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TRAGIC: 56% of U.S. says Trump ‘tearing the country apart’

Donald Trump is tearing U.S. apart

And this 56% is a poll of voters from the conservative network Fox news who says that the Oval Office maniac is tearing the nation apart. Now I have my doubts about any figures that come out of Fox, and even whether or not it is a real news network. But taken as they are, these numbers should make any lucid and level-headed person cringe. That would not include the 35% to 40% of the double-digits that still support T-rump. Politico reports that, “…only 33 percent of voters overall said they believe the president is “drawing the country together.” This has to be included in those dull-witted percentages above.

55% disapprove of Donald Trump

Trump’s disapproval rating reached a high of 55 percent this month but, “…90 percent of voters still support the ballot they cast in the November 2016 presidential election. Not too surprising since Trump effectively lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, also the fact that his ardent fans will never give in, a reflection of the narcissist they support. Considering Charlottesville, Scaramucci, Steve Bannon plus other recent White House botched calamities, it is simply shocking that this simpleton is still in office. Congress remains quiet, with Democrats unable to cure the quagmire they are in and do anything about it. Bring on the Progressives.

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