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Donald Trump first 200 day report card a disaster

The wheels are coming off in the Oval Office

Republican voters should remember this
Republican voters should remember this

The wheels are coming off and Donald Trump knows it so he goes to the only people who still like him, his loyalists. Even this base is dwindling according to veteran GOP pollster Neil Newhouse who said, “There’s no question they’ve slipped just a little bit. I think you can probably argue that it’s gotten a little bit smaller.” I think it’s more than a “little bit” with a plummeting favorability rating where 56% disapprove of his presidency. With clear signs that his support with the Republican Party may be diminishing, and without his base, he has no chance in passing any legislation. And the GOP must certainly be concerned over his election prospects in 2020.

Trump brags but it’s all inherited from Obama

So far it is perfectly clear to most that Trump has done nothing to improve the economy, even though he brags about the million jobs he has added since taking office. Pretty sophomoric when compared to the average 181,000 jobs Obama averaged adding the last six months of his presidency compared to Trump’s 179,000. The key factor here is that Donald trump has made absolutely no improvement over the Obama administration. Here is an assessment by Matt O’Brien of the Washington Post

  • “This, in a lot of ways, is the archetypal Trump story: trying to take credit for something he inherited. In his business career, that was all the money and connections he got from this father. Indeed, while Trump likes to say that he turned a “small” $1 million loan from his father into a “massive empire,” the truth is that Trump’s father arranged and guaranteed all of the bank loans that made his son’s first big project possible.”

Trump’s most laughable statement since entering office

T-rump, the blow-hard, makes it sound like everything that is happening that is good is all thanks to him when, in fact, he inherited a good economy from Barack Obama, but hasn’t done a damn thing to make it better. His laughable account of his achievements, “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” is perhaps the most bizarre statement made in his new administration. Here’s another comparison…

  • “He brags about a “surging economy and jobs,” despite the fact that the economy and jobs are growing at exactly the same rate as before he took office.”

Interesting video on Donald Trump’s removal from office for incompetence…

Can the left take advantage of Trump incompetence?

While criticizing the way the unemployment rate was calculated during the election, he now embraces it as the real thing. O’Brien says, “In other words, Trump has done nothing and has congratulated himself for the economy Obama left behind.” And through all this haggling over facts and figures that pan Donald Trump, Democrats hope that voters will overlook their failings and outright blunders in 2018 and somehow a miracle will happen. Not likely, but what could happen is just enough of the public will be so discouraged with Trump and his shenanigans that the left will take over the Senate, maybe even the House, but at least narrow the Republican majority.

Businesses are also affected by Trump’s zany behavior

In its finality, Trump’s freakish behavior and the general dysfunction he has created in the White House and all over Washington could have a negative effect on businesses. Large corporations do not like uncertainty and are now concerned that Donald Trump will not be able to deliver on any of his promises. According to the Washington Post, this includes tax cuts, health care, and a China crackdown and infrastructure. Because of this many companies have been forced to “… put important hiring and investment decisions on hold, potentially crippling an economic expansion that appears ready to accelerate.”

Maybe daddy will bail him out again

So, what it all comes down to is the fact that after inheriting a good economy on the way up, T-rump hasn’t got the skills to even keep it going, much less make improvements. The following is a poor referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency: CSX chief executive E. Hunter Harrison said, “I’ve never been through a time when this country is like it is, politically, ever. So I don’t know what’s going to happen in Washington, and the scary thing is I don’t think they’ve got a clue, either.” One other executive said, “What we need is predictability,” and in yet another case, it was stated that uncertainty “simply freezes the investment community.” Maybe Trump’s daddy can bail him out again.