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Irresponsible Gun Nut starts huge California fire

California Detwiler fire caused by gun nut

The Detwiler fire in Mariposa, California burned 82,000 acres and is finally 97% contained. It destroyed 131 structures including 63 homes and 67 other types like barns and one commercial business. Cal Fire investigators said it was caused by firearm discharge on public lands. One estimate so far puts fire’s cost at $60 million, just because some half-witted gun nut thinks he or she has the right to shoot their gun anywhere they damn please. At least 63 families are without their homes and one business will have to start all over. There is a $2,000 reward out for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. When they catch them, they should shoot them.

Irresponsibility by some gun owners

Drastic, perhaps, but gun rights radicals have taken this 2nd Amendment crap way too far, and the Detwiler fire is but one example of the irresponsibility of U.S. gun owners. The problem is they view their “rights” as untouchable so they are pushing the envelope regularly. Like the Detwiler fire. And like its sister, the Telegraph fire in 2008, close to Mariposa where David Mosher was target shooting and started a fire destroying 30 homes costing over $37 million. This fire was close to Yosemite National Park and the shooter was firing steel-jacketed bullets. But the kicker here is the assault weapons he was using were unregistered. This is the kind of responsibility the NRA teaches.

NRA favors gun rights over prevention of destructive wildfires

In Arizona, where all it takes to buy a gun is a heartbeat, target shooting is a major cause of wildfires. They have caused 31 fires in the Tonto National Forest since 2009, where there is a ban, but either ignored or missed through negligence by gun nuts, according to the Phoenix New Times. Mother Jones covered the Utah wildfires in 2012, apparently caused by target shooters the state tried to rein in but weren’t successful, thanks to the National Rifle Assn. (NRA). The Daily Beast dubbed Utah the second most-armed state in the country. It’s like gun murders, the NRA will fight for their right to shoot, over innocent deaths and devastating wildfires.

A video comparison of guns in U.S. to rest of world

Wayne LaPierre of NRA loves his guns over life

On the one hand, we can thank the gun nuts for starting fires that destroy our homes and businesses, scorching the land we live on that produces other environmental disasters. Just because they have a right to go out and shoot their guns in the bone-dry forest that hasn’t had any rain in months, and anyone above the level of idiot should have known it was dangerous. That’s okay, the 2nd Amendment gives them that right and NRA head Wayne LaPierre says they should go right out and do it. But this is only one factor in the firearms problem, and though it is colossal in size, it is dwarfed by the way guns kill innocent people, maiming others, and devastating communities like Sandy Hook.

Detwiler fire
Detwiler fire

Who gun owners are

I am reading a new book, “Confronting Gun Violence in America,” by Thomas Gabor. It’s not exactly easy reading for all but when I get started, it’s hard to put it down, but then I am in to statistics, particularly the countries comparable to the U.S., gets into the demographics of gun owners, illustrates how gun owners are more likely than others to have been arrested, assault weapons owners to be binge drinkers and to drink and drive. In other words, gun nuts have more bad habits that non-gun owners.

310 million guns in America

Did you know that the U.S. has 90 guns in private ownership for every 100 people? That’s almost one per person. But with only 36% of the 126 million households having guns, those 45,360 households have all the guns, some 310 million, which works out to about seven guns per household. Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) head would like to see every American Household with its own complete arsenal, including assault weapons. And folks, that is why we have gun nuts setting disastrous forest fires across the country and enough guns available on the streets so anyone can use one to kill anyone they want to. Read the book, you’ll be glad you did.





INDIANAPOLIS 2014: It was this anti-gun demonstration that marred the spewing of gun propaganda by the National Rifle Assn. head, Wacky Wayne LaPierre in its last convention in Indianapolis in 2014. WW and his flock embark on the 2015 version today in Nashville, TN, and are connecting with country music. First of all, I don’t like country music but most of all I detest the NRA. In an obvious pro-gun piece in the Nashville Business Journal, the writer makes an interesting comment that the mostly male attendees were primarily target shooters. If this is the case the attendees won’t include the gun nuts I regularly hear from in this blog with comments like,  WHO YOU GOING TO CALL WHEN THE SCUMS COME FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE…” No, I imagine the folks in Nashville this weekend are more like the 75% level headed members of the NRA that believe there should be universal background checks. My double-digit gun nuts probably couldn’t afford the trip anyway.

Unfortunately Wacky Wayne LaPierre will pay no attention to this huge majority of membership and continue to espouse unreasonable gun rights for more guns everywhere for people who aren’t trained to use them.


A gun nut is the kind of individual that loves his or her gun(s) over the life of an innocent gun violence victim. They have no room for negotiations, period, only a demand that their gun rights not be violated in any way. A gun nut has a ring in the nose, pulled regularly by the NRA asking for money to fund an organization that is completely self-absorbed.  This person believes the 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct and completely untouchable, that the Founding Fathers had Wayne LaPierre’s and the NRA’s interpretation of this law in mind when it was passed in 1791. A gun nut swaggers into a Target or Kroger store with arrogance just to show that it can be done, sometimes masking a limited masculinity or femininity. Any conversation on firearms immediately prompts the comment, “Sounds like you’re trying to take away my gun.” Most likely many gun nuts maintain an arsenal at home alleging for years now the government takeover that is “just around the corner.” There is possibly a gun nut on every block and if we could just get rid of these radicals, the solution to gun violence would be so much easier.  


The first part of June I almost laughed myself to death when I read the headline, “Opening soon: Gun

range with a bar.” It’s in Oklahoma City and will serve both alcohol and fully automatic machine guns. The name is Wilshire Gun and will have 24 firing lanes but the alcohol will actually be served in a different section. So I came up with the idea of opening up a shooting range connected to a cemetery, not because someone might get killed at the gun range, although many have including one man shooting himself, but because of the direct connection between guns and death. Those interred in this cemetery would only be victims of gun deaths. The gun nuts would have to pass the cemetery on the way in to the shooting range. On second thought, it wouldn’t even phase these pathetic souls.


The Department of Justice “Operation Choke Point” has been kept a secret but has come to light recently and has the gun nuts scared as hell. One such gun lover commented that if Choke Point worked, all that they would have left to defend themselves with was a “very powerful broomstick.” The operation is so named for its ability to choke off financial services to targeted industries like gun manufacturers. A frustrated Obama administration is desperately trying to save lives from gun violence and, due to a yellow-bellied Congress, has had to resort to desperate moves. And that is what makes this sort of thing so egregious, a gutless Congress and an apathetic public that won’t stand their ground.


I have called them gun nuts for several years now, defined simply by the fact that they love their guns more than innocent human lives. Their gun rights are more important than those killed in

Wacky Wayne LaPierre

shootings from Columbine to Las Vegas. And they get it from the top, wacky Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA. The Daily Beast says he and the organization have
created a monster in these misguided morons who walk into restaurants and retail chains with assault weapons slung over their shoulders. The group’s command is go out and arm yourself and prepare for a war against the gun grabbers. Now this NRA hierarchy knows this will never happen but as long as wacky Wayne keeps them buying guns, the gun manufacturers are happy and LaPierre’s pockets continue to be lined.