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Saturday Political Roundup

Alcoholism is back

The overindulgence in booze has risen an appalling amount of 49% in adults 18 plus. The Washington Post reports that “12.7 percent of the U.S. population now meets diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder.” Excessive drinking can cause, “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, liver cirrhosis, several types of cancer and infections, pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes, and various injuries.” I quit 35 years ago and have never looked back, and my liver, thankfully, is still in good shape. There are eleven characteristics to help you to determine if you have an alcohol dependence if that concerns you. I urge you to read the article.

No landslide for the left in 2018 and 2020

Bernie Sanders has been going non-stop lately and Elizabeth Warren just did a speech with the progressive Netroots Nation group, just one of her 2017 drives against Donald Trump. She’s out there because 80% of the Democratic Party puts corporations ahead of American citizens, only 10% lower than Republicans, with the message that if the Progressives are allowed more control, that will change. They can’t count on Trump’s low approval rating of 38% nor the fact that the GOP has “…concluded one of the least productive first six months of a new presidency.” The question is will Progressive voters step up and do their job? So far, the jury is out.

Another shooting-Just another day

A man fatally shoots three people at the Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin and is still on the loose. Probably no one paid any attention but the victims’ families, the police and the shooter. Certainly not a dim-witted Congress that has apparently put gun violence on the back burner and which completely ignores the fact that 93 people die each day from gun violence, 222 are shot but survive, according to the Brady Campaign. The numb-nuts in Congress ignore these facts because Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Assn., tells them to. Otherwise, they will be looking for a job after the next election. What a way to run a country.

More ammunition for Robert Mueller investigation

As late as March one of Trump’s campaign advisers e-mailed associates re. meetings with Russian leadership, including Vladimir Putin. This adviser with Russian contacts said to the Trump team that the Soviets were anxious to “…discuss US-Russia ties under President Trump,” according to e-mails received by the Washington Post. Red flags were apparently raised by T-rump’s buddies, who found that George Papadopoulos, the adviser starting the dialogue and of little experience in foreign affairs, was working completely alone, and without direction. It is all very strange at this low level, but the question is what will Robert Mueller make of it?

Steve Bannon fired-Now wait for the white nationalists backlash

What has become a regular weekly event, Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon, the guy who helped direct his white nationalists supporters to step up to the voting booth and push the Trump button. Not only are they probably gone as supporters, they could very well turn into adversaries. Bannon, himself even admitted to this. New chief of staff John Kelly did this in a move to help establish more cohesion in the White House, and the House Freedom Caucus lamented that “…there was anger and doubt that anyone left in the White House shares their appetite for political confrontation. I’d say that’s a plus in itself.


Will Republican Mueller dump Republican Trump?

Robert Mueller is on a roll

Donald Trump-Robert Mueller
Donald Trump-Robert Mueller

No president has ever gone out this way, but just keep reading and you’ll see why there is every chance it could happen. Donald Trump’s favorability rating has plummeted to the point that the Republican Congress is worried his disapproval will lose seats for those running in 2018. And the GOP is very jumpy over the fact they might lose the White House in 2020. In either case, the Republican brand as well as the Trump brand, are so heavily tarnished that the left should have a clear shot in both cases. But if there is anything that can bring Donald Trump crashing down around his Oval Office desk, it is Robert Mueller’s special investigation into T-rump’s Russian connection.

Washington Grand Jury impaneled

Rantt News says Donald Trump is “terrified” of Robert Mueller. Part of it could be Mueller’s strength in that he is the only FBI Director other than J. Edgar Hoover to lead the Bureau longer than the ten-year required term. The other, of course, is the investigation he is conducting into just how much Trump conspired with the Russians in their tampering with the 2016 election, helping him to beat Hillary Clinton. Mueller has now reached the point where he has impaneled a Washington Grand Jury to investigate Russian interference. Since this makes the investigation official, it will continue even if Mueller was fired. Remy Anne of Rantt says

  • “According to Reuters, grand jury subpoenas have been issued regarding the July 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Russian lawyers, and others.”

Mueller’s relationship with James Comey

Mueller’s relationship with James Comey goes back a long way to when George W. Bush wanted to implement a domestic surveillance program called STELLARWIND after the 9/11 terrorism that would include collecting email, telephone, and internet conversations/activity of American citizens. Helping each other, they were able to keep the program from going into effect. Comey will no doubt be a leading witness for Mueller, and quite possibly the one who could actually bring down Trump. Mueller will be taking over several federal probes already in the making over the Trump-Russia complicity. They include the…

  • “…President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law and senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, as well as former associates Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Carter Page.”

A video glimpse into Mueller’s investigation of Trump

Mueller digs…Trump cringes

Donald Trump still calls it the “totally made-up Russia story,” his position from the beginning, one that is typical T-rump but with signs now of cracking at the edges. The farther Mueller digs, the more vocal Trump is with the tweets. Here’s a classic example…

  • You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people! #MAGA   4:57 AM – Jun 15, 2017

A right now to issue subpoenas

Mueller’s latest move to impanel a grand jury gives him the right to “readily issue subpoenas, gather testimony, and compel individuals to testify regarding what they know about Russian interference in the election, the Trump campaign, and likely a host of financial matters.” It doesn’t mean that Mueller is ready to bring charges, but it is significant that the jury is impaneled in a Democratic-leaning capital where there is a more sympathetic jury pool. In other words, there is definitely method in Robert Mueller’s strategic moves. He is convinced after looking at all the evidence there is reason for concern and he is making the moves to get at the truth.


Does Robert Mueller need Congressional protection?

Apparently there are lawmakers that think he does, according to Peter Grier of the Christian Science Monitor. Grier says…

  • “…they’re[lawmakers] proposing to provide Mr. Mueller, the special counsel in the Russian election tampering investigation, with legislative armor meant to prevent the White House from firing him unless it has a really good reason.”

The legislation might not even pass, and knowing T-rump the way we do, it probably wouldn’t affect any bizarre decision the Oval Office lunatic made. At least, they’re on the record.

Sunday Political Roundup

Trump lies about Boy Scout opinion of his talk

Let's see...which hand do they use?
Let’s see…which hand do they use?

Donald Trump gave a speech before the Boy Scouts on July 24, and exclaimed afterward, “They loved it.” when Politico called the reaction “mixed,” Trump responded, “I’d be the first to admit mixed. I’m a guy that will tell you mixed. There was no mix there. That was a standing ovation from the time I walked out to the time I left, and for five minutes after I had already gone. There was no mix.” In fact, the BSA Chief Scout Executive “…apologized to anyone in the scouting community who could have been offended or alarmed by the political rhetoric in the speech.” Boy Scout officials implicitly denied Trump’s statement of what they supposedly said. Pathetic!

NAACP cautious about state of Missouri travel for blacks

That’s pretty bad since this is the first time the NAACP has issued this kind of alert for any state. But the Chicago Tribune says, “the warning follows a recent trend of similar alerts issued by other groups for vulnerable people around the United States.” Missouri was nailed, “…because of recent legislation making discrimination lawsuits harder to win, and in response to longtime racial disparities in traffic enforcement and a spate of incidents cited as examples of harm coming to minority residents and visitors.” Donald Trump received all 10 state electoral votes in 2016 which could explain some of Missouri’s bizarre behavior.

Trump incoming phone calls of praise another hoax

The first occurred when Trump introduced his new Chief of Staff John Kelly mentioning a recent phone call from “Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto during which Nieto praised his work to curb illegal immigration.” Didn’t happen, says the Mexican Foreign Ministry. The other, the bogus call from the head of the Boy Scouts supposedly praising trump’s speech to the group, covered in the first part of this post. That didn’t happen either and apparently the Scouts had to correct the Oval Office idiot more than once. Here’s a quote about lying from Dorothy Allison, American writer: “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”

Trump pot calls Senate kettle black

I will not deny that the U.S. Senate is jammed with fools but for the crowning idiot of politics to even imply that someone else is a fool is to push the limits of reality completely over the edge. First of all, could an idiot even know that someone else is a fool. Psychologically, an idiot is considered the lowest form of intelligence, which means a fool falls into a higher category. T-rump’s comments were directed toward the GOP’s inability to pass his healthcare plan, which was a loser from the start and never had a chance. So it wasn’t intellect that lost the battle, it was the fact that Donald Trump wanted a piece-of-shit legislation passed.

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller convenes a criminal grand jury

Supposedly this makes it harder for Donald Trump to fire him if he already isn’t afraid of retaliation from Congress. One of his biggest Republican critics, Lindsay Graham, said that if he fires Mueller it would be the “beginning of the end” of Trump’s presidency. Not sure how much total GOP support Graham has on this but the main thing is the fact that Robert Mueller has taken this important step that allows him to do many things now he couldn’t do before. Like the subpoena and being able to get at Trump’s family. Cornell University law professor Jens David Ohlin said “…the convening of the grand jury indicated the investigation will end with indictments.”

Wednesday Political Roundup

Trump scared to death of Russia connection

Trump threatens Robert Mueller
Trump threatens Robert Mueller

The Washington Post is saying, “…that the Trump administration is seeking every recourse to undermine the investigation into Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.” T-rump has even warned Robert Mueller to stay away from his family’s finances in the investigation. Mueller then did exactly what he was told not to do while WP reports Trump is “building a case” to attempt to illustrate that Mueller has too many conflicts of interest to be in charge of the inquiry.  During the process, the Oval Office lunatic has been checking out how to pardon his family, even himself. Looks like guilt already established.

Why is Jeff Sessions still Attorney General?

To begin with, Jeff Sessions is a bigot, a confirmed racist certified in the state of Alabama, rejected when nominated by Ronald Reagan for a judgeship in 1986 “… based on his comments on race and his role in prosecuting a voter fraud case against black civil rights activists in Alabama.” Not fit for a federal judge but okay to be the U.S. Attorney General. Only a maniac like Trump could reason like this. Well, Sessions’ bigotry isn’t what’s in the news today, it’s his underhanded dealings with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to Washington, when the AG was a top adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. So, again, how is he still Attorney General?

Florida law still in the dark ages

George Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin, who was black, in 2012, by George Zimmerman, who remains free thanks to the stupid Florida law, “Stand Your Ground,” which allows an individual to protect him or herself if they feel threatened. There were no witnesses so Zimmerman got away scot-free. Just recently, five teens stood by watching, videotaping, and laughing while a 31-year-old black man drowned. After it was over they walked away and left him in the water until discovered five days later. The teens, ages 14 to 16, could not be prosecuted because Florida has no law preventing this kind of behavior. If I were a tourist, I would think twice before visiting Florida.

They own the government but still can’t get their act together

Six months after Donald Trump became president and sealed the partisan control of the country, the Republican Party is just as fucked up as it was before the 2016 election. You can thank T-rump’s lunacy in the Oval Office or Mitch McConnell’s lunacy over Obamacare, or maybe it’s just because the GOP is a bunch of lunatics in general. Any one of these is enough to examine the effectiveness of a Grand Old Party that is no longer grand. It’s a disaster, they know it but have no idea what to do about it. One Republican calls it “…a lot of tribes within one party, with many agendas, trying to do what they want to do.” Unfortunately, none of them know what they are doing.



Sunday Political Roundup

Humans have generated one billion elephants worth of plastic

Plastic waste

How many elephants does it take to make a trash dump? In a recent global analysis of plastic production and use in the world, it was found that “Humans have generated one billion elephants worth of plastic.” What this amounts to in tonnage is 8.3 billion metric tons, also equal to 80 million blue whales, 822,000 Eiffel Towers, or 25-thousand Empire State buildings. This is as frightening as it is bizarre, because the question arises, what the hell do we do with it? Here’s another alarming fact, “…fish eat plastic in the ocean, we eat the fish and it creeps into every corner of the ecosystem – we end up slowly consuming more plastic both literally and figuratively.” Are we doomed?

LGBT activist Tim Gill: Punish Christians for persecution

It’s time to punish the wicked, but not the kind you think. Tim Gill, 63-year-old Colorado resident, made the statement in the course of his $400 million pro-LGBT social reform causes expressing his displeasure at the “religious right” who have made an issue out of same-sex marriage. Gill doesn’t think the 2015 Supreme Court ruling got the job done. In 2016, Gill set up a foundation known as the Gill Foundation and vows to “spend every last dollar in the foundation’s coffers in pursuit of full equality.” If this can be considered on a level with racism, well, how far have we come from the Civil Rights Law of 1964? Not very far.

Betsy DeVos adds ideologue nickname to idiot

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten really leveled on Trump’s education head, Betsy DeVos saying she was an “…“ideologue who wants to destabilize and privatize the public schools that millions of Americans value and rely upon.” DeVos, a billionaire, jumped right into her new job and began to talk the conservative talk, privatization. Trump and DeVos are pushing school choice but Weingarten said the term “choice” decades ago was “used to cloak overt racism by segregationist politicians like Harry Byrd, who launched the massive opposition to the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. It’s all about big business.

Liberals don’t like Trump or his supporters

I agree wholeheartedly with Aaron Blake of the Washington Post that, “Liberals don’t just hate President Trump; lots of them don’t even like the idea of being in the company of his supporters.” I’ve been there and they can be nice people until…the subject of T-rump comes up. Then, they turn into some kind of…thingamajig, yeah, that’s it thingamajig, or simply…baffling. I know educated people who believe in this man, some friends for years, yet, with the Trump label they have turned into something inexplainable. The WP documents a new Pew Research survey on the subject calling it the “…latest indicator of our remarkably tribal and partisan politics.”

If he dumps Mueller, impeach him

Donald Trump dumped FBI Dir. James Comey just when he was getting close to breaking the Russian investigation. Now he’s after Robert Mueller, the special investigator for T-rump’s Russian connections. If the Republican Congress allows this without initiating impeachment proceedings, partisan politics has finally replaced our democracy. On Saturday we find out Trump is launching “…an all-out assault on the federal investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. Mark Corallo, spokesman for Trump’s outside legal team resigned “…because of his discomfort with the president’s strategy of attacking Mueller’s integrity. Strange, the word integrity should come up.

Slimeball Senate head lies about his healthcare bill again

This is almost unbelievable but the Congressional Budget Office reports that under Mitch McConnell’s Senate healthcare bill, deductibles “…could get so high they’re actually more than the poorest Americans earn.” Once again, bottom-feeder McConnell has lied to the American public because “Obamacare guards against this by setting a limit on how much people can spend on healthcare on out-of-pocket expenses.” The higher deductibles my make sense for those in middle income and higher brackets, but for those at or below the poverty level, it can be a back breaker. This is just one more in a string of lies spun by Mitch McConnell to sell his  Better Care Reconciliation Act. Pathetic!

Saturday Political Roundup

U.S. a laughing stock…again

Donald Trump, the man the world is laughing at

According too the former U.S ethics chief, the U.S. is “close to being a laughing stock.” I think he means “sill is.” Walter Shaub said,“Misuse of position is really the heart of the ethics program, and the internationally accepted definition of corruption is abuse of entrusted power.” Apparently Donald Trump fits this profile perfectly, something Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller agrees with.  Shaub has been at odds with T-rump and recently resigned six months before the end of his term. Shaub claims, “It undermines the government ethics program by casting doubt on the integrity of government decision making.” How long will the international community give us?

Censored White House hearings

No cameras allowed once again at the White House Press briefing by Sean Spicer. The last on-camera White House briefing was on June 29. Legislation was introduced recently by Conn. Rep. Jim Himes that would require the White House to hold at least two video news conferences a week. Poor baby Spicer felt abused by the media, but made no mention of the numerous gaffes he has made. Maybe that’s why he resigned; an angry departure, which caught even senior West Wing staffers by surprise. Sarah Huckabee Sanders replaces Spicer, with Donald Trump naming Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.

Vice President Pence lies like a…Trump

Like President, like Vice President when it comes to the spewing of lies and misinformation. Speaking at the recent National Governors Association meeting in Providence, R.I., talking about the failed Senate healthcare bill, Mike Pence listed Ohio as having 60,000 disabled citizens are stuck on Medicaid waiting lists. Pence also flaunted block grants as a positive feature of the GOP’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), plus stating “The bill actually rolls back restrictions on waivers, giving states the ability to stabilize your insurance markets. In fact, both are false and/or misleading. The speech was filled with nothing but disinformation.

John McCain has brain cancer

John McCain, the Republican Sen. from Arizona has been diagnosed with brain cancer. I have disagreed with McCain lots of times, especially on his vacillation on immigration, but I wish the senior Senator from my state the best in his recovery. The outlook isn’t good with Mayo Clinic saying doctors diagnosed a tumor called a glioblastoma and the prognosis for this kind of cancer is generally poor. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) survived less than 15 months. WP says “McCain’s absence would also deprive the Senate of its moral conscience on many key issues.” McCain was given the name of “maverick” in the Senate, which I respect.

Saudi girl flaunts mini-skirt

A Saudi young woman has been arrested in Riyadh for wearing a mini-skirt in public, which, according to the authorities, flagrantly violates the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code. Even in Saudi Arabia, we might expect some progress in womens’ human rights, especially for half the population. The woman is filmed walking around the desert region of Najd, where many of Saudi Arabia’s most conservative tribes and families are from, so it is obvious she has a point to make. Don’t know if she got her wish but the Saudi police did arrest her due to the strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women. By the way, the woman had the body for a mini-skirt.

Obamacare just won”t go away

The Senate can’t repeal Obamacare because its programs are popular with the American public. Purely and simply this is a vicious vendetta against Barack Obama by Sen. head, Mitch McConnell, with a bunch of his brainless minions and other misguided Republicans supporting him. If we didn’t have level headed Republicans in the Senate like Susan Collin from Maine and Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, the Senate simpleton would have taken away the healthcare of over 30 million people. There are many in government and the private sector who say this would be devastating to the economy. Meaning, McConnell cares more about revenge than he does about his country

"TRUMP LIED" James Comey denounces and indicts Donald Trump

James Comey

James Comey exclaims you can’t trust Donald Trump to tell the truth. I watched his testimony and thought Comey looked, well…Presidential. The man was ultimately prepared–don’t think he ever had to look at notes–and he handled himself extremely well as the professional he is. He seemed to have the respect of most of this bi-partisan Senate panel, except for Arizona’s John McCain who veered off on inane questions re. Hillary Clinton’s emails. The outset of the hearing is the fact that it will take the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to get to the bottom of all this.

Although Comey would not say if he felt Trump had obstructed justice, he did have the following to say…

“I know I was fired because something about the way I was conducting the Russia investigation was putting pressure on [Trump],’’ Comey said.

James Comey is a former federal prosecutor and knows the way witnesses react to save their butts in statements and testimony and said…

“…that he took detailed notes of his private talks with the president — a departure from his practice with Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. Comey said he did so because he was ‘honestly concerned’ that the president might lie about what had been said in their meeting. He said the two spoke in private a total of nine times before Comey was fired, he said.”

Folks, this is the President of the United States that Comey is talking about lying. What does this tell the other countries of the world? If a top U.S. government official thinks Donald Trump is a liar, what might Angela Merkel of Germany think of her dealings with Trump? Or the other nations out there. To me, it sounded like Comey made it clear that, although Trump prefaced his comments to the FBI Director with “I hope,” Comey took it as pressure to do what was asked of him. This from the President’s comments, “I expect loyalty, I need loyalty.”

For once, or, at least, not yet. Donald Trump has not used Twitter to vent his unbalanced reactions. He let his attorney do it and the following is interesting…

“The President likewise never pressured Mr. Comey. The President also never told Mr. Comey, ‘I need loyalty, I expect loyalty’ in form or substance.”

Here’s the “incoherent” questioning of Comey by Arizona’s Republican Senator, John McCain:

The interesting part comes from the fact that James Comey has said he fully welcomes any tapes that might have been recorded of the conversations between the two men, and this isn’t likely unless he expects them to prove him right. Trump also says he welcomes the tapes, but then this con man is known for his bluffs to get what he wants. Comey, on the other hand, has proven himself a reputable member of government service who tells it like it is. So, what’s missing in all this? As James Comey said in his testimony several times, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller must now put all the pieces together. And James Comey has no doubt that he can get the job done.