affordable Care Act but the cost-sharing reductions that are available are a big protection for low income people that end up with huge medical bills that would otherwise cause financial disaster. The insurance market itself could be in harm’s way by the elimination of the individual mandate, hated from the beginning of the ACA, but evntually found to be practical.

In 2016, The Washington Post called Paul Ryan’s health care plan, “flimsy.” Here’s their commentary…

“IT HAS been more than six years since the Affordable Care Act passed and nearly three years since its major provisions began phasing in. During that time, the rate of uninsured Americans has plummeted to a historic low. Also during that time, Republicans have blamed the law for practically every problem with the health-care system, the economy and more. But they have infamously not united behind a credible alternative.”

Then Paul Ryan, who should just go back to Wisconsin and stick to making cheese, came out with his version which has ended up, along with Tom Price’s version, as what Republicans are going with. But listen to this, two weak points that are pointed out by WP in the 2016 rendition…

The proposal does not say how valuable the credit would be, nor the rate at which it would increase.

The document also does not predict how many people it would cover, nor how much the plan would cost.

Whether these weaknesses were addressed in the latest bill that just cleared the first hurdle in the House and is now being debated in Committee, hasn’t been revealed. Ryan, who is beginning to mirror Donald Trump in misinformation, stated “Because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke.” NPR says, “In fact, the opposite appears to be true — Obamacare may actually have extended the life of Medicare.”

This year’s Medicare Trustees Report says the program would now be able to pay all its bills through 2028, a full 11 years longer than a 2009 forecast — an improvement Medicare’s trustees attribute, in part, to changes in Medicare called for in the Affordable Care Act and other economic factors.

What is occurring here, from the top down, is the use of lies and deception from the Republicans to

sell their programs, with healthcare just the latest issue. It rose to popularity in the days of George W. Bush and Karl Rove when prevarication was the norm. It hasn’t changed. But apparently Paul Ryan hasn’t differed as much as he thought in his bill with Obamacare. Here is what the experts are saying…

“And the irony of the Ryan Medicare plan, say some health policy analysts, is that it would turn the government program into something that looks very much like the structure created for insurance plans sold under the ACA.”

“‘The way it works is comparable to Obamacare,’ says physician and conservative policy analyst Avik Roy, founder of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.” 

There is no way to predict just where and how far the Republicans will take their drive to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, or what they will come up with as a replacement, if they are successful. What we do know is that the American public will not be the beneficiary. It will be the wealthy and big business.

The assault has started on Bernie Sanders 2

LBJ on Medicare
Yesterday I posted on Hillary Clinton’s attack that Bernie Sanders couldn’t match up to Barack Obama’s drive for the Presidency in 2008 because he “can’t galvanize the African-American vote and he will not dominate caucus contests.” I went on to show how he was well on his way in both cases. And then we talked about the Democratic establishment and how the hardliners are fighting him in favor of Clinton. Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz handling of the debates.

Today it’s the media and its attack of Sanders’ single-payer plan for universal healthcare which says he is  “…proposing sweeping policies that defy political realities.” Further, it calls his approach on immigration incomparable. The MSNBC piece does give Bernie credit for getting his message on revolution across and almost bringing Hillary Clinton to her knees. Further, “But the substance of his proposals easily crumble under scrutiny.”

Sanders senior policy adviser Warren Gunnels admits, “It’s going to take a political revolution to pass single-payer {health care} for all Americans.” But didn’t it take something of a revolution for Lyndon Johnson to pass Medicare and for Harry Truman to bring us social Security? No one says the single-payer plan is perfect, but, then, Obama didn’t pass the Affordable Care Act thinking it wouldn’t need tweets. All great welfare programs have gone through this scrutiny.

And don’t we know why there has been no immigration reform passed? A GOP Congress that has ideologically blocked every program President Obama has put before them just because it is…Barack Obama. Bernie’s plan for immigration is considered overly optimistic when it comes to immigrant coverage for healthcare, but many believe making at least some coverage available will alleviate emergency room visits and could bring health care costs down.

Obamacare beats sign-up expectations but GOP Congress wants to repeal

More than 8 million people signed up for coverage via the federal health insurance exchange marketplace as of Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, according to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell on MSNBC. She added, “Today, we have more sign-ups, more new enrollees and a younger population than we did last year.” Didn’t Pres. Obama caution that we must give the healthcare act time and the young people would begin to participate?

Our new esteemed House Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), was quoted at the same time on “Meet the Press,” “It’s a law {ACA} that is not working.” So much for improving the new Speaker’s intelligence over Boehner and working across the aisle.
If that wasn’t enough, yesterday “The House voted almost entirely along party-lines, 240 to 181, to repeal the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood.” Obama has already said he was going to veto any of this Republican bullshit, which makes it perfectly clear to me what a mockery the GOP is and has been making of the Congress in pursuing their stupid ideology. It’s a proven fact that the more the public knows about the ACA, the more they approve of it. 
It is also obvious that much of the original and ongoing disapproval of ACA is due to Republican negative advertising and promotion since its inception in 2010, much of which was and continues to be totally untrue. It’s all a matter of whether or not we want to provide coverage for every citizen of the U.S., some who can’t afford it, like many of the industrialized countries in the world. Or do we continue to let the covetous, greedy Republican population keep America in the dark ages? 
It’s pretty much your decision when you go to the polls in November. 

Just another republican hypocrite

Yes, this would be Marco Rubio, who has repeatedly tried to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, yet is insured with his family under the program. He even “benefits from a taxpayer-funded subsidy offered only to members of Congress and their staff valued at $10,000, far greater than the subsidies offered to most Americans who purchase insurance on the exchanges.” And he’s not alone. Other phonies in the GOP who are covered by Obamacare include, Sen. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. It’s bad enough to seek coverage under a program you have fought hard to repeal but taking a subsidy of $10,000 on the backs of tax paying Americans, including his own Florida constituents, is downright obscene. 

When the Cards are Stacked Against you OBAMACARE Comes Through

The GOP has been trying to repeal OBAMACARE since it was first passed into law. But the number of uninsured Americans has dropped by 16.4 million since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and the rate of uninsured Americans decreased by 35 percent, the largest drop in 40 years. The Atlantic adds, if people have good information they make good choices. And this is just what lifelong Republican Luis Lang is doing after failing to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, previously priding himself on covering his own medical bills. Lang commented that, “thanks in part to a flood of media attention that led him to learn more about health care policy, he doesn’t identify with the GOP anymore.” This was all prompted by thousands of dollars in medical bills he couldn’t afford to pay. He did try to navigate the AFC website with its numerous technical glitches with no success. Lang said, “I put the blame on everyone — Republican and Democrat. But I do mainly blame Republicans for their pigheadedness. They’re blocking policies that could help everyone.”


These Republican fruitcakes just keep popping up. Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has decided to sue Obamacare for a deleted program the Affordable Care Act made unnecessary. He wants the money the ACA can provide for Florida’s low income population but refuses to accept it in the name of Obamacare. The former policy, “Low Income Pools” (LIP), designed by Bush/Cheney to help hospitals actually funneled some money to Florida and now Radical Rick wants more of it, but only in the name of LIP. Kansas GOP Gov. Sam Brownback recently cut educational budgets in that state literally putting the future learning of that state’s kids in dire jeopardy. Now Florida’s Scott wants to do the same thing to his state’s low income constituents needing healthcare. Pathetic!