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The Slime (Koch) Bros. avoid Trump

Slime of the Koch Bros. covering country…

New Chief of Staff, John Kelly, may have calmed Donald Trump’s use of Twitter somewhat, but the Koch/Slime Bros. are still distancing themselves from him. These two guys, Charles and David, actually believe that T-rump’s “unorthodox behavior” could damage their reputation. This is the most preposterous thing I have heard coming from a conservative in a long time. They have done more damage to this country in the name of conservatism than anyone…until Donald Trump, of course. The Kochs are deviously shrewd, with the money to back it up whereas Trump is just plain stupid. This nation, perhaps, will never fully recover from the harm done by the Kochs.

The Koch fungus threatens GOP on tax reform…

This collection of conservatives called Americans for Prosperity and headed by the billionaire Kochs is after an overhaul of the tax code that will benefit only the wealthy and large corporations like Koch Industries. They are taking it out on the Republican Congress now for not repealing Obamacare, and they know this failure ‘raises the stakes on tax reform.” They claim they are not threatening GOP lawmakers but just the meetings AFP has held throughout the country is enough to instill fear in any conservative politician up for reelection. And if the ordinary American can’t see what this is doing to their status, well, you’re as stupid as Donald Trump.

Here is Republican Florida Sen. Nancy Detert putting the Americans for Prosperity scumbags in their place…


Koch Bros. close to seizing United States government-Part III

Koch Bros. ill-gotten gains

In yesterday’s post, we covered the way Koch Industries, run by Charles Koch, is able to weasel its way through its unethical and illegal business dealings to produce record profits to line the pockets of Charles, and his brother David, plus two other brothers who have disassociated themselves from the business due to its shady practices. The latter, alone, is a major indication of the sleaziness of this operation when half of the family wants nothing to do with it. Get this…

  • “Since 1960, the company brags, the value of Koch Industries has grown 4,200-fold, outpacing the Standard & Poor’s index by nearly 30 times.”

And then a significant portion of these ill-gotten gains is being directed toward the election of national and local politicians who will do Charles Koch’s bidding. According to Rolling Stone

  • “Koch-affiliated organizations raised some $400 million during the 2012 election, and aim to spend another $290 million to elect Republicans in this year’s midterms. So far in this cycle, Koch-backed entities have bought 44,000 political ads to boost Republican efforts to take back the Senate.”

Dumb-founded Koch Bros. don’t have a clue

What is so incredulous about these two brothers, especially Charles, is that they really believe they have done nothing wrong in neither their business dealings nor their political activities. This is downright scary and to me means that they are either the craftiest tacticians in their field or the two stupidest individuals in the universe. I really can’t say which, but no matter, they are having a devastating effect on American politics, and with the current situation at hand, the damage done could last for years to come. But Charles and David Koch have great disdain for Donald Trump, having this to say in Vanity Fair

  • “After spending hundreds of millions of dollars reshaping the G.O.P. in their image over the past decade, the brothers chose to keep their checkbooks closed during the 2016 election, with Charles likening the choice between the former reality-TV-show host and Hillary Clinton to choosing between a heart attack or cancer.”

Watch this video for more on the Koch Bros. want list:

Bernie Sanders has come up with a Koch Bros. “Want List,” and he is quick to point out the fact that they could very

Bernie Sander’s Koch Bros. want list

well get what they want based almost primarily on the passage of the “…disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billionaires and large corporations can now spend an unlimited amount of money to influence the political process.” Bernie considers Charles and David Koch as, perhaps, the biggest “winners” in this decision, something that is validated regularly by the amount of money they pour into conservative politics. $400 million in 2012 and $290 million for the 2018 midterms. But what exactly do these bloodsucker’s want…

  • Urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic [their word] Federal Election Commission.
  • Abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • Favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.
  • Repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive [their words] Social Security system.
  • Oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes.
  • Support the eventual repeal of all taxation.
  • All criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately.
  • Support repeal of minimum wage laws.
  • Condemn compulsory education laws … and call for the immediate repeal of such laws.
  • Abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency, Dept. of Energy and Transportation
  • Closure of other governmental facilities like Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Drug Administration.

There is much more of the above that I urge you to read on Bernie Sander’s site where he closes with…

“… the agenda of the Koch brothers is not only to defund Obamacare.  The agenda of the Koch brothers is to repeal every major piece of legislation that has been signed into law over the past 80 years that has protected the middle class, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the most vulnerable in this country.”

Doomed if we don’t

If the American public does not wise up, especially those of you not too lazy to get out and vote, we will soon have a country run by radical conservatives like the Koch Bros., who want it all for themselves and are willing to let the 99% dangle at the edge of the precipice until we are no longer strong enough to fight for ourselves. And that’s not far off.

Koch Bros. close to seizing United States government-Part II

Rolling Stone calls Koch Bros. “Toxic Empire”

How did the Koch Bros. make all that money? They are very secretive about what they do, with each brother Charles and David, worth about $40 billion. Their “GOP, Koch-affiliated organizations raised some $400 million during the 2012 election, and aim to spend another $290 million to elect Republicans in this year’s midterms.” But where does all that money come from? With some background Rolling Stone reports…

  • “Under the nearly five-decade reign of CEO Charles Koch, the company has paid out record civil and criminal environmental penalties. And in 1999, a jury handed down to Koch’s pipeline company what was then the largest wrongful-death judgment of its type in U.S. history, resulting from the explosion of a defective pipeline that incinerated a pair of Texas teenagers.” (The latter covered above.)
  • “The volume of Koch Industries’ toxic output is staggering. For Koch, this license to pollute amounts to a perverse, hidden subsidy. The cost is borne by communities in cities like Port Arthur, Texas, where a Koch-owned facility produces as much as 2 billion pounds of petrochemicals every year. In March, Koch signed a consent decree with the Department of Justice requiring it to spend more than $40 million to bring this plant into compliance with the Clean Air Act.”

Where does Koch money come from?

These scummy brothers are picking the pockets of the American public, putting it in their bank accounts and with the rest they are on a crusade to buy the U.S. government. The Kochs talk only one “…financial figure: $115 billion in annual revenue, as estimated by Forbes.” But, as Rolling Stone comments

  • “What is less clear is where all that money comes from.”

Because they are privately held, the Koch Bros. refuse to disclose any additional information about the company. That is, of Course, their prerogative, but this, mixed with all the other secrecy surrounding Koch Industries and Charles and David Koch, just leads one to wonder what is really going on. Particularly in the Koch’s political dealings. To what degree we can see inside the Koch empire, it is devastating to the U.S. environment…

  • “The volume of Koch Industries’ toxic output is staggering. According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute, only three companies rank among the top 30 polluters of America’s air, water and climate: ExxonMobil, American Electric Power and Koch Industries. Thanks in part to its 2005 purchase of paper-mill giant Georgia-Pacific, Koch Industries dumps more pollutants into the nation’s waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined. The company ranks 13th in the nation for toxic air pollution. Koch’s climate pollution, meanwhile, outpaces oil giants including Valero, Chevron and Shell. Across its businesses, Koch generates 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year.”

Daniel Schulman’s book chronicles Koch Bros. duplicity

If you want excellent documentation of how these miserable human beings have used and poisoned this country and its resources to line their pockets and buy their way through American politics, I suggest you read: “Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty,” by Daniel Schulman. It is excellent and available on Amazon. You’ll find a vivid description of the Danielle Smalley & Jason Stone kids who were burned alive by a defective Koch pipeline.  Everything dates back to Charles Koch’s father, Fred C. Koch, who ran the company until his son took over in 1967. Under him the family was spawned…

  • “Frederick arrived in 1933, followed by Charles in 1935 and twins David and Bill in 1940.” From Schulman’s book I learned how Frederick immediately disowned the business as well as the family on his father’s death, and Bill fought with Charles and David over the years over their illegal and unethical practices. It was a family constantly in discord, leaving their mother squarely in the middle while in dwindling health.

I urge you to read both the Rolling Stone article and Daniel Schulman’s book, because this post has touched only on the highlights of what the Koch Bros. are capable of. Their dirty dealings will probably go down as one of, if not the worst, travesty of justice the United States has ever known.

Tomorrow, a laundry list from Bernie Sanders of just what the Koch Bros. want.



Koch Bros. close to seizing United States government

Koch Bros. now messing with judicial system

The latest Koch Bros. crusade is the get rid of a “…longstanding Senate tradition that allows Democratic senators to block judicial nominees from their states. Called the “blue-slip” process, it would allow a GOP Congress to proceed stacking the federal and lesser courts across the country with conservative Republicans. Like Justice Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. If we thought we had the leading despot in the Oval Office, think again. These power grabbers aren’t satisfied with their $80 billion dollar second largest private company in the U.S. that has a trail of congressional investigations, Department of Justice consent decrees, civil lawsuits and felony convictions.

Koch Industries pipeline kills two teenagers

They are determined to take over the U.S. government and run it to suit their conservative causes. Charles Koch had a major role in starting both The Tea Party and the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), both finely tuned to legislative agendas that favor only the radical right. As an example of the lack of concern for even human life, here is a stark example…

  • “On August 24, 1996, teenagers Danielle Smalley and Jason Stone were burned alive by a butane leak from a Koch Industries pipeline. The teens smelled the deadly butane vapor that was spreading through their community. Because their house had no working phone, they took off in a pick-up truck to dial 911 from a neighbor’s. En route, the truck stalled in a fog of the vapor.Seconds later, when Danielle restarted the truck, the gas ignited in a ‘huge explosion and horrendous fireball, a witness said. The 570-mile-long pipeline transporting liquid butane from Oklahoma to Texas had corroded so badly that pipeline safety expert Edward Ziegler likened it to swiss cheese.
  • “An investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board found that Koch Industries never provided any of the 40-45 families living near the explosion site—including those of the killed teenagers—any safety protocols for an emergency. The Board concluded that Koch could have protected the pipeline from corrosion if it was properly managed and the necessary inspections were conducted. The state jury found that Koch Industries acted with malice, at it had been aware of the extreme risks of using the faulty pipeline.”

I use this long and detailed explanation, above, of this incident from the KOCH CA$H site to illustrate what lowlifes these two men and their company are. To most civilized individuals, the above would be unthinkable, but to Charles and David Koch, apparently it is business as usual.

The following Koch Bros, video is long but worth the watch:

California Senator Dianne Feinstein against Koch proposal

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, top Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said “ending the blue-slip practice would allow “nominees to be hand-picked by right-wing groups.” Chuck Grassley, a Republican Senator from Iowa, “…expects to abide by the blue-slip tradition.” But with a wingnut like Mitch McConnell controlling the Senate, anything can happen. And more bad news…

  • “Leonard Leo, the executive vice president of conservative Federalist Society who has advised the White House on judicial picks, told USA TODAY that Trump already has signed off behind the scenes on a “few dozen” more still-to-be-announced nominees to the federal bench.”

The Kochs aren’t the only scuzzbags participating in this race to lock down the U.S…

  • “On Friday, the conservative Judicial Crisis Network, which spent $7 million promoting Justice Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, began a $140,000 ad campaign in Michigan to push another Trump pick. Its 30-second commercial calls on the state’s Democratic Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, who could use their blue slips to veto Michigan picks, to back Joan Larsen, a Michigan Supreme Court Justice nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.”

Founding Fathers gift of liberty

And the beat goes on and will continue to rattle the cages of the high-ticket, conservative GOP donors until this perilous movement has usurped the government given to us by our Founding Fathers and turned it around to feed their radical causes. The voting public has put us in this appalling position. Now we must dig ourselves out.

There’s more Monday on the Koch Bros. with Rolling Stone’s look “Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire.”


The slime (Koch) Bros.are at it again

Koch Bros. slogan

I watched a recent video of Charles Koch playing the “philanthropic entrepreneur” who claims to do what he does for the good of America. But he and his brother, David, do what they do entirely for the sake of Koch Industries’ bottom line. They are pouring more money into the 2018 election and particularly to, “…drive Trump’s tax plan through Congress.” USA Today reports that James Davis, a top official in Koch’s Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, says, “The group plans to throw ‘the full weight of the network’ behind the campaign with the goal of passing a tax overhaul this year.”

Translated, that means this group will shore up every Republican that is beholden to this family already, having done their bidding since put there by the Kochs, to make sure they are reelected in the midterms. It takes money, and they have it readily to spend to make sure they get what they want, and will do just about anything to get the job done. Back in 1989, “Investigators told a special Senate committee that a Wichita, Kan., company (Koch Industries) has been stealing oil from Indian lands for at least the last three years.” Total value was $31.1 million. Just one example.

This is only one of several devious and illegal shams these brothers have pulled on the American public. If you are really interested in their illicit activities, read Sons of Wichita by Daniel Schulman. I couldn’t put it down once I started. It reveals a trail of congressional investigations, and “Under the nearly five-decade reign of CEO Charles Koch, the company has paid out record civil and criminal environmental penalties,” according to Rolling Stone. And here’s one of the worst…

“…in 1999, a jury handed down to Koch’s pipeline company what was then the largest wrongful-death judgment of its type in U.S. history, resulting from the explosion of a defective pipeline that incinerated a pair of Texas teenagers.”

Yet following an incident such as this, Charles Koch will go on TV with his syrupy shit professing he can’t imagine why the American public could think anything but the fact that the Koch brothers are just magnificent benefactors to all. Either this man is too stupid to realize what he does is wrong, or else he doesn’t give a damn. Probably a combination of both. The Kochtopus is one of the most influential of the conservative gangs with grassroots minions in 36 states and backup operations in data processing. There are 550 ultra-wealthy donors that finance the goings on.

USA Today says they “…plan to spend $300 million to $400 million on policy and political campaigns ahead of the 2018 elections.” Progressives say, we have to counter that with people who will vote for the good of the country, not for billionaires like the Koch brothers. There are only three companies that rank among the top 30 polluters of America’s air, water and climate: ExxonMobil, American Electric Power and Koch Industries. Its subsidiary, Georgia Pacific alone, dumps more pollutants into the nation’s waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined.

Although the Kochs deny direct funding of the tea Party, they, especially Charles, are known to be the kingpins behind the movement. Rolling Stone says it this way…

“The Koch family’s lucrative blend of pollution, speculation, law-bending and self-righteousness stretches back to the early 20th century, when Charles’ father first entered the oil business.”

When Charles Koch took over from his father, the business flourished, because he didn’t hesitate to bend or even break the law to make a buck. It was cheaper to let the Texas pipeline go without maintenance, explode and horrendously kill two teenagers then pay a court charged fine of $296 million. The Kochs appealed and later settled out of court. The dirty dealings of Charles Koch are well documented in Daniel Schulman’s book, Sons of Wichita, and the Rolling Stones article, above. It will take a massive Progressive movement in 2018 to stop the Kochs and all conservatives. 

IKEA to Invest Billion Dollars in the Environment

The Scandanavians are in the news for investing big in cleaning up the environment. IKEA, based in Sweden, announced it will spend one billion euros (1.13 billion dollars) over the next five years to address climate change. While in the U.S. a Think Progress analysis found that “over 58 percent” of congressional Republicans refuse to accept the science of climate change. Go figure. IKEA’s decision was partially the result of a survey taken last year with the finding that 41% of the store’s customers think the company “takes social and environmental responsibility.” Now that’s a refreshing change to some American companies that simply concentrate on polluting the environment.

Forbes magazine has published an article with 11 U.S. companies that are considered best for the environment. Among them are Seventh Generation and Go Lite, but there is also the other side…our country’s big polluters. Just recently Environment America released “Polluting Politics” a report that analyzes spending on federal lobbying and campaign contributions by companies releasing the most toxic chemicals into U.S. waterways. Guess who tops the list of water polluters who spend the most politically to prevent environmental policies? KOCH Industries. But they are just one; others include Tyson Foods, Dept. Of Defense, Cargill, U.S. Steel and Phillips 66. And these are only water polluters.

The environment has taken a series of hits that many climate scientists have said we cannot recover from if we don’t do something now. With a GOP Congress that won’t pass any laws opposed by big business, there is little hope we will ever clean up this mess.