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Business community deserts Trump-Who’s next?

Industry leaders leave business advisory council

Trump says BYE BYE to business community
Trump says BYE BYE to business community

It is the corporate community that has prospered under Donald Trump, as was expected under a government owned by Republicans. The big business CEOs probably have a plan to make hay while the GOP sun shines, knowing full well the next wave from the left will be far more progressive than in the past. It should start with 2018 and culminate with the presidential election in 2020. A minimum of more seats in the House, Senate control and an honest liberal in the White House. There’s not much time so expect the worst. But wait, with the incompetency of the Oval Office lunatic, nothing has been accomplished yet, and any change in T-rump’s behavior isn’t expected any time soon.

Big business CEOs furious with Trump white nationalist sympathy

That’s why it is so crazy that he would alienate his business advisory council with the sympathetic comments he has made for racists and white nationalists by comparing them with the “alt-left in his comments over Charlottesville. As the authors indicate, the CEOs were furious over Trump putting the racist white nationalists and KKKers in the same category as the protesters. JP Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon wrote to his employees, “It is a leader’s role, in business or government, to bring people together, not tear them apart.” All we have seen in this country since January 20, is divisive rhetoric designed to do just that, to defiantly divide the people of the U.S.

Campbell Soup and 3M CEOs both leaving council

Here’s what the CEO of Campbell Soup when he, along with the CEO of 3M resigned from the council…

  • “Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville. I believe the president should have been — and still needs to be — unambiguous on that point.”

Donald Trump at new low if possible

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post feels T-rump’s remarks over Charlottesville have brought him to a new low. I find that almost impossible. But Milbank thinks his “…canned and grudging disavowal of white supremacists, he was urged anew to say more, to be presidential, to bring the nation together. Well, late Tuesday, Trump said more and told the nation what he really thought. It was downright ugly…

  • “There, from Trump Tower in New York, was the president of the United States declaring that those protesting against Nazis were . . . the same as Nazis. ‘You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent, and nobody wants to say that,’ said Trump.
    Nobody wants to say that because there is — and there can be — no moral equivalence between Nazis and those who oppose Nazis. But Trump saw them as equal.”

U. S. industry heads won’t side with racist white nationalist

There is no doubt the U.S. heads of industry would not want to have anything to do with an individual that has sympathy for white nationalists and racists and with that thought, we have basically defined the lowlife voter population that elected this man president. But Steve Bannon, a top Trump adviser, is his closest connection with the alt-right dating from when Bannon headed up Breitbart News, the leading publication for the alt-right. The term alt-right is basically a fancy name for far-right extremists. Trump knows that Bannon has great influence on this group that helped get him elected.

Steve Bannon vs Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

Reuters reports a major battle between Bannon and national security adviser Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, who are apparently at each others throats. It could force another shake-up at the White House. Salon says that Trump is afraid of Steve Bannon and that is the reason he won’t fire him. But it is McMasters that keeps the kind of company represented by corporate CEOs, and if their reaction to T-rump’s Charlottesville response is any indication of an overall attitude, the White House can’t afford to make many more enemies. By the way, Bannon is joined by two more white nationalists in the White House: Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka.

Barack Obama saves the day

Let me leave you on a high note. Former President Barack Obama put out a tweet on Charlottesville Saturday, August 12, quoting from South African President Nelson Mandela. It said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … .” It was the most liked tweet ever on Twitter. You can see it on NPR here.