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Is Alt-Right the new Ku Klux Klan?

Charlottesville brought out Trump’s alt-right

Charlottesville killer car
Charlottesville killer car

The Charlottesville, Virginia, white nationalists protest rally has clearly brought the alt-right gang to the forefront of the recent movement of domestic violence in this country. You might remember when newly elected Donald Trump named Steve Bannon as his top adviser in the White House. Bannon hails from heading up Breitbart News saying that it was “the platform for the alt-right.” He brought that ideology along to include in Trump’s agenda that coincides with T-rumps attacks on Mexicans, Muslims and blacks. So it is no surprise that white nationalists have seen the green light for demonstrations like Charlottesville.

There are 100 white nationalists groups in the U.S.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that there are 100 white nationalists groups in the U.S., just 30 short of the number of KKK klans. In Portland, Oregon, following the killing of two people protecting a Muslim teen, the Mayor asked the alt-right to back off in their rallys back in June. Richard Spencer, one of the Charlottesville organizers is taking his show on the road again to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The Law Center has also reported that white nationalists are working to make inroads at U.S. colleges by none other than the man who coined the word alt-right, Richard Spencer, again, joined by his buddy David duke, who helped him ram-rod Charlottesville.

Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos top alt-righters

Slate has a great piece on how Donald Trump has cultivated white supremacists over the years, and how his efforts led up to the killing at the Charlottesville rally. Ben Mathis-Lilley illustrates his point by naming names like Steve Bannon, Trump White House adviser and also known racist and white nationalist; Milo Yiannopoulos, whose work Bannon says was valuable for launching his career, and whom Michael Flynn called “brave” and said he was a “phenomenal individual;” and Sebastian Gorka, dubbed Trump’s official Fox News assistant purveyor of misinformation. There are more you might want to check.

Trump tirades through 2016 election bigotry

Slate continues with Trump’s bigoted rantings; “attacked a federal judge who had prosecuted drug traffickers in a previous job by calling him “Mexican” (he was born in Indiana) and suggesting that he was sympathetic to Mexican cartels; asserted that Mexican immigrants are disproportionately likely to commit rapes; defended the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII; retweeted a hoax graphic that wildly overstated the rates at which black Americans commit crimes against whites; suggested that bereaved military father Khizr Khan supports Islamic terrorism; and claimed incorrectly that Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.”

8 million Trump voters want vote back

Whew! It is hard to believe that we are talking about the President of the United States, but it is even harder to believe that there are enough uninformed lowlife voters to elect this man. Trump received a total vote of 62,979,879, in 2016 and as of this last July one-in-eight wish they had their vote back. That’s almost 8 million votes.

So. Poverty Law Center names The Daily Stormer top hate site in America

In the spring issue of So. Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report, they published the article, “Eye of the Stormer,” a story of Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi who started the website, The Daily Stormer, in 2013. Anglin “took its name from Der Stürmer, an astoundingly vile and pornographic Nazi newspaper started by Julius Streicher and specializing in attacking Jews.” Interestingly, GoDaddy dropped The Daily Stormer after the site posted an article mocking Heather Heyer, the woman killed by James Alex Fields Jr., the guy who drove into the crowd at the Charlottesville white nationalists rally. Here’s what the Law Center said about The Daily Stormer…

  • “Propelled by the Trump campaign and a new focus on the ‘alt-right,’ The Daily Stormer is now the top hate site in America.”

There’s more…

  • And in July, four months before Trump’s win, The Daily Stormer had become the most popular English-language website of the radical right, eclipsing the Stormfront site that had held that position since the early days of the Internet.

    “We won, brothers,” Anglin wrote a few hours after Hillary Clinton conceded. “Our Glorious Leader has ascended to God Emperor. Make no mistake about it: we did this. If it were not for us, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Anglin’s remark, above, that, “we did this” just confirms my earlier description of Trump voters as lowlife. And it is reasonable to believe that Donald Trump agrees with his crowning as the “God Emperor.”  The question is, how do we destroy the throne?