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Racism is here to stay

Racism hasn’t really changed over the years

Trump train hits CNN
Trump train hits CNN

You can talk about the strides that have been taken since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but, in a nutshell, they haven’t worked. I said in an earlier post that since 1964, radical racism has simply gone underground, with those who practice this vile lifestyle, playing in the shadows, putting on the good-guy front. Until Donald Trump. Until the White House loaded up with racists, white nationalists, and a bigotry that isn’t disguised, rather, put right there in the open for all to see. Steve Bannon is proud of his white supremacist label, flaunting it regularly around Washington. And Donald Trump is quick to tell you, Steve Bannon is his man.

Donald Trump afraid to offend white nationalist supporters

After days of not repudiating white nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan after the murder in the Charlottesville demonstration, T-rump finally denounced the KKK and neo-nazis. This was his statement

  • “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups.”

The media made me do it

Daily Progress reports that the only reason Trump changed his tone–it is widely known that he does not adhere to political correctness–is that the media made him do it. What a pathetic moment in history when it takes outcry from the media to make the President of the United States do a duty that should have been his top priority the moment that woman was killed by James Alex Fields’ car. But that would have insulted Donald Trump’s base of double-digit IQ bigots. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “From the beginning, President Trump has sheltered and encouraged the forces of bigotry and discrimination.” Why would we expect more just because of a death?

Sports personalities criticize Trump

LeBron James, basketball star, said, “Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again!” Steve Nash, another basketball great said…

  • “To defend white supremacists and then slang his [crappy] a— grape juice pretty much sums the man up.” Nash was referring to Trump’s remark that he knows “a lot about Charlottesville” because he owns “one of the largest wineries in the United States,” located there.

Seth Meyers on Trump Charlottesville news conference…

Even the Jews were included in Charlottesville protest

Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally was universal in its appeal with anti-Semitic lines like “Jews will not replace us”? Also heard, “This city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers,” one demonstrator told Vice News’ Elspeth Reeve during their march. The Atlantic reported, “As Jews prayed at a local synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel, men dressed in fatigues carrying semi-automatic rifles stood across the street.” There was more, “In the minds of white supremacists like David Duke, there is a straight line from anti-blackness to anti-Judaism.” I learned from the deep South, when you learn to hate like these people do, there are no bounds.

T-rump again reverts to bad taste

Donald Trump created an analogy between his re-tweet that was eventually pulled, where the Trump train collides with a person from CNN News (logo across face) obviously killing them. He did this just three days after the white nationalist drove into the Charlottesville woman killing her. Trump literally sanctions violence; remember when he wanted to punch the Black Lives Matter protester in the face? He also recently told a group of Long Island police that they shouldn’t be too nice with criminal suspects. That drew fire from people all across the country, including police departments. There is no end to the Oval Office lunatic’s lunacy.

Why are people still racist? A terrifying answer

The Washington Post recently asked, “Why are people still racist?” They go on to answer using a scientific point of view. The answer…

  • “In some ways, it’s super simple. People learn to be whatever their society and culture teaches them. We often assume that it takes parents actively teaching their kids, for them to be racist. The truth is that unless parents actively teach kids not to be racists, they will be.”

That is scary as hell, especially when you consider the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States, espousing his rhetoric of bigotry.


Sunday Political Roundup

Republicans still dumbest voters

Aren't Republicans the dumbest?
Aren’t Republicans the dumbest?

In a 2011 PublicMind poll conducted by New Jersey’s Farleigh Dickinson University, not only do Fox News viewers score lower on current events than viewers  of other new channels when tested. This group actually knows “less correct information about current events than people who watch no television news at all.” That’s from one of my posts in May 2015. And everyone knows only Republicans watch Fox News so it would make sense that “GOP-inclined voters surveyed June 5-20 believe millions of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election, and 73 percent believe voter fraud occurs somewhat or very often.” And that is what’s wrong with our electorate.

Trump continues to play the innocent

The old saying goes, ‘the best defense is a good offense,’ and Donald Trump is playing that tune down to the bitter end. The Washington Post says Paul Manafort “…has been a subject of a longstanding FBI kleptocracy investigation focused on Ukraine.” Suspicion arose when he didn’t file as a foreign agent until June 2017. The Associated Press says Manafort came up with a plan in 2005 “…to influence U.S. politics, business dealings and the media in order to “greatly benefit the Putin Government.” He became T-rump’s campaign chairman briefly and resigned when he admitted to receiving $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments from Yanukovych’s pro-Russian party.

Donald Trump still undermining Obamacare

Yes we know that the Oval Office lunatic has bad-mouthed Obamacare to the point where neither insurers nor the people they serve know if the program will last out the year. Even with Congress’ repeal failure, T-rump still threatens to somehow get rid of the Affordable Care Act and Anthem insurance has decided to help his cause. They’re leaving the Affordable Care Act marketplace in Virginia because it “…has been destabilized by uncertainty about the future and dark pronouncements by President Trump that it is about to fail.” Even with much better-than-expected profit and revenue, they’re dumping the program along several other insurers. What happened to dedication?

Just what you’d expect from a Republican…“Sieg Heil!”

Jeffrey Lord, the CNN commentator from way over on the right and a fervent supporter of Donald Trump was fired “…after he tweeted the Nazi salutation “Sieg Heil!” in response to a feud with a liberal activist.” I’ve never cared for the guy because his excuses for T-rump stupidity make about as much sense as Kellyanne Conway, and that’s bad. Lord labeled one of his critics “Media Matters Fascists,” and when its president, Angelo Carusone, called his hand, Lord responded with the tweet, “Sieg Heil!” Now, as a matter of reference, this phrase is so associated with Adolph Hitler, that it is banned in Germany. However, very appropriate for a Republican misguided muckraker.


Saturday Political Roundup

Trump v. McConnell-Who will win?

Once happy-Now enemies
Once happy-Now enemies

Donald Trump has renewed his attack on Mitch McConnell saying he should just do his job and get something done on the repeal of Obamacare. His exact words in a Tweet: “Mitch, get back to work and put Repeal & Replace, Tax Reform & Cuts and a great Infrastructure Bill on my desk for signing. You can do it!” T-rump had already criticized McConnell earlier for not getting the job done. Congress has retorted that part of the problem comes from the Oval Office. I know that Republicans have a tendency to be dense, but it would seem that by now they would have realized that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, in one form or another.

Is your doctor on the take?

One in twelve is receiving money from drug companies marketing prescription opioid medications. This could explain why Donald Trump has just been forced to declare the over-indulgence of opioids a national emergency. “…from 2013 to 2015, 68,177 doctors received more than $46 million in payments from drug companies pushing powerful painkillers.” It seems that family doctors received the most payments and for some people, “It’s very common that the first opioid they’re ever exposed to is from a prescription,” [Scott] Hadland [CDC] said. Biggest push was for  fentanyl, “illicitly manufactured overseas and cut into heroin.”

Phoenix schools punish minority, disabled children at higher rates

The ACLU has recently finished a study on Phoenix area schools confirming what many parents have been saying for years…”Certain schools punish minority students and students with disabilities at disproportionately high rates.” In charter schools, black students are likely to be suspended eight times more often than whites. Hispanic students are six times more likely. Those with disabilities are twice more likely to be suspended. I live in Phoenix and know Arizona is a highly bigoted state; SB-1070, the failed Immigration bill was spawned here under the tutelage of the number one bigot Russell Pearce. Under Republicans, we never seem to learn.

Robert Mueller has organized excellent team to get Donald Trump

A Medium article says, “You can tell a lot about the direction of an investigation by the records of its lawyers.” Anthony Pannullo claims that when you expand the legal team, the scope of the investigation is also expanded. Greg Andres, is “…a former Justice Department lawyer who specialized in unlawful foreign bribery.” Andres is well known for prosecuting members of the Joe Bonanno mob family, and also specializes in targeting economic and white-collar crime. James Quarles was brought in early due to his background in high-profile cases, especially those involving Presidential administrations. Now we wait until Robert Mueller’s jury is in.



Donald Trump first 200 day report card a disaster

The wheels are coming off in the Oval Office

Republican voters should remember this
Republican voters should remember this

The wheels are coming off and Donald Trump knows it so he goes to the only people who still like him, his loyalists. Even this base is dwindling according to veteran GOP pollster Neil Newhouse who said, “There’s no question they’ve slipped just a little bit. I think you can probably argue that it’s gotten a little bit smaller.” I think it’s more than a “little bit” with a plummeting favorability rating where 56% disapprove of his presidency. With clear signs that his support with the Republican Party may be diminishing, and without his base, he has no chance in passing any legislation. And the GOP must certainly be concerned over his election prospects in 2020.

Trump brags but it’s all inherited from Obama

So far it is perfectly clear to most that Trump has done nothing to improve the economy, even though he brags about the million jobs he has added since taking office. Pretty sophomoric when compared to the average 181,000 jobs Obama averaged adding the last six months of his presidency compared to Trump’s 179,000. The key factor here is that Donald trump has made absolutely no improvement over the Obama administration. Here is an assessment by Matt O’Brien of the Washington Post

  • “This, in a lot of ways, is the archetypal Trump story: trying to take credit for something he inherited. In his business career, that was all the money and connections he got from this father. Indeed, while Trump likes to say that he turned a “small” $1 million loan from his father into a “massive empire,” the truth is that Trump’s father arranged and guaranteed all of the bank loans that made his son’s first big project possible.”

Trump’s most laughable statement since entering office

T-rump, the blow-hard, makes it sound like everything that is happening that is good is all thanks to him when, in fact, he inherited a good economy from Barack Obama, but hasn’t done a damn thing to make it better. His laughable account of his achievements, “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” is perhaps the most bizarre statement made in his new administration. Here’s another comparison…

  • “He brags about a “surging economy and jobs,” despite the fact that the economy and jobs are growing at exactly the same rate as before he took office.”

Interesting video on Donald Trump’s removal from office for incompetence…

Can the left take advantage of Trump incompetence?

While criticizing the way the unemployment rate was calculated during the election, he now embraces it as the real thing. O’Brien says, “In other words, Trump has done nothing and has congratulated himself for the economy Obama left behind.” And through all this haggling over facts and figures that pan Donald Trump, Democrats hope that voters will overlook their failings and outright blunders in 2018 and somehow a miracle will happen. Not likely, but what could happen is just enough of the public will be so discouraged with Trump and his shenanigans that the left will take over the Senate, maybe even the House, but at least narrow the Republican majority.

Businesses are also affected by Trump’s zany behavior

In its finality, Trump’s freakish behavior and the general dysfunction he has created in the White House and all over Washington could have a negative effect on businesses. Large corporations do not like uncertainty and are now concerned that Donald Trump will not be able to deliver on any of his promises. According to the Washington Post, this includes tax cuts, health care, and a China crackdown and infrastructure. Because of this many companies have been forced to “… put important hiring and investment decisions on hold, potentially crippling an economic expansion that appears ready to accelerate.”

Maybe daddy will bail him out again

So, what it all comes down to is the fact that after inheriting a good economy on the way up, T-rump hasn’t got the skills to even keep it going, much less make improvements. The following is a poor referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency: CSX chief executive E. Hunter Harrison said, “I’ve never been through a time when this country is like it is, politically, ever. So I don’t know what’s going to happen in Washington, and the scary thing is I don’t think they’ve got a clue, either.” One other executive said, “What we need is predictability,” and in yet another case, it was stated that uncertainty “simply freezes the investment community.” Maybe Trump’s daddy can bail him out again.

Will Trump still attempt Obamacare repeal?

Obamacare repeal on back burner

OBAMACARE-As healthy as ever
OBAMACARE-As healthy as ever

Apparently bottom-feeder Mitch McConnell has been pushed to the side on his crusade to repeal Obamacare, as Republicans attempt to reorganize and make some intelligent sense out of the seven months they have so far led this country…nowhere. As they attempt to find their way–maybe they could use a Progressive seeing-eye lawmaker–Donald Trump is once again threatening Obamacare with his two promises to cancel public support to insurance companies and ending federal subsidy payments that reduce premiums for lower-income Americans. As late as Saturday he was saying he would also yank the bailouts for members of Congress.

All Trump seems to want to do is hurt

Trump’s reasoning is that, in his opinion Obamacare is hurting American consumers, so why shouldn’t it hurt insurance companies by taking away federal support. And if he eliminates the subsidy fr low income Americans…

  • The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that if these CSR [cost-sharing reductions] payments were stopped, insurance premiums on the individual markets would increase by 19 percent or higher.

A combination of things could happen as a result of the above, according to experts. Unable to afford their plans, these lower-income insured would simply drop their insurance. As the market dries up for a particular plan(s), insurers would decide to drop coverage. Here’s another interpretation…

  • “Some insurers may also interpret a decision to stop these reimbursements as evidence that the Administration wants the market to fail, causing them to exit the market entirely,” Matt Fielder, a fellow at the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative on Healthy Policy explained to ABC News.

Trump could act in third week of August

Donald Trump will have his chance to act in the third week of August when the monthly payment of federal subsidies is due to be paid. Congress is concerned…

  • Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have have expressed concerns that abruptly ending payments could dramatically disrupt the health care system and send the individual markets into a tailspin.


  • Senate Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn, said in a statement earlier this week that he wants the president to approve two months of CSR payments and hopes Congress will pass a bill after the August recess that include federal subsidies for 2018.

Watch the actual Obamacare repeal voted down…

Rate increases could be coming…if

Sarah Sanders says Trump has made no decision yet on what he will do about CSR payments, but ABC says there are other options that Trump could take. Like not enforcing the requirement to buy insurance or pay a penalty. The younger healthy could decide to pass, leaving insurers with an unbalanced market with too many senior citizens. ABC says the threat alone could lead to some insurance companies increasing their rates. And one thing T-rump is famous for is his threats. There are even more options Trump could use to thwart Obamacare, but the biggest problem of all is the unknown…the Donald Trump unknown. That s most devastating.

Constitution says Trump must uphold law

However, The Affordable Care Act is still law and Donald Trump hopefully realizes that he is required by the Constitution to uphold the law. Democrats will keep a close watch on Health Secretary, Tom Price, and his his deputy, Seema Verma, who runs the federal agency that administers health insurance programs. Outside forces are also at work…

  • “We are going to hold HHS accountable to fully implement the law,” said lawyer Mara Youdelman, who heads the Washington office of the National Health Law Program, an advocacy group. “The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, and everyone who is working for the administration should be committed to upholding the law of the land.”

Since Obamacare reduced the U.S. uninsured rate to a historic low of about 9 percent, any person who is interested in the overall health of this country and his or her fellow American should be elated, and interested only in modifying and improving a program that has helped millions. But then, that’s not what Republicans do.

When will Donald Trump resign or fire himself?

This is a June 2017 Poll

Trump polls way down

Not soon enough for 61% of the American public who think he is doing a lousy job in the White House. This is the lowest yet for the Quinnipiac University poll where his biggest upset is the fact that with whites without a college degree, only 29 percent said they approve strongly of how Trump is handling his job, while 49% disapprove . This is the demographic that elected him in 2016. There’s more…

  • “An overwhelming 67 percent of non-college whites supported Trump, as opposed to only 28 percent who supported Hillary Clinton. Whites without a college degree also find the president unfavorable — 49 percent — opposed to 45 percent who view him favorably.”

12 of Trump staff fired or resigned already

Quinnipiac also found that 63 percent of those surveyed believe the Russians interfered in the 2016 election, with 30 percent saying Trump did something illegal, and 30 percent saying he did something unethical. A majority of voters are embarrassed that Donald Trump is their President as compared to being proud, and a whopping 71% do not think he is balanced. The last one is the most troubling and the trait is borne out by the fact that there have been 12 departures from the Trump administration in the first six months he has been in office…

  • Anthony Scaramucci, Communications Director, after only 100 days (864,000 seconds)
  • Sally Yates, Acting Attorney General, from Obama administration, only 11 days
  • Michael Flynn, national security adviser, only 23 days
  • Katie Walsh, deputy chief of staff to Priebus, 70 days
  • Mike Dubke, first communications director, 86 days
  • Angella Reid, White House usher, 106 days
  • James Comey, FBI Director, 110 days
  • KT McFarland, deputy national security adviser, 118 days
  • Walter Shaub, director of the Office of Government Ethics, 181 days
  • Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, 183 days
  • Michael Short, deputy press secretary, 187 days
  • Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff, 189 days

Who will be next???

If you can get your mind beyond all that, who do you think is next? Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Not likely since he is a former Senator and the good old boys of that chamber are backing him. Special counsel Robert Mueller? Probably not since Congress has inferred that might be grounds for impeachment. How about Steve Bannon, Trump’s top adviser or Jared Kushner, the son-in-law who supposedly colluded with the Russians, even Donald Trump, Jr., also being vigorously investigated for his Russian shenanigans. The way Bannon has survived so far indicates to me he has something in his pocket about T-rump, and the other two are family.

Here’s an MSNBC video of the latest Quinnipiac Poll…

The firing of Anthony Scaramucci

The new chief of staff, John Kelly’s first task was a hatchet job on former communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who actually deserved a beheading. It was quick and deadly but no one really knows where the order came from since the need for the Mooch’s firing was so obviously called for. When Huckabee Sanders said he boss condoned Scaramucci’s behavior, everyone figured it was no holds barred for a new form of White House vulgarity. Since John Kelly rarely talks about his beliefs, and Army cronies say he follows orders, there is concern that things will still come from the top with T-rump giving the orders.

Looks like a tsunami at the White House

When Quinnipiac tried to determine what was actually causing the plunge in poll numbers, Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Poll commented, “The daily drip drip of missteps and firings and discord are generating a tidal wave of bad polling numbers.” It’s more like there was an earthquake in the ocean of politics and there is a tsunami roaring through the American public. [my words] Malloy added…

  • “Profound embarrassment over his performance in office and deepening concern over his level-headedness have to raise the biggest red flags.”

It’s all about the Trump brand

It is hard to imagine there is anything Donald Trump could do to raise his favorability ratings, and it is even more doubtful that he cares. I have said before many times that Donald Trump is in the White House for one reason, to promote the Trump brand. He did it with his travel decision on Turkey, again with the peddling of his golf courses and Ivanka’s jewelry and clothes. This sort of thing has been unconscionable until…Donald Trump entered the Oval Office. So now he rides out the wave of unpopularity until he has sucked every bit of Trump prosperity out of the White House. Then he’ll go his way with his family of simpletons and leave the United States fucked up.



Is Donald Trump involved in Seth Rich murder conspiracy?

One would hope not since he is the President of the United States, but that hasn’t seemed to make any difference so far in the man’s bizarre behavior. The latest Oval Office tidbit is a report that Donald Trump encouraged a news story that says Seth Rich, a former Democratic National Committee (DNC) data specialist, was killed in connection with his alleged leak of information on the Clinton 2016 Primary campaign. The idea was to take the heat off the charges that Trump colluded with the Russians in giving up Clinton’s campaign secrets. Private detective Rod Wheeler is suing Fox News in the matter.

It seems that the Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump, Ed Butowsky, promoted the idea on Sean Hannity’s show and Fox & Friends, but was retracted by Fox News about a week after it was published. Now we all know that there is very little you can believe on Fox News so that should have sent up red flags. But wait, is there really some substance here? Former press sec. Sean Spicer said Bukowsky told him the president was personally overseeing the project. Earlier NBC had released the story that Butowsky was bankrolling a private investigation into Rich’s death, and all of this was reported by several news outlets other than Fox.

NPR reports

  • [Rod] “Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.”

Good coverage on Seth Rich conspiracy…

Sean Hannity, who replaced the misinformation of Bill O’Reilly recently fired by Fox for abusing female employees, wouldn’t let the story go and says he has no intention of retracting anything which, of course, doesn’t mean anything he said was correct, just means he won’t say it isn’t. At the same time Fox News was releasing this ludicrous but purely laughable statement…

  • “The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting,” the Tuesday statement read. “Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards.”

Think Progress has reported that n May 14,  the day before Fox News published their story, Rod Wheeler told them that “…Ed  Butowsky sent him a text [of the story] indicating President Trump read the article and wanted it published immediately.” More from Wheeler…

  • “Wheeler alleges that just before he sent that text, Butowsky left him a voicemail and said, ‘A couple minutes ago I got a note that we have the full, uh, attention of the White House, on this. And, tomorrow, let’s close this deal, whatever we’ve got to do. But you can feel free to say that the White House is onto this now.’
  • “Wheeler claims that the Fox News story, authored by investigative reporter Malia Zimmerman, contained two quotes attributed to him that were completely fabricated. But they were included in the story at Trump’s direction.”

What is sorely missed in all this conspiracy is the fact that Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC, and his death has never been solved.  CNN says, “He was shot several times including at least once in the back just after 4 am.” It could have been made to look like a robbery, and it is just possible that when the killer is found, this whole conspiracy could be solved. In the meantime, the door is still open to the fact that Donald Trump might have maliciously provoked the whole thing. I hope not and I also hope there will be some closure soon for the Rich family and the American public.

Wednesday Political Roundup

Someone just took a big bite out of Apple

The Apple computer system that the company claimed couldn’t be invaded by a virus was…invaded by a virus. According to ARS Technica, Mac computers have been infected for up to ten years. The rational I have heard for ages was that there were just too few Macs in the market for the hackers to bother. Having always been a PC user, I could only snicker at the news. With at least 400 infections, the malware dubbed Fruitfly was able to delve into the Mac OS with little trouble. Patrick Wardle, a researcher with security firm Synack said, “This shows that there are people who are sick in the head who are attacking everyday Mac users for insidious goals.” Welcome to the club.

Trump threatens voter healthcare

Donald T-rump has his feelings hurt when the Republican Congress couldn’t repeal Obamacare, and he plans to take all his healthcare goodies and go back to Trump Tower. Those goodies are bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of Congress. Since the insurance bailouts–about $600 million a month–help moderate and low-income families, he could care less. But screwing with Congress could put the Oval Office lunatic one step closer to impeachment. He keeps talking about The Affordable Care Act imploding–which is far from reality–I have been talking about Donald Trump imploding since he entered the White House.

Donald Trump-The stupid bully

The law enforcement assn. listened to Donald’s Trump’s advice to be rough with people they arrest and reacted with disdain in the form of statements that said diplomatically that their, “…”priority has been and continues to be building relationships and trust with the community we serve. As a police department we are committed to helping people,not harming them.” That a quote from the Boston PD. It all stems from the 2016 election campaign when T-rump used his bully pulpit to incite violence against protesters. A Birmingham, Alabama man was allegedly injured and has filed changes against Trump.

Large insurance companies cry indigence from Obamacare but are making millions

Mitch McConnell went down in flames in the latest Obamacare repeal but there are rumbles over making another attempt. And there will once again be opposition from a greedy iinsurance industry that has unsuccessfully tried to convince the American public that Obamacare is bad. What it has been bad for is their bulging profits as you will see from this article in Consumer Affairs: “Health insurance industry rakes in billions while blaming Obamacare for losses.” Insurance companies are screaming about their losses which “…ignores the record-breaking profits and compensation packages that health insurers continue to collect.” Give em hell Bernie!

Maricopa County, Arizona’s former Joe Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt

I have personally witnessed this man for years defy judges’ rulings that he must refrain from “…racially profiling Latinos during patrols and turning them over to federal immigration authorities.” It was so obvious but Arpaio was so revered in this state that he continued to get away with it. That is until the last the election in November when he lost to Paul Penzone. It was downhill from there with the legal system but Arpaio continues to enjoy support from the public. The one thing I will give the former sheriff is the way he cared about animals. His MASH unit where my wife worked as a volunteer is legend around animal lovers.



Is America finally ready for Progressives?


The Democratic Party has failed miserably over the last several years under people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, even the Barack Obama administration. Its biggest loss was during the ten-year tenure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) where she allowed the GOP to make huge inroads into local and state offices. This turned governments across the country conservative. But Wasserman Schultz’s biggest faux pas was her rigging of the 2016 Democratic Primary to insure a win by her buddy, Hillary Clinton, over Progressive, Bernie Sanders. Even this didn’t change the thinking of the DNC as it continues to forge ahead aimlessly.

Progressives haven’t forgotten 2016, nor have they lost sight of Bernie Sanders’ ideology that has brought so many together for a much stronger left. And when I say left, I am no longer talking the traditional Democratic Party that has chosen to remain in the past-left, a period of confusion and disharmony that first lost the U.S. Congress and then the White House. It’s not just that we lost the Oval Office to a Republican, it is the fact that “those” Democrats lost it to Donald Trump, the most incompetent president since…well, probably ever. I know it took an uninformed, perhaps shallow public to help elect the man, but where was the left, the entire left?

Great analogy of Progressives’ progress…

With the failure of the repeal of Obamacare, Progressives feel that the time is right to start their push to reshape Washington back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It was even a Republican, Abe Lincoln, who came up with that in his Gettysburg Address. Lincoln also had this to say that I feel describes the deceitful and ruthless Senate head, Mitch McConnell, who has made it his goal, and now downfall, to attempt the repeal of the Affordable Care Act simply because he hates Barack Obama…

  • I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser than he was yesterday.

Sure, the Tea Party has been prominent in its opposition, as well as most conservative Republicans, to Obamacare, but it has been Mitch McConnell’s hatred that has guided this fight for over three years. However, Steven Pearlstein in the Washington Post makes the claim that the Tea Party revolution has ended with Washington returning to “regular order, while at the same time Donald Trump has become a lame-duck president. It was ushered in by the defeat of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Just before this vote, the besieged Jeff Sessions had said, “…he had no intention of acceding to White House requests that he resign and dared the president to fire him.” Mutiny?

In addition, “Trump’s approval rating has shrunk 12 points among evangelicals, 20 points among the working class, and eight points in rural areas,” according to The Brookings Institution. Progressives can take advantage of these weaknesses in 2016, that is, if Democrats don’t get in the way. That is the problem as you can see in the following Dems’ mentality…

  • “In the hours after the repeal push stalled, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) suggested that Republicans “sit down and trade ideas” with Democrats. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested that Republicans fully fund subsidies for current ACA exchange plans — money that President Trump frequently threatens to cut off.”

Progressives don’t buy this and don’t want to negotiate with the GOP since history tells us it’s futile and you would think this had gotten through to these old hard-liners by now. But it hasn’t and many think it never will so the answer is a new wing to the left consisting of a new hard-line of liberals that know what they want and are willing to do what is necessary to get it. The compromise lesson actually came in 2010 when Democrats lost control of the House and learned that the only good Republicans are those in a minority situation. Trump’s plunge in popularity–which still has over a year to sink–could be one of the necessary factors in the Progressive revolution.


Sunday Political Roundup

Lawmakers put Trump in his place

Okay, here’s the summary from The Washington Post: Congress “…passed legislation to stop him from lifting sanctions on Russia. They recoiled at his snap decision to ban transgender Americans from the military. And they warned him in no uncertain terms not to fire the attorney general or the special counsel investigating the president and his aides.” Rep. Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa said he wouldn’t hold hearings to replace Jeff Sessions and would seek legislation to prevent Trump from firing Robert Mueller. Not an all-out mutiny yet but Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comment was provocative saying T-rump has gone, “…way beyond what’s acceptable in a rule-of-law nation.”

Reince Priebus fired because…who the hell knows?

Is it because he’s had run-ins with Donald Trump loyalists, the most recent the new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci? U.S. News says his downfall has been predicted from the beginning; said he had nine lives. He’ll be replaced with Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, according to The Washington Post. Priebus was considered an “establishment Republican” by other T-rump advisers where there has been “friction with some of Trump’s inner-circle loyalists.” Was Priebus fired because of the failure of Trump’s healthcare plans, or is it the fact that Trump’s complete agenda has gone nowhere so far? Kelly says he can fix it but I seriously doubt it.

They’re already asking for Mitch McConnell’s head

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

And I hope they get it, on a silver platter. Mo Brooks, a Republican congressman from Alabama who is running for a Senate seat said, “If I were Mitch McConnell, I would resign,” commenting further blaming the “…party’s internal dysfunction squarely on McConnell.” Precisely what my thoughts have been for years. Anyone who would pursue the repeal of Obamacare just because he admittedly hates Barack Obama is not fit to be a U.S. Senator. And all of this at a time when 53% of the American public want to keep the program. McConnell has conducted his slimy politics for as long as I can remember. Now is the time to rid the Senate of this sleazeball.

Blue Dog Coalition back and planning to win

They are a part of the Democratic Caucus that has been quiet since Republicans swept the House in 2010. Both moderate and conservative, they claim their ideology is the key to success in 2018. As a minority in the Democratic coalition–only 18 members–they are in competition with the centrist New Democrat Coalition which claims 61 members and more liberal. Rep. Keith Ellison, a leading Progressive and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee said, “I just don’t buy the premise that being on the right side of the Democratic Party makes you more advantageous, more attractive to voters, than being on the left side of the Democratic Party.” I agree!

Poor baby Trump didn’t get his way on healthcare bill

In lieu of the repeal of Obamacare, Donald Trump has, “…threatened to end federal subsidies for healthcare insurance for Congress as well as the rest of the country.” This maniac is beginning to sound like Mitch McConnell, who also went down in flames in this ridiculous battle against…Barack Obama. The former President must be looking back now and marveling over how such a conglomeration of morons can make such a mess of the country he had managed to pull out of the depths of Republican chaos. Experts say, “Such a move could cause havoc and much higher premiums in insurance markets.” All to appease the Oval Office lunatic.